walk without the stars lyrics

I was in their plans that I'll stand strongly up against my clan [Zac Efron:] Thanks for understanding!-||Credits||Visuals/Art/EditingColacatinthehat Vocals/MixingBlixemiAddition VocalsChris Sayers Hunter-----||Social Medias||BLIXEMITwitter - - - - SAYERSYoutube-||LYRICS||All this timeIt’s been youBasking in your everlasting light that you’ve consumedI’m not fine You left meSwallowed by the shadowed oversight that I’ve receivedCan’t you seeWhat you’ve done.I guess it’s hard to see the darkness when you’re blinded by the sun.Is this rightI’m afraid…That I cannot turn back, I’ve got to face the choice I’ve made.You and I had plans that we would stand up strongly for our clan.But something changed, pushed me away, left me estranged.How could you be so blind and turn your eye to my decline?What once was ours, has turned to scars, as I walkWithout the stars.Walk without the stars.And speaking of them you’ve got them wrapped around your paws. stars t-shirts. Is a circle and we walk it with love . How could I be so blind and turn my eye to their demise (Walk without the stars) But something changed Pushed me away, left me estranged (Walk with me) How could you be so blind And turn your eye to my decline (Walk without the stars) I guess it's hard to see the darkness when you're blinded by the sun And it's up to me When everyone tells us what we can be Add lyrics. No one can say what we get to be cat sweatshirts & hoodies. Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly. cat posters. To do what is right, beside my bloodline Download on iTunes → on Google Play → for more! What once was ours, has turned to scars, as I walk, And speaking of them you’ve got them wrapped around your paws, But you never paused your paws and saw the flaws you’ve caused, I hate to blame you, but you can’t disagree, Power of three is all you see but I ask respectfully-. And I'm not the one you were meant to find So who can stop me if I decide And if you're looking for some peace, man, Well let me tell you about the ways of the world, You'll never make it, like it's just a daydream, And if you're still afraid of what you'll find…, Don't shut your eyes so tight, you can't see, Some people they live their whole lives in a compound, And then they came out of it like it was so easy, They turned from a flower into a strong tree yeah, I will always love you, I keep you in my heart, I will always be there to lead you through the dark yeah, We will always walk together hand in hand, Lead you through the forest and the desert in the sand, We're among the greatest things that grow upon this land, I'll be here to teach you and to help you understand, so, Pick ourselves up off the ground and learn how to rise, It’s like I’ve been down so long that I just might, Stay here for awhile while I clear my mind, Everyone's sleepin, ain't got nothin to believe in, They can't see the changing of the seasons, And somebody else is just fighting to ****ing be breathing, Seems we're always dealing with some heathen, So we all come together, we’re making a sound, We sing “Look at all this love we’ve found”, Gotta raise em up, toast to the sweet life, To kick back, relax and soak up the sweet sights, Orange sky over desert and the land so dry, It's like the heavens abandoned the sands of time, Long ago in its stead was a forest of green, And then an ocean so blue, so deep it would seem, And if I had the power to rewind these years, I'd watch the story unfold through a river of tears, I know the tectonic plates shift under me, But they won't split apart in my lifetime, Sacred are the bones of the primitive man, Palms pressed together as they sit in the sand, You get out of bed and wonder how much money can you rake up, Never thought I’d make it out this darkness, Never thought I’d look up in the night sky, Never knew I’d fall so deep, I’d only sing these words true for you, Yeah I love how you let your light shine through, I’m losing my wandering eye and impatience, Get sucked into a world of corporate greed and get ****ed, Calling out my people gotta pick up the receiver, We ask the government and no they won't help neither, So we turn a naysayer to a positive believer, Meditate on the melody, lyric, and the one drop, But we made a quick escape and now we make it last forever, They say eventually we're burnin' ash in the fire, They break us down but the music make us high, There's a lesson in the message, when revealed it gets quiet, Yeah there's something in the air tonight, I just saw the most beautiful sight I've ever seen, Her grandfather was singing to his wife as she waited for her angels wings, They had spent their whole lives together, Not even death can make our hearts run astray, Cause life is a circle and we walk it with love, Because it fills us with the beauty of life, I just heard the most beautiful sound I'll ever hear, A voice gentle and timeless as the song that he whispered in her ear, But I saw freedom through the tears in my eyes, You put aside all the noise and the chatter, Cause in the end you know the only thing that matters is, I just felt the most beautiful feeling I could ever feel, You can give the world a beautiful healing if your love is real, But there’s a spirit that connects me and you, And when I heard him sing I knew that it was true, It's life. That my yells won't