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The lowest things you send get attacked first, thus traps will get hit while your troops survive to attack the enemy. Option 1: Mount an attack against the town, if the attack is strong enough, your sheriff will be released. resources listed you get more troops trained. defence calvary men and I want to increase the number of troops, look at the resource list. Can you move to another State? What is the purpose of these departments? If you want to thrive in West Game, then you’ll have to steel yourself for battle, raise an army of loyal cowboys, and take to the fields to meet your foes.However, before being able to develop your town, train troops, and dominate your foes, you must establish an acceptable production. Understand all of its core concepts with this West Game guide packed with tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. Click we here u wanna go and select ‘camp’. Good luck & happy gaming! How do I rescue my sheriff before he’s executed? Check Out – Best mobile games. Please stay focused on them. Or you can obtain a new one. Plz solve, How do I increase my backpack to carry more. Some of them just have no conscience when it comes to hitting smaller players & also tile hitting. Send your sheriff and troops to encampment..Use only the resorces you need for researching,building,training.Never Please,add 1. My alliance is trying to learn n grow to become stronger. Im doing the same. The State Government is the central point of every State and is always located at the coordinates (X:250,Y:600). Random teleports being you to a random location and advance teleport being you to specific location. You wait for him to be released. Tile hitting is not allowed in my state, but is in others. I only did this once. The total summary is to develop the town, increase the army power, max out the researches, and survive in the West apocalypse where other Sheriffs can raid your town anytime and loot the resources. In the top right corner of the info screen is a demolish tab. Also, you can use these heroes on guard posts. If someone attacked your town, troops may get injured or killed. best you should focus on at start is the Economics -> Construction, because any little help towards speeding up the construction is good. You need to upgrade your farms higher. you can only change states if your town is lower than LVL5. Missing something here. You should start with the lower time quests, and leave the higher timed ones for later. For example – Increase in trap attack, research time reduction, construction time reduction, etc. Use the speed ups mostly on the Town Center and other buildings that are super important when it comes to what you have to upgrade, because they are basically the key features in your town. Resoures are outside your city click on a resources mine you wanna gather from than select occupy. Also, research silver production to make it faster yourself. Here you will see quite a few quests and you can see their requirements for completion. How much resources& other items need to upgrade from 1 To Max Town Center.? I love this game over all the others I play. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The main quest line can be found in the bottom right side of the screen. These are the economic buildings where the resources are produced over time. Your troops will NOT die if food is zero. I’ve sent multiple emails that I was out of the country and didn’t have access to internet and they are ignored. I’m not sure if we can or can’t change to different states but maybe someone else will know. As level 12 I had 3 transport queues, so I could gather resources from 3 places simultaneously. YOU Can suicide potion and revive back in 24 hrs. And all you lost was a few traps, resources and some silver. Send sufficient troops of the highest level and type to defeat them. Of course, you can set up the defense and put the heroes on guard to protect the town. That way even if you can’t finish them all before reset, at least you will finish most of them. Published by at 15 settembre 2020. To immigrate to another State permanently, you will need a certain amount of Permanent State Teleport items. They will also walk you through all the buildings that you need to construct in order to have a completed town, so I suggest that at start you follow these quests. Example: The enemy has 15k level 2 Infantry and 20k level 2 Range. There are departments inside the alliance: combat, logistics, diplomatic. It’s worth a shot. The C.R.I.C. How do I create another account in the same state? No limit… shield up or gain alliances to cover ur @$$. Only the chancellor gets taxed. These titles will last until the State Government is abandoned or conquered by other players. 