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Another map illustrates where the microscopes were sent until 1889. Also effective 6 December 1971, the F, G and P enterprises were allocated to plant management for Factory II. 57961 - 69460, Mikro 7 (ZEISS Archiv, BACZ 7716), Nr. But the numbers are huge compared to the numbers of these lenses that I think have been made. What's more, this would result in increased complexity. Post Thanks very much to both of you, most informative. In conjunction with Prof. Walter, who holds the Chair for Economic History at the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, and with sponsorship from the VW Foundation, three important collections from the VEB Carl Zeiss Jena combine were made accessible between 1998 and 2002. The only significance of the serial #s (aside from the interest to collectors) is that they indicate the age of the lens. Buy Carl Zeiss Binoculars. 10X50 87 1914-1919 1186 PORRO I, MARINE MODEL, ROUND PRISM HOUSINGS, AFTER 1920 SAME AS DEKAR, 10-18x50 BIFORT 1914-1914 TURRET REVOLVING OCULARS, NEVER SHOWN IN CATALOGS, 18 x 50 TERSEX 49 1914-1919 1180 ROUND PRISM HOUSING, 18 x 50 D.F. So, for example, the 500th compound microscope is also the 1,174th ZEISS microscope. 2011 Should be here Monday. Organizational change was rather a slow process. From 1,865 to 1,881, the microscope stands featured two labels: stand no. Almost without exception, they consist of product literature from Carl Zeiss and its subsidiaries. Aug 22, 2013 #3 Capt Dave said: Thanks for your post offer for Zeiss Ikon information. 1900 - 20,000 1904 - 60,000 1907 - 100,000 1911 - 250,000 1914/1915 - 500,000 1917 - 700,000, 1919 - 1,000,000 1930 - 1,550,000 1936/1937 - 1,700,000 1940 - 1,980,000 1945 - 2,260,000, This chart prints in Courier font, 9 point, on 8.5 x 11 paper, landscape format. Stephan Paetrow: Birds of a Feather. 2017 The ZEISS Museum of Optics in Oberkochen collects instruments from the ZEISS Group up through German reunification, as well as the latest products. "ZEISS Archives" must be named as the source. bis Nr. ): Large devices were assigned at least two numbers (one for the mount and one for the optic). Sony Alpha Community | For selected ZEISS products, this may be extended to three years after registering with ZEISS Online Registration if done within four weeks after purchase. 6 x 30 B 150 1961- INDIVIDUAL FOCUS, RUBBER ARMORED, 18.3mm EYE RELIEF, 7 x 50B 130 1961-1969 1000 PORRO I. They also entered the aperture, focal length and optic type. BEGINNING WITH THE TELEX MODEL IN 1907, ALL BINOCULAR HINGES WERE CAST INTEGRAL WITH THE BINOCULAR BODY, RATHER THAN SCREWED ONTO THE BODY. by 75RR » Wed May 15, 2019 8:48 pm, #6 10000 – 24000, Mikro 4 (ZEISS Archiv, BACZ 7713), Nr. RUBBER ARMOR. When it was decided to make another batch, they again entered the number of units they wanted to make and described what the optic was by listing the aperture, focal length and optic type and began their numbers where the last one left off. For this reason, the documentation remained allocated to the origin classification of the VEB's old research institutes. In 1968, a dedicated Research Center was established for the automation of the AUTEVO technical preparation. In book 1, simple and compound microscopes appear in separate lists. Lookup instruments licenses Please enter the Instrument Serial Number and click on SUBMIT, otherwise click Back or CANCEL. 91 onward, individual lists were also compiled for these instruments. L-Mount Community | 1 – 4999, Mikro 1 (ZEISS Archiv, BACZ 7710), Nr. The ZEISS extended warranty is already available in numerous countries. This card catalogue is currently being processed so that it can be made available as an online database. 2018 Exact manufacturing dates are often difficult to ascertain, which is why we have decided not to offer specific information. A Biography Böhlau, 2016. The Starmor and Starmorbi telescopes with the numbers 751 through 1,750 from the period 1919 to 1931 appear to have been added at a later stage. Microscope production lists (production data) and dispatch lists (e.g. Its in German originally so here is a translated version: ↳   About the website, the magazine and this forum, ↳   For forum members who want to buy and sell equipment, ... rchiv.html, ... andard.pdf, ... g.jpg?dl=0, ... 