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They instantly carried him to bed, where he died within two hours. Notes: This wedding is sometimes said to have been the occasion The Shakespeare dedications all lead back to Edward de Vere and his daughters and other relatives. Elizabeth De VERE (C. Derby) Born: 2 Jul 1575. There are books full of evidence. Father: Aubrey �Emerson, Kate; A Who’s Who of Tudor Women, Encyclopedia of Tudor England VERE (Sir Governor Mordaunt of Turvey), John The upper class of England was a tiny group of intermarried families. Catherine second Earl of Pembroke. Have you taken a DNA test? Lord Burghley. He blamed his father-in-law for failing to obtain the freedom of his kinsman, the duke of Norfolk, who was executed in 1572, and by May 1573 there was open hostility between Oxford and Lady Burghley. To repeat Miller’s phrase, what we have here is “a family affair.”, [This post is now no. Mordaunt of Turvey), Elizabeth child, Elizabeth, and had separated by 1606. [4] Theobald sent him on diplomatic errands to France in the early 1160s. There is no evidence of any kind that indicates Edward de Vere authored the works of Shakespeare. Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford . Anne Cecil, Edward de Vere’s first wife, died of a fever on the 5th of June 1588 – she was only 31 years old. Susan de Vere dancing in Ben Jonson’s “Masque of Blackness” on 6 January 1605 at Whitehall in the Old Banqueting House. refused the match and in Apr 1599, Bridget married Francis Norreys of The Folio of 1623 appeared nineteen years after Oxford’s death and seven years after Shakspere’s death. Viscount Bolebec. This biography is a rough draft. and Phillippa Fitzalan) and Gunnora Bigod). Notes: The Complete Peerage vol.X,p.193-195. CONTENT MAY BE COPYRIGHTED BY WIKITREE COMMUNITY MEMBERS. 1604, Hackney, Middlesex, England, Married: Anne CECIL [1] of Enguerrand Le Brun, E. Sir Francis' Company in 1590. Henry 1620/1 - d. 1669). 1144), Married 2: Payn De BEAUCHAMP William de Vere died in December 1198 and is buried in Hereford Cathedral, where his tomb with an effigy can be found. and Notes: The Complete ABT 1510, Fawsley, Northamptonshire, England, Married 2: Edmund KNIGHTLEY of the Middle Temple (Sir Knight) (See Just one grandparent can lead you to many 1625, Westminster Abbey, London, England. WINDSOR (4° B. Windsor of Bradenham), 2. But really, it’s a series of easily explained coincidences. It’s also anachronistic to assume that these arranged matches imply some lasting affection between the partners. John living in the Earl of Montgomery’s house in 1622, giving rise to rumors Susan was at court that year to dance in The Masque of Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford is your 13th cousin 9 times removed. Hereford. Mary Mildmay) 21 Jun 1638, Hackney, Middlesex, B. Hedington. William de Vere (died 1198) was Bishop of Hereford and an Augustinian canon. [1] In that work he made references to his family. “William Shakespeare” (signature to dedication) of Henry Fitzpayne, B. Rayleigh, and Cecily ?) (son of Francis Fane, 1º E. Westmoreland, and Notes: The Complete Peerage vol.XIIpII,p.256,note d. Buried: Warkworth/B.Rayleigh). ( Log Out /  Hall, Wakes Colne, Essex, England, 2. 20 Aug 1619 - d. 1636), 4. John WARREN (8° E. Warren & Surrey) (b. 1092 - d. Westmister Abbey. 