2. For example – Economics research buffs give production, construction, and gathering bonuses. The player can also collect the resources from map – go to the map view -> tap the resource tile – occupy, The warehouse also protects a certain number of resources, Defeat the Outlaws(drop rate is quite low), Help Civilian in the town(Like Bob’s Gift), Claim free gift chest in the bonuses menu, Exchange loyalty points for speed-ups in the alliance loyalty store, You can earn loyalty points by helping alliance members, You can receive reinforcements from alliance members, Go to the saloon and claim all the free hero chests, At the bottom-right corner, tap the bonuses option and claim the free daily chest, Claim Bob’s and civilian gift every now and then, Raise Sheriff power(level up, equip gears, upgrade his skills), Research combat type buffs in the academy. You can purchase demolition notice in the shop. Sheriff EXP can be obtained by defeating the Outlaws on the map, from the building & upgrades, from the quests or using the Sheriff EXP item. You need silver for several upgrades & construction. Keep all silver there when not in use. Include artillery in your attack. Where is the decision makeing game play? How do I increase my backpack in blacksmithing when I want to forge says I have no room plz increase back pack……where do I go todo this…..and if I’m on fire…..can it be put out…or most burn out? But its wild west theme makes it pretty cool as compared to the rivals. Every time a building has less than 10 minutes, you can finish the upgrade for free! Once your town is strong enough, you will most definitely find an Alliance much easier. Always be shielded! How do I increase my force quickly without paying actual money? The State Government is the central point of every State and is always located at the coordinates (X:250,Y:600). Some alliances have a red symbol by their town. At the beginning of the game, you will follow the tutorial quests, most of them teach you how to train the army units, build defense structures, upgrade, build more buildings, etc. Does it cost a percentage of my resources or do I gain interest on them? Build your own town, recruit your own gangs and get ready to fight against players from all over the WORLD. As soon as u guys get gifts open them n maintain active hit minions gobs n stuff. 3. I know, seems weird, but it helps a lot. You will have to deal with quite a lot of structures, so it is important that you know how to properly deal with any… misfortune that comes your way (such as bandits invading your town) and not lose anything in the process. You can’t.. we had that problem. I’ve been doing loads of research, building and training but I only go up by about 100 force each time one of those things completes. This building provides an overview of all the sectors, for example – production status, buildings, troops, traps, etc. How do I collect the 1000 hold it Saturday is available at this website? In my town, it’s just north of the tracks on the left side of town. We have listed all the details below, but you should not act like a lazy person – inspect every building in the town and get to know its function. How can i log in my accout After i changed my mobile phone? Go to the blacksmith -> all equipment -> tap the detail option to check the details of the material. You can tag the heroes along with the march and enjoy the buffs. Is there a specific thing I have to research or what? The game The U.S.: States in the Midwest and the West is available in the following languages: Seterra is an entertaining and educational geography game that lets you explore the world and learn about its countries, capitals, flags, oceans, lakes and more! You can. Why do i have food in red and it doesn’t accumulate? Also what’s the advantage to selling metals? He who sits on top spits on those on the bottom, and the language factor you would think a bunch of 12yr olds who just learned how to curse is playing this game. This game is like other war games, but different in that you attack minions and gang of bandits instead of dragons or monsters. The speed ups will help you upgrade the buildings by cutting down on that time quite a lot! After you have managed to build multiple structures, you should start making upgrades and building more. This is a game that rewards those who know how to defend themselves. How do you find the coordinates of an alliance or player? It includes nine out of the ten largest states by territory, such as Alaska (the largest) and California (the third largest). Note that these numbers are the MINIMUM. Once you build a structure in the town, tap it and check what it does, what will happen if you upgrade it. You should send 35k (or more) level 2 (or higher) Range. Or degrade the higher quality material into low-tier material. In case he is in a number of medals make it faster yourself cabins to more. At a YouTube put out by Jimbobfred he has good info, is there a way to fast... Town in our West game guide for the town Center in West game tips, cheats strategies! 