what bugs does mint repel

How to Remove Dog Poop from Artificial Grass? Although some plants are known to attract these insects, others like peppermints have been used to repel them. Place fresh spearmint leaves on areas where the rodents love. Moths may contaminate food by excreting on them. All information is provided "AS IS." Some are known to have excellent insect repellent properties. The bugs may also damage strawberries, apples, and other garden trees. Alternatively, you can cut fresh leaves, peppermint leaves and citrus (orange or lemon) peels to make a deterrent. It is totally up to you. Some also use it in salads and different dishes. Growing peppermint in your garden will repel the insects. There are chemical pesticides that effectively get rid of these pests. (This is ideal when you plan to sleep outside), Step 1: Place a medium-size onion, four garlic cloves, two cup mint leaves, and two tablespoons of cayenne pepper in a blender and blend it into fine particles.Step 2: Strain the mixture and place them in a containerStep 3: Add about two tablespoons of liquid castile soapStep 4: Add enough water to make a gallonStep 5: Transfer them into spray bottles and spray them on the affected plant/s, Since this is a natural insect repellent, this will not harm your garden. Grow spearmint in your yard, to keep fleas away, and keep your pets safe. Old Farmer's Almanac: How to Deter Mosquitoes and Other Bugs, Green Eco Services: 25 Ways to Repel Insects Naturally, Hot Peppers for Organic Bug & Spider Repellent. (Use sachets that still allow the aroma of mint to sip through even when close, like cloth bags). The best way to avoid mosquito bites is by preventing them from getting into your space. It is also used as a herb to add flavor to different dishes. Chemical-based pesticides could kill them too. As usual, crush a few mint leaves to release the oils, and then rub the substance on your cat or dog’s fur before they go outside. One study showed that peppermint spray deterred mosquitoes when applied to body parts. Here's Every Plant That Repels Mosquitoes (and One Surprising One That Doesn't). They are also annoying and may transmit harmful diseases. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. Growing it in pots or raised beds usually has better results. The herb requires fertile soils with adequate drainage and frequent watering. home improvement and repair website. Spearmint oil is also useful in keeping rodents away. This is because they have different growing requirements. They may cause stunted growth, wilting, and death in extreme cases. You will hear about animals that don’t like mint, as well as tales about how planting mint keeps these animals from damaging your garden. Ensure you get certified seeds or cuttings from healthy plants. • You can grow peppermint in containers or directly in the garden. You can also put crushed mint leaves in areas that have ant problems. Mint is an invasive plant, and it spreads rapidly. Rue. Our goal is to share our tips, our struggles and our discoveries as we take a deep dive into this amazing world of gardening. As an added bonus, mint is a very pleasant smell alternative to chemical insect deterrents. Attach to the hose and spray it at the nest until it falls down or disintegrates. Mint will attract beneficial insects like predatory wasps in a garden and repels harmful ones.

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