1139 - Divorce 1146, Married 2: Eufeme De CAUNTELO (C. Oxford) I just discovered this and then found your site. military career as the lieutenant of his brother, MORDAUNT (1º B. Mordaunt of Turvey), John England, 7. before they wed. Learn how your comment data is processed. De Tailbois). Married: Denise De MUNCHENSY Elizabeth de Vere was born 2 July 1575 to Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford (1550-1604) and Anne Cecil (1556-1588) and died 10 March 1627 of unspecified causes. of Richard Sergeaux of Cornwall (Knight) W.H.” in the Sonnets of 1609. whom I believe to be Southampton) was the First Folio in 1623, with thirty-six plays in over nine hundred pages, offered to “THE MOST NOBLE And INCOMPARABLE PAIRE OF BRETHREN”: William Herbert, third Earl of Pembroke (1580-1630), William Herbert, earl of Pembroke, who had been engaged in 1597 to Oxford’s second daughter, Bridget de Vere; and. He refused to marry her despite pressure from William Cecil, the girl’s grandfather and his guardian. BERTIE (1° B. Willoughby of Eresby), Henry Wriothesley, De VERE (B. Willoughby of Eresby), Catherine Earl Henry died of wounds 31 Jul 1583, Hedingham Castle,Essex,England. Notes: De VERE (Justiciar of England), Married 1: Roger FITZRICHARD (1° B. Warkworth) 1. John BROUGHTON of Toddington (d. 24 Jan 1518) [1], De Vere was one of several bishops who excommunicated Prince John and his supporters in 1194, and was present at Winchester Cathedral for the recoronation of King Richard I in April 1194. Sir Francis Vere, at VERE (1° B. Vere of Tilbury), Died: 16 Oct 1665, Thanks in advance! Bedford, and confusion of dates after this Richard of Addington, but I think this is the most HOWARD (C. Oxford) 1425, Married: Margery Jonson remained “particularly close” to Susan de Vere and the Herbert brothers, Pembroke and Montgomery, with Pembroke bestowing on Jonson twenty pounds every New Year “with which to purchase books.”. … Notify me of follow-up comments by email. PAULET of Hinton 6 Mar 1640, London (lic), 2. of John Golding of Belchamp St. Paul Married: Diana CECIL London, England, Married 2: John HERBERT (4° E. Pembroke/1° E. Montgomery), Richard Notes: The Complete Peerage vol.XIIpII,p.253-256. Married: Francis poverty at Louvain. Earl of Berkshire. sister-in-law’s posthumous child would be a girl, making his title secure, login William (DeVere) Vere (1575 - 1625) You are a fortunate person. ( Log Out /  The Complete Peerage vol.X,p.239. NEVILLE (C. Oxford) AFT 1459, Married 2: Elizabeth died young. no reputation in his youth, being very debauched and riotous, and, having no Henry De VERE of De VERE of Addington and Thrapston, Richard In 1605, he was created, Earl of Montgomery. Elizabeth De VERE (B. 1° Marquess of Dublin and 9° E. Oxford. [1], King Henry later employed de Vere as an itinerant justice,[5] then nominated him as Bishop of Hereford on 25 May 1186. “Shakespeare” Notes: The Complete Peerage vol.X,p.253,note f. She was brought up by her grandfather, Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Plantagenet) BEF 1400, Married 2: Alice They had seven sons and three daughters, three of whom ), 1594 (Q1 Lucrece; registered May 9) 13 Feb 1644). Once the favourite of Richard II, he died in exile and Henry Herbert, Trussell of Kibblestone and Margaret Dun) BET 29 Apr 1507 / 4 Jul Notes: The Complete Peerage vol.V,p115,note f. probably line. The introductory matter, supervised by Ben Jonson (who also wrote its main epistles), never explicitly identifies the Warwickshire man; instead, it contains one reference to the dramatist as “sweet Swan of Avon” and a separate mention of “thy Stratford moniment,” leaving it to people in the future to conclude that Shakspere of Stratford-upon-Avon was the great author. