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Visit their website for more information on classes and workshops. Cart Unfortunately, we can’t officially say that our meat is organic as every farm that we purchase our feed from would also have to be certified organic. When you place your order you will have the opportunity to schedule your pickup time and day. BA22 8LS. At BCWBPA, not only are we crazy about our water buffalo, we are excited about the future. We also call our meat; water buffalo meat, grass-fed buffalo meat, grass finished buffalo meat, hormone free buffalo meat, and antibiotic free meat. Most of the recipes you already use (or new beef or bison recipes you find) can substitute buffalo meat instead. Head on over to our Where to Find page for a complete list of our local partners. You can keep your buffalo meat from drying out by reducing your recipes cooking temperature and/or reducing the cooking time. Plants & … Tesfa Farms can be found at Langley Farmers Market most Saturdays! 04/16/2020 . Wide-eyed curious Buffalo… Island Bison is a family farm located in Black Creek in the shadow of Mount Washington, approximately 20 minutes north of Courtenay. Our first redhead on the farm #redrapture . Visit us for a real working dairy farm experience! We currently farm approximately 250 acres in and around Chapel Green, Napton. (source: Livestrong), Both Water Buffalo and Bison meat “are high in zinc, which is important in increasing white blood cells to fight off infections,” says Kerry Clifford, registered dietician and spokesperson at Fresh Thyme Farmers Market, it’s “packed with protein, iron and Vitamin B12, too.” (source: NBC News). Stop by for lunch at the Farmer’s Table Cafe and let our friendly staff help you find what you need. Farmer Butcher and Caterer The Fraser Valley’s ultimate honey destination! Yes! Coleman Meadows Farm is home to a herd of 100% grass-fed happy Water Buffalo. The milk is currently being processed and made into Water Buffalo Mozzarella. Our goal is to educate people about the unique benefits of local water buffalo products. Water Buffalo milk is pure white, lactose-free, and certified delicious. Products. We also offer chicken and duck eggs, water buffalo milk, yogurt and cheese. Vitamin D may Reduce Severity of COVID-19. You may find that recipes that call for beef need less buffalo meat, for a similar flavour. The family’s love and passion for raising buffalo shines through in everything they do. Learn about ‘all things honey’ from artisanal honey wines, natural source honeys, beeswax products and more. Plants & Flowers – Cut Flowers, Wedding Flowers. The River Water Buffalo is primarily a dairy animal and has become a favourite in many cultures. Open house happening July 18th, 2020. This farm family believe that raising animals as 100% grass-fed, without the use of antibiotics or added growth hormones, is not only ethical but what is best for all of us as consumers. Offering guided and self guided tours, educational programming, birthday parties, and fishing instruction all related to BC’s freshwater ecosystems, including live fish aquaria. Sip and savour all that Abbotsford has to offer at our unique wineries and distilleries to round out your day in our cultivated city. Our goal is to make use of the entire animal, and we work with butchers and chefs that do the same. First and second generation farmers, the Dysons are proud owners and operators of Coleman Meadows Farm, a seasonal, grass-fed water buffalo dairy farm in Port Alberni on Vancouver Island. We also offer chicken and duck eggs, water buffalo milk, yogurt and cheese. The Farm Fresh Reference Guide is produced by the Fraser Valley Farm Direct Marketing Association in cooperation with the BC Ministry of Agriculture. Buffalo meat has a taste similar to grass fed beef and bison. What does buffalo meat taste like? Organic broiler farmers and our newest venture milking water Buffalo. McClintock’s Farm was established in 1988 and water buffalo became an important part of the family farm after purchasing 15 young females from Fairburn Farm. The festival is here to celebrate spring and to promote agriculture in the Fraser Valley. If you have any inquiries regarding the health benefits or interest in the cheese contact Martin at 778-255-0603 or In order for those farms to be certified organic these farms have to be a certain distance from another non-organic property, and unfortunately that’s not the case with all our suppliers. Check out their website for an updated menu and information on workshops and classes. Extended hours in the summer. Come enjoy award winning wines and beautiful scenery at our family winery. Some health benefits of 100% grass fed animals include: You can purchase buffalo directly from our farm in Salmon Arm via our online store for farm gate pick up or at farmers markets and restaurants locally and in our surrounding area. Beef and even bison might be grass fed for some of their life and then fed grain closer when they are butchered to fatten them up quickly. Apr 6, 2020. Likely to contain more heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, More antioxidant vitamins, such as vitamin E. Mt. Birchwood Dairy Farm. Water buffalo became an important part of our farm after we purchased 15 young females from Fairburn Farm in Duncan, BC and a male from the Ontario Water Buffalo Company in Stirling, ON in … We’ve seen and personally experienced the health benefits of a grass fed and finished buffalo free from antibiotics, hormones, and GMOs and it changed our lives. Oceanwise certified seafood and sustainably raised meats are also on the menu at this laid back bistro. The moderate climate of Vancouver Island, with mild, rainy winters and lush fields, means our water buffalo are completely content. Cooking buffalo meat at a lower temperature for a longer time keeps it tender and delicious. Abbotsford Please see website for 2021 dates and times. A peaceful oasis away from urban life. Please see website for current hours of operation. The majority of our farm partners are open. Pure, porcelain white milk and tender, lean meat. Our girls have a 5 mile diet, as all of the feed is either grown on our farm or purchased from local farmers. When preparing buffalo burgers cook the burgers to no more than medium, until the pink is just starting to disappear. 4th dam is Luke Rapture. Water Buffalo milk is pure white, lactose-free, and certified delicious. Animals that live off an only grass fed diet take longer to grow to butchering size, sometimes between 6 to 12 months longer.

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