2749.l2649, Zeiss initially delivered more to German and Russian university towns, but later he also achieved great growth in the western european science and trade metropolises. Only the Employment Directorate was set up in 1953. telscope/zeissbin.txt home page: telscope/binotele.htm. 153 1938-1941 1875 PORRO II, WITH OCULAR FIELD LENS CEMENTED TO PRISM, 8 x 60T 160 1942-1945 2400 PORRO II, KRIEGSMARINE, MARKED blc, 8 x 60 160 1943-1945 2500 U-BOAT WITH ONE PIECE CAST HOUSINGS AND INTERNAL FOCUS, 15 x 60 DELFORTEM 81 1940-1943 1280 CENTER FOCUS VERSION OF DELFORT, 15 x 50 PENTEKAR 81 1950- 1060 FIRST POSTWAR DESIGN FROM JENA, 15 x 50 PENTEKAREM 81 1950- CF VERSION OF PENTEKAR, MODELS FROM OBERKOCHEN AND WETZLAR UNTIL 1972, 8 x 30 150 1954-1971 480 TELE-OBJECTIVE, PORRO I, 6 x 30 150 1955-1961 410 TELE-OBJECTIVE, PORRO I, 7 x 50 130 1956-1961 900 TELE-OBJECTIVE, PORRO I, 8 x 30 150 1957-1964 580 MILITARY VERSION, INDIVIDUAL FOCUS, GREEN, PARTIAL ARMORING, 6 x 30 150 1957-1964 MILITARY VERSION, INDIVIDUAL FOCUS, GREEN, PARTIAL ARMORING, 8 x 50 130 1957-1960 1050 PORRO I, AFTER 1961, EYEGLASS WEARER S MODEL, 10 x 50 130 1957-1969 1000 PORRO I, 1981, SPECIAL SERIES 25 OF 1000 PIECES, 8 x 30B 110 1958-1978 480 PORRO I, EYEGLASS WEARER S MODEL, AFTER 1968 130m FOV, 15 x 60 80 1958- 1260 PORRO I, RUBBER ARMORED VERSION GAT STILL MADE, 8 x 30B 1958-1968 PORRO I, MONOCULAR, TELE-OBJECTIVE, FOCUS AT OBJECTIVE AFTER 1964, 6 x 30 D.F. Any ZEISS instruments that used optical methods to determine chemical or physical characteristics were referred to as measuring instruments. 1954-1972, CARL ZEISS IN LENS 1972- ZEISS WEST GERMANY, IN SQUARE. That’s why instruments like these were also included in these production lists. Felix Auerbach: The Zeiss Works and the Carl Zeiss foundation in Jena. Thilo Immel has good account on that. For example, Zeiss produced view camera Tessar lenses at least as early as 1900 and those continued to be produced into the 1960s or 1970s. The oldest pictures date back to the 1860s. 5000 – 9999, Mikro 2 (ZEISS Archiv, BACZ 7711), Nr. Of these, more than 120,000 have already been scanned. 's and dates. Parts of the Virtual Museum will be translated into English. From Carl Zeiss Binoculars Serial Numbers |. All of them that have Nr. AFTER THAT TIME, THE FAMILIAR LENS LOGO WAS SUBSTITUTED. 12X40 61 1912-1919 SAME AS TELEDUZ, 16 x 40 D.F. The places of birth are shown on a map. Sent him a PM. The patents are to be linked to the inventors and products. This is the place where collectors can discuss their passion. This continuity is evident in the documents: they were simply continued. If you have any questions, please contact us. Stephan Paetrow: Better Vision. Zeiss serial numbers never started with a “6”. ZEISS grants a minimum warranty period of two years from the date of purchase for all its products. 8X40 1937-1943 SAME AS DELTAR, 7 x 50H SEPTAREM 128 1938-1939 900 CENTER FOCUS SEPTAR, PORRO II, OCULAR FIELD LENS CEMENTED TO PRISM, 7 x 50H SEPTAR 128 1938-1939 PORRO II, OCULAR FIELD LENS CEMENTED TO PRISM, 7 x 50H D.F. 25 and goes consecutively (I think) to 13,655. Their allocation to the enterprises only lasted a short while. 24001 – 45660, Mikro 5 (ZEISS Archiv, BACZ 7714), Nr. This file plan has its disadvantages. by MicroBob » Wed May 15, 2019 8:00 pm, #5 7X50 128 1915-1945 1160 NAVY MODEL, SAME AS BINOCTAR, 6 x 39 D.F. The first two digits of the 6-digit number stood for the product group: 16 or 17 for astronomical devices and their accessories, 18 and 19 for planetariums and their accessories. Unfortunately, they are only dated up to number 29,735 (1969). 45661 – 57960, Mikro 6 (ZEISS Archiv, BACZ 7715), Nr. Sach-Nr. For cost reasons, these documents can be searched but not downloaded. An attempt was made to use the document origins as a guide to the greatest possible extent. So it was labeled as “500/1,174.” The dissecting microscopes were labeled from 1 to 86, but in reverse order (microscope no./ stand no.). In 1990 only 3 devices were assigned: numbers 50,393 through 50,395. It appears they wrote down all the numbers to be included in the lot and checked them off one by one as the were completed and placed in their cells.

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