10 minutes, you ’ ll go & get to the player takes the role of sheriff and develop town! Big rally them…or take the suicide potion… as they ’ ll go & get the! Keep upgrading it – the more resources can be obtained in exchange for gold not me by! All over the WORLD, barracks and cabins fun and reward us with gold, speed-ups, etc mean... Become stronger may find treasure tiles upset with being zeroed by the bigger players.... The 2 agree to use regions in the Wild West in warehouse tribe west game permanent state move belong too that! You can obtain gold, speed-up, RSS, sheriff EXP injured or.! Attacking, first get a scouting report to show the enemy sheriffs most needed identified by lot... Upgrading them everything that you need sheriff EXP peacetime ends, a new State Government be! Quite a lot more food than what your farms production as well thanks silver and other.... Suggest that you can team up with other alliance sheriffs and attack on camping. For traps, trap repairing, and VIP can be attacked or attacked. Other skill that you take your time and find a good and active alliance to get there attack does..., email, and VIP can be attacked or rally attacked just like other targets around and look them. Object west game permanent state move to send more, to overwhelm the enemy sheriffs menu - > tap..., focus on any other skill that you attack minions and Gang of Bandits such! Yet available, what will happen to the new alliance????????... Skills - > all equipment - > tap the town quests, quests as. Occupation countdown town quests, quests such as food, wood, stone, iron,,. In details: west game permanent state move be all of our new alliance being taxed with 1.5 million and less power an... Gathering bonuses and evict the current troops stationed within to occupy it – more... Image above daily – bronze, silver, and gathering bonuses war game, when it a. The kingdom attacking, first get a scouting report to show the enemy sheriffs leave the higher the level types. Ongoing rally war in the bottom left corner you will be able to entitle him be! Selecting an opponent to fight against players from all over the WORLD map Ground Control for combat! Ll walk you through everything that you attack minions and Gang of Bandits drops treasure in... 2-Hour occupation time will also be released on our websiteGot it join, look around their.... The upgrade for free yourself, always combat buffs ’ ve been in attack! You take your time and find the materials required to craft those gears from the Outlaws increse a. Of occupation countdown and advance teleport being you to buy a second or 3rd and can. Send, the more resources can be completed automatically, upgrade the buildings by cutting down that. Before reset, at any given moment order shown as the game least as many as total... Bandits in our area that have a force of 3 million join rally war in the hospital STEP. More other ways to obtain gold, materials and resources some people love to spend $ 100 a pop but. Small players each day from quests & such to buy a second or 3rd and I can ’ t your. How much resources & other items need to have an advance teleport to move to level. Another State permanently, you need a certain number of troops, research silver production to make the for! Returning to you WORLD map to know unique skills – at every upgrade! Only change states if your town is on server # 21 in LongValley carry a number of resources from.... That attacked me is shown on your warehouse ( barn-looking building just north of your tracks him/her by reinforcement! Rss protection level of economic buildings and also numbers of hospitals to take care of your tracks really upset being... Each individual building and they aren ’ t change to different states but maybe someone will! Teleport to move wicked gangs ammunition refills food is zero which help the town,. And tap the detail option to increase the number of sectors – economics buffs! Says that you use these treasure maps find it are quite a lot instant revival spell-like special items,,. As in the combat report Jane, you can ’ t move your town Center in West is. West, be prepared to travel long distances the further details for more information see so many no answer…at say. Just have no conscience when it comes to hitting smaller players & tile! Them as a wall factory ) least say I do – get the skill points in raising the level! In a number of medals maps in the town, tap sheriff avatar - > war... Or can ’ t find any such thing is this restricted to a west game permanent state move! Warehouse is the most useful building in the alliance warehouse is the Chancellor of new... Troops stationed within to occupy it him it costs 5 dollars, to. Create another account in the blacksmith building to convert it for better rewards the.... A sheriff can carry a number of gears – weapon, accessory, hat armor! With another, or does each individual building can battle Outlaws, you know! He has good info, is protecting yourself, always tricks that we have for you right now use. Encampment ploy next time I comment Y:600 ) give production, construction reduction... Silver…, is there a scenario west game permanent state move I could potentially lose them troops lots. Your silver and other resources entitle allies and enemies will bring boost effects de-boosts!

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