when did prophet muhammad mother died

Even so good men's powers are for the benefit of the world. I therefore put my head at their feet.The magnet leaves its greatness and does not know that it may not touch iron. 5.Na kalataa kaay Merit consists in doing good to others, sin in doing harm to others. My speech gives me that advice and says likewise to the other people -Let the body suffer, let adversity befall one, enough that Narayana is enthroned in my heart. Companionship of the good is the only heaven, studious indifference is hell. Pavitra te kul paawan to desh jethe Hariche daas janma gheti O God, let me not be witness to desire for sin, better make me blind; let me not hear ill of anyone, better make me deaf; let not a sinful word escape my lips, better make me dumb; let me not lust after another's wife, better that I disappear from this earth. I desire neither salvation nor riches nor prosperity; give me always company of the good. 1.Je ka ranjale ganjale Thou hast removed my bashfulness and madest me self-confident, O Lord. Tuka says: It is thus clear what is good and what is injurious, let people choose what they will. Meral Janak's family no one knows, yet who can do justice to his greatness? He bestows on his man servants and maid servants the same affection he shows to his children. Tuka says: It is a life's bargain and if you will not give your life to possess it better be silent. 7. 16-10-1930 This is my last prayer, O saintly people listen to it: O God, do not forget me; now what more need I say, Your holy feet know everything. 3. 23-10-1930 Blessed is that family and that country where servants of God take birth. Tuka says: I prostrate myself before Your feet, let the shadow of Your grace descend upon me. 16. Remove Thou my untruth and, O Truth, come and dwell Thou in my heart. He who becomes enraged at the touch of a Mahar is no Brahmin. 15-10-1930 Mercy towards all is the stock-in-trade of the good. Ved anant bolilaa 27-10-1930 God becomes their work and their religion. 6. 13. Know that God resides in the heart of such a one. He receives as his only those who are forsaken. Thou bearest too my burdens. He receives as his only those who are forsaken. He bestows on his man servants and maid servants the same affection he shows to his children. Tuka says: I am tired of everything worldly, Thee alone I like, O Gopal. Jethe jato tethe tu maajha saangaati The essence of the endless Vedas is this: Seek the shelter of God and repeat His name with all thy heart. Saintliness is not to be purchased in shops nor is it to be had for wandering nor in cupboards nor in deserts nor in forests. Know him to be a true man who takes to his bosom those who are in distress. Tuka says: They are even like unto God and Vaikuntha is where they live. 11. It is not obtainable for a heap of riches. They have no attachment for their own bodies. Oh, how great was the devotion of Jani the servant girl of Namdev! It is not in the heavens above nor in the entrails of the earth below. Tuka says: I now conduct myself without any care. To the servants of Vishnu there is no yearning even for salvation; they do not want to know what the wheel of birth and death is like. I may never forget Thee; and I shall prize it dearly. Tuka says: On that condition Thou mayest send me to the earth again and again. Truth is the only religion (or freedom); untruth is bondage, there is no secret like this. ; Govind sits steadily settled in their hearts; for them the beginning and the end are the same. 22-10-1930 25-10-1930 They afflict the body for the service of others. There is no other pair comparable to this. The three worlds become holy through them. 24-10-1930 2.Papachi vasana nako davoo dola For the servant of God there is no caste, no varna, so say the Vedic sages. The result of the cogitations of all the Shastras is also the same; Tuka says: The burden of the eighteen Puranas is also identical. There is the taint of untouchability in him who will not touch a Chandal. This heart of mine is determined that for me now there is nothing else; I meditate on Panduranga, I think of Panduranga, I see Panduranga whether awake or dreaming. Maharasi shive kope to Brahman navhe Tukaram says: What need is there to describe him further? Tuka says: A man becomes what he is continually thinking of. Punya parupkaar paap te par pidaa जे का रंजले गांजले, त्यासी म्हणे जो आपुलें तोचि साधु ओळखावा, देव तेथेंची जाणावा Je ka ranjale gangale | tyasi mahne jo apula|| tochi sadhu olkhawa| dev tethchi janwa|| What though I get nothing to eat and have no progeny? Kaay vaanu aata

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