waterrock knob plane crash history

I crave the forest, the smells, the beauty and especially the healthy feeling of being outdoors. Plane Crash. I know nothing about the crash, other than it looks as though at least some passengers may have been able to survive. Most of the trees at the. 8έ�LFa�eQ��Z^\E���v"��� /K�`QǕO�0 ��ݩ�Io��K�����L�N��"��X���S��?�R|�s�: Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Noah, I was able to find the following: “Arriving at Browning Knob, we took a local tip to go view a Cessna plane crash site, which happened in 1983. The cockpit is damaged, but not crushed. Sterling Ridge-Balsam Mtn. Take this trail. The remains of the wreckage remain at the site, and it is a short hike to them from Waterrock Knob off the Blue Ridge Parkway. Also, keep a close watch on your kids. It will quickly descend and it’s not always easy to traverse. Ask me how someday? endobj As I’m getting older I don’t do it as much as I should and your pictures helped me see things I don’t see much of anymore. There is a well maintained restroom on the left side of the parking area. The cockpit is damaged, but not crushed. ???? North Carolina Hiking: Cessna 414 Plane Crash & Sunset at Waterrock Knob. It is the highest peak in the Plott Balsams and is the 16th-highest mountain in the Eastern United States. %PDF-1.4 It crashed a little before 6pm at about 6,000 feet. ( Log Out /  It was a night time flight with low clouds and percipitation. Administered by the National Park service Waterrock Knob is actually part of the Blue Ridge Parkway., “Cessna 414 crashed on Browning Knob, not far from the manway. — Jerry Mattox, [footer_backtotop href="#top" text="Return to Top"] Here on the mountain side, seats and wreckage were scattered all over the steep terrain. If you’ve never been to Bryson City you need to visit! Bit of a loss in trying to reply to your very touchy commentary to this tragedy. “Cessna 414 crashed on Browning Knob, not far from the manway. Any information on how to get to the plane crash? Any and all posts on this site may contain affiliate links. A few friends and I would like to hike to it but can find no information except that the crash happened. In 1984, an F-4 Phantom fighter plane crashed into the ridge between Inadu Knob and Old Black. To reach the plane crash, from Browning Knob plaque, retreat about 10 yards in the trail, and find a rather defined entrance that continues down the north face of the ridge. To get here first drive to the visitor center at Waterrock Knob, (one of our favorite places to bring visitors too. Thank you for sharing. I hiked to the crash site with my siblings and retrieved the luggage and personal items. We were unfortunately unable to see much from the lookout due to the … �דʥ3�}�?���J:L���j�*�r�ZC T��рm+��Ʃ��8��ȱڻ9ࣸ�����:}�ϣ.5�5���;��NV�4�;08���-~f ���J�ꇂs8`���3dga���d�aF Making a Composition Book Art Journal.... A Universal Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover (A Tutorial and Free Pattern Download). Only a short detour off of one of North Carolina's most notable sunset hikes, lies a Cessna 414 plane crash site full of eerie history. On November 24, 1983, a Cessna 414 crashed into the side of Browning Knob in western North Carolina. �,�����O2��a]�rw�v,/�E2J�v�����&fi�qv���H޵n�kή��PN��Ǚ>~�� I never knew that there are close to 54 plane crash sites located in the Smoky Mountains. Hope you prayed for the departed. higher levels are evergreen and it smells like a Christmas tree farm as you near the top. I love to hike! On the Parkway, Mt. At 17:55 EST on November 24, 1983, a Cessna 414A en-route to Sylva, passed over the Snowbird VOR at approximately 6,700 feet. Look closely before you get to the top and take a side trail to Yellow Face lookout right below Waterrock Knob. I’d be amazed if there weren’t ghosts there! The distance from the parking lot to the Waterrock Knob lookout is a 0.5 mile steep trek, and begins with a nice paved trail but does have some steep stairs along the way. Head down that trail about 100 feet and you should see the plane in the distance down the hill. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Stay at our historic Sixty-One Park Farmhouse located right in downtown! 3 0 obj On Browning Knob’s summit, look for a trail to the left (heading North). Neither the pilot nor passenger survived. ( Log Out /  It brought tears to be eyes. Wreckage from an F4 Phantom that crashed near Old Black in 1984. Time of accident was 17:55 EST.”. There are no engines at the site as they were salvaged soon after the crash. Neither the pilot nor passenger survived. ����r$:�e��b-��j���=� ����F�l��|ӣ|)@[�`�#���W9~/�J �ᕵ�0�ß�@jHr#C $�8��8k�F�x�-k���v���r��"��3)o&��!�ei�y�+!�8���)|�p��G���V�g�v�w+����� �O��a��x���:j�iy&�0hO�����)������yR��v�lWz��v�V.���s9��d My mother and her fiancé were coming to visit me for Thanksgiving and they never arrived. Minutes later, an incursion on Browning Knob at … But the hike is definitley one of my favorites. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. After driving up the short road that leads from the BRP you will enter a large parking lot that has panoramic views. <> On one side of the lot the view is east, on the other west. The hike continues for about .7 miles…along the ridge of the mountain…but with a lot of elevation change (the equivalent of about 68 flights of stairs!) The pilot was 53 years old. Not only are the views spectacular but the flowers and wildlife are too: The sides of the trail were covered with butterflies when we went, so many it looked like the mountains were moving: Just as you get to the top of Waterrock Knob you will notice a small unmarked trail to the left…you might even miss it if you weren’t looking for it.

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