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Location: SoFla. Location: Los Angeles . 3500 E Sunshine Get Recall Alerts. Once you know the service you need, Openbay will get qualified automotive service professionals to perform the work for you. You should bring in their vehicles for maintenance on or before the due date or the mileage mark, whichever comes first. BMW M4 auto repair and maintenance costs. The estimated cost to maintain and repair a BMW M4 ranges from $80 to $3680, with an average of $356. “For model year 2015 or later vehicles sold or leased by an authorized BMW center on or after July 1, 2014, BMW Maintenance Program coverage is provided for the exclusive benefit of the … View Details. And Start Booking Car Repair With Confidence. The BMW M4 maintenance cost and schedule guide explains the following BMW maintenance plans for the 2017 and later model year BMW M4: Models Covered Under BMW M4 Maintenance Schedule, Complimentary BMW M4 Maintenance Program – BMW Ultimate Care, Fee-Based BMW M4 Maintenance Schedule – BMW Ultimate Care+, Extended BMW M4 Maintenance Schedule – BMW Ultimate Care+1,2,3,4, BMW M4 Maintenance Schedule Per Condition Based Service (CBS), How to Access the BMW Condition Based Service (CBS) System, Service Required Under the BMW CBS System, 5 Maintenance Service Categories Under the BMW CBS System, How to Find Out If Your BMW M4 is Due for Scheduled Maintenance, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Replacement (Only During Performance of Oil Service), Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Top-Offs Between Oil Services, Press the Menu button next the iDrive controller, Scroll down and select “Service Required”. Directions BMW 7 Series – Is It The Most Technologically Advanced Luxury Sedan? I scheduled a prepurchase car inspection. So on day 1 it will tell you 10k miles until oil service needed but if you drive hard, frequent stop and go, etc it may accelerate that and tell you do it before 10k miles. See everything you need to know about the BMW Ultimate Care and Care+. Contact Us BMW … The BMW Ultimate Care (complimentary), BMW Ultimate Care+ and BMW Ultimate Care+1,2,3,4 (fee-based) are all maintenance plans which provide coverage to the engine oil, front brakes, rear brakes, vehicle check, and brake fluids. Here's a basic overview of the maintenance and inspection tasks that will be done on your BMW after you've driven a certain number of miles: This is called the "Safety & Oil Service" that BMW usually recommends that you do every 15,000 miles or 12 months. BMW offers this comprehensive, fee-based coverage plan to extend the limited warranty for the repair of major components that the BMW maintenance plans do not cover. The estimated cost to maintain and repair a Here are the BMW M4 models covered under the BMW maintenance schedule per the Condition Based Service or CBS system (we will talk about CBS in detail later). Includes Oil & Safety and Inspection 1 Services, Plus: Do you receive your regularly BMW scheduled maintenance service? For more details about your BMW X1, 320i or 440i maintenance schedule, as well as any other model in the lineup, please consult your owner’s manual or contact BMW of Springfield for further information. This is a way to keep our website operating so we can continue to provide you with the latest, free information and resources. This information may be different than the information you find on the specific product or service provider’s website. The CBS will provide an alert, referred to as the Service Interval Indicator System, via the iDrive and instrument cluster when a BMW vehicle’s maintenance is due. Disclaimer: Please note that BMW’s maintenance and warranty plan details, including schedule, condition, cost, and eligibility may vary depending on the vehicle’s model, year, status, and location. Thanks! Your car uses CBS (Condition Based Service) to tell you which services it needs and when they are needed. document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) This check is commonly referred to as the "Inspection 1." All BMW maintenance schedules are strictly determined by the Condition Based Service or CBS system. The BMW maintenance covers explicitly parts of the vehicle which need to be regularly maintained over the specified period per the BMW Owner’s Manual. Horatiu Boeriu. These components can include the engine, transmission, and fuel system. This includes checking the parking brakes, replacing all air filters, replacing the spark plugs, examining the flexible boots to see if they've developed a leak and inspecting the car body for signs of rust. All information, tools, products, and services are presented without warranty. But it’s good to hear it’s every 2 years on the F83 because I was averaging every 2 years anyways.. the first brake fluid change is very close to the 30k oil change. 3500 E Sunshine BMW’s maintenance schedule for model years 2017 and later BMWs sold or leased by authorized dealerships is defined by the new BMW Ultimate Care. Choose your BMW model to learn more about its repair and maintenance costs. Springfield, MO 65809. Once you know the service you need, Openbay will get qualified automotive service professionals to perform the work for you. Maintaining your BMW routine service schedule helps prolong the life of your vehicle. Whether you have a new warranty on your car or if you are pushing towards the 100,000 mile marker, routine service and maintenance … Jeremiah far exceeded my expectations! Drives: BMW M4. Under “Service Required” look for the following symbols to identify if maintenance is due on your BMW. Anyone know any or have one? Our certified BMW technicians and mechanics detect issues early on that could negatively affect you down the road. YourMechanic All rights reserved. The BMW Ultimate Care is the latest, complimentary plan that covers factory-recommended maintenance of eligible vehicles for the first 3 years or 36,000 miles whichever comes first. Charlottesville, VA 22911. owners like you. Get Free Service Reminders Email: Next Service Due: 75,000 Miles. Do you own this car? Over 600,000 car repair estimates provided since 2012. Yes, it was definitely yearly on the E89. 2015 BMW M4 Base 2dr Coupe Trim Info: Rear Wheel Drive, Coupe, Subcompact Cars 17 mpg city / 26 mpg hwy Other Trims. I tried looking online but couldn't find a definite/good maintenance schedule. July 9, 2014 / 1 minutes read. Please provide your email address to begin receiving price alerts at home, at work, and on your phone! He emailed me the results as well as texted, and then allowed me to call and gave me a verbal, detailed explanation and recommendation. 1295 Richmond Rd Springfield, MO 65809, Check All Fluid Levels - Top Up as Needed, Many of the Same Services from 15,000 Mile Interval, Many of the Same Services from 30,000 Mile Interval, Check for Wear on Belts and Hoses - Replace as Needed, Many of the Same Services from 60,000 Mile Interval, Inspect Vehicle Safety Technology Features.

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