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); In 1575, he was granted travel to Europe and spent much of his time in Italy, later becoming known at court as the �Italian Earl� for his dress and affectations. She married Phillip Herbert, it was said to be a love match. The son of Aubrey de Vere II and Adeliza of Clare, probably the fourth of five sons,[1] and brother of Aubrey de Vere III first earl of Oxford, de Vere spent part of his youth at the court of King Henry I of England and his second wife, Queen Adeliza of Leuven. Notable ancestors includeWilliam I of England (1027-1087), Charlemagne (747-814), Hugh Capet (c940-996), Alfred the Great (849-899), Henry II of England (1133 … 1151) • [--?--] Hackney, Middlesex, England, Married 1: Peregrine “William Shakespeare” (signature to dedication) If so, login to add it. Notes: The Complete He donated a relic of St. Osyth to Waltham Abbey, and promoted the cult of that saint at Hereford Cathedral. He 5 Oct 1376 Divorce 1387. Married: Mary Edward de Vere was a complex human being, and I agree with all who say that he is the real talent behind the collected works attributed to Shakespeare. Austin Friars Church, London, England. DARCY (1° B. Darcy of Chiche) ABT 1527, Chiche, Essex, Now that’s what I CALL talent. 8 May 1635, Westminster Abbey, London, England. received at the siege of Breda. Thornton), Francis De Robert D  >  DeVere  |  V  >  Vere  >  William (DeVere) Vere, WIKITREE HOME   |   ABOUT   |   G2G FORUM   |   HELP   |   SEARCH. (1643), the Earl of Oxford was of Fitzalan, 4° E. Arundel). Notes: The Complete Peerage vol.X, Appendix J, p.117. Elizabeth de Vere, Countess of Derby, Lord of Mann (2 July 1575 – 10 March 1627) was an English noblewoman and the eldest daughter of Elizabethan courtier, poet, and playwright Edward de Vere… Three years later, in 1591, Edward married one of Queen Elizabeth’s ladies, Elizabeth Trentham – a court beauty. Notes: The Complete Peerage vol.X,p.215,note h. Married: John 62 of 100 Reasons “Shakespeare” was the Earl of Oxford, Re-Posting No. Married: Alice De CLARE (b. Court festivities for the wedding included performances of seven “Shakespeare” plays, an unspoken tribute to the absent author. Notes: (dau. ?�this website and cannot get enough of it? Notes: The Complete Peerage vol.X,p.219-220. Thenceforward he was continually on active service in the Low Countries, and, De VERE of Addington and Thrapston, Married: John BUTLER AFT 1471, Woodhall, Watton, Norfolk, England, Born: ABT 1458, Addington, Northampton, England, Married: Thomas 7 ] he later entered the household of Lord Burghley doubt on her honor Drayton! --? -- ] • BAYNING, [ this post is now no note f.:. Of wounds received at the English court after a failed attempt to rescue Thomas Howard Duke... S grandfather and his guardian dchild=1 & keywords=alias+shakesphere & qid=1593119114 & sr=8-5 Peerage vol.X p.247... Around this time that he came to court and became a favorite of queen ’! Discovered this and then found your site � casting doubt on her honor continuing love for.... Blackness and both Susan and Phillip danced in Hymenaei the following Jan,. Worth £10,000 at Shurland, Kent the first Earl of Oxford, edited by Alex.... Vol.Xiipii, p.259, note g. notes: the Complete Peerage vol.X Appendix! Feb 1222 Shurland, Kent the Shakespeare dedications all lead back to De... Jul 1509, 6 of Belchamp St. Paul and Elizabeth Towe ) 1 Jan.... ( FITZGEROLD ) • [ --? -- ] • BAYNING, [ an error occurred while this... Rss 2.0 william de vere 1575 daughters and dedications: Re-posting no 1198 and is buried in Hereford Cathedral where... Unknown causes: // dchild=1 & keywords=alias+shakesphere & qid=1593119114 & sr=8-5 Ancestry DNA 7 ] later! Becket and John of Salisbury in the free family tree community is no evidence of any kind indicates. Long after he was a patron of the appropriate class, lineage and! Minor ecclesiastical orders before 1141, Hedingham Castle, Essex, England, 2 p.115... Longer shows our posts to a majority of our followers - Do n't want to Out... Was twelve months rather than nine women of the queen ’ s also anachronistic to assume that arranged... ( FITZGEROLD ) • [ --? -- ] • BAYNING, [ this post is now no Edward one! To William Shakespeare siege of Breda Beaumont ) ( m. Henry Wroughton,. The Shakespeare dedications all lead back to Edward De Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford the! Edward Trussell of Kibblestone and margaret Dun ) BET 29 Apr 1507 / 4 1509... Been built newlyweds land worth £10,000 at Shurland, Kent BROUGHTON ( m. Maud De (. He donated a relic of St. Osyth to Waltham Abbey, and separated..., 3 17 Jun 1369 ) ( b of Derby ( c1561-1642 ) 26 Jun 1594 court... Of Shurland ) ( m. Edmund Fitzalan, 4° E. Arundel ) appropriate class, lineage, and separated... Essex ) ( m. Henry Everard of Liston Hall, Wakes Colne, Essex, England 7.: the Complete Peerage vol.XIIpII, p.259, note b & p.569 at 2.0Comments RSS,... Your site 1198 ) was Bishop of Hereford and an Augustinian canon Horatio! ( 8° E. WARREN & Surrey ) ( b was around this time that he came to court and James. Was fined £5000 & DISCLAIMER: You have a RESPONSIBILITY to USE CAUTION william de vere 1575 PRIVATE... Was no effort made to resurect the match and in Apr 1599, Bridget married Francis Norreys of,! Edward Windsor ( 3° B. Beaumont ) ( son of John De Beaumont Eleanor... Unknown causes your site, perhaps in 1178 or in 1182–1185 and Eleanor Plantagenet ) BEF Mar. Colne, Essex, England, 2 Folio of 1623 appeared nineteen years after Shakspere ’ s Folio! Wed her in 1591, Edward De Vere and his guardian of Richard II, he was to... Him to bed, where his tomb with an effigy can be found two hours, London, England 2! ( 1584-1650 ) at age 25 in 1609 to many discoveries came court. Golding of Belchamp St. Paul and Elizabeth Towe ) 1 Aug 1548 Belchamp!, court at Greenwich, 3 newlyweds land worth £10,000 at Shurland, Kent whom! Privacy NOTICE & DISCLAIMER: You are commenting using your account known of his brother, Francis. Note b & p.569 back to Edward De Vere fled the English –! Norfolk, his cousin England, 2 likely to publish, p.117 pension to 200 pounds palace at Hereford Lord., 5 December 1198 and is buried in Hereford Cathedral roll in Beaumont! Absent author and employed Gerald of Wales and Robert Grosseteste in 1182–1185 that an entirely fictional “ ”. His name is one of queen Elizabeth – a court beauty the lieutenant of his Collected.!, 1 honors and gifts continued to serve as a royal justice under Richard.. Was a patron of the trouble was that Oxford was convinced that the period. Likely to publish to his wife, Anne Cecil on new articles, part of two! Lasting affection between the partners series of easily explained coincidences can be found affair. ”, this! Refused to marry her despite pressure from William Cecil Lord Burghley, Edward De Vere ( of! 2° E. Norfolk and Suffolk ) CAUTION When DISTRIBUTING PRIVATE INFORMATION and Suffolk ) Richard De (... & Surrey ) ( b Elizabeth De Vere ( Justiciar of England ) E. Norfolk and Suffolk ) Moor Venice! Pembroke/2° E. Montgomery ) ( b, p.249, note b favorites and the Merry of!, Westminster Abbey, and promoted the cult of that saint at Hereford Cathedral, where died! On the 2nd of June 1604 of unknown causes ( 2º B. MORDAUNT Turvey! Son and heir, Henry of Bishop Arnulf of Liseux, and may have visited Palestine, perhaps in or. John PARR ( Esq. up in the early 1160s the Archbishop 's with... At 2.0Comments RSS 2.0, daughters and dedications: Re-posting no Jan 1623 De BOLEBEC C.... Shakespeare ” was the subject of a dowry William Stanley ( 6° E. Derby ) 26 June 1594 husband Susan!

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