ring your bells until the rebels rise from hell And nothing can keep us apart (Walk without the stars)But something changed pulled me away, left me dismayed. We're bound to break and But can I change it, explain it, put on a front, and contain it? But something changed pulled me away, left me dismayed But even now I can tell, that you're so wrapped up in yourself Then he told me, "give me something I wanna hear, Make my problems disappear, no fear but a cold beer yo", I feel ya brian we ain't no bricks in the wall, Shit we can't laugh no more without the alchohol, It's the first day of summer in the mile high, I got my whiskey on my mind, weed pile high, I leave the past behind and then I smile wide, I was thinkin bout blinkin for a second I reckon. You and I had plans that we would stand up strongly for our clan But I can't have you You never seemed to find a second ‘til your legend had been threatened by me, What a plot twist, when it’s sis’ versus sis’. (Walk with me) How could I be so blind and turn my eye to their demise. Do I embrace my pride and ally with the darkside? Walk Without the Stars Blixemi. I'm not fine How do we rewrite the stars? No one can rewrite the stars How can we say you'll be mine Everything keeps us apart And I'm not the one you were meant to find And out of reach from me I know you want me My hands are tied. But something changed, pushed me away, left me estranged For the present moment is infinitely small; before we can measure it, it has gone, and yet it exists forever…You may believe yourself out of harmony with life and its eternal Now; but you cannot be, for you are life and exist Now.”, Songs in my head just to drive away the demons, Sometimes all I hear is that clock ticking, I close my eyes and I find myself slipping back, Ripping them to shreds cause they don’t say what I mean, I think about all the good times and laughs that I shared yesterday, I remember what it was like to not know peace, And I remember what it was like to not know love, They had another life, had another mission, We all have to make the choice to rise above it, It might be hard but grit your teeth and go and tough it out, Scream and shout, do what you will but love it, You cannot see and so you stumble when you run, Your delusion and confusion keeps you fleeing from the light, You crave possessions when true love is what you need, You gotta read it and believe it or you'll fall, You keep running further and further away, When the words that matter, they get denied, To show you the way out when no one dares, This should be misery, literally this is their thesis, You can find positive vibes but through telekinesis, If you're righteous then you will find the rest of Earth lies in pieces, Making way in the world for the wicked through cries and appeasements, You will battle for happiness over and over again, Crawling uphill is a struggle for millions of men, But if you try then you’ll find you get closer and closer again, Then you can share wisdom with those who are willing to stand, Battle for happiness over and over again…, Yes I’ll wait- You know I’ll wait for you, I swear I could have held you all night long, I thought loving you could never be wrong, I say now how can I stop when you keep on keepin me going, You just cut off the current when I need it to be flowing, With every part of me aching- my heart is taking me over, And my head- It keeps spinning like I could never be sober, Cause there's another side of you that I can never ignore, You say you're leaving me baby- I say I'm missing you more, And I would never hurt you, burn you, cut you down to the core, But you got one foot on my heart and got one foot out of the door, I guess you can't measure how much a soul can weigh, And I'll never let this love unfold and fray, So my heart will stay golden after I'm old and grey, Don't mean to offend you but it's not my belief, Wanna scream to the world- there's only hope and peace, When you have a gold heart and give away the gold leaf, But depending on whether the prior scene is told, it's a cycle, I'm thinking maybe we’re all just in such a rush to be somebody, And in time you will say- first I must be me…, Lessons we a keep know gratitude we shout out, Anywhere we grow the gold seed it returning, Who with the power don't forget the grace, Why do they try to put their reasoning aside, I look, they're teetering on pride- they get the heater and they hide, They sneak a little piece of life then hole up, obey, and abide, When all the Universe, it tries to get you reeling- get you right, Some people- they act like they don't know, Always looking for snack time, you won't grow, This life and this music is just a part of me, We don't try to refuse it- it is not hard to see, Never gonna abuse it- I got a fair warning, I see the sun as always burning, always one, It never lets me down- it teaches me where to reach and where to run, So when life gets you down and people start to preach- the weight's a ton, Well girl now you know just where you can come for fun, We see the light as it is piercing through this dark and evil cloud, We hear the screaming of the system so we keep the music loud, We look for truth and beauty rising from the crowd, Ya know she has to get it everywhere she turns, And ya know I need her more with every word, You caught my eye- I think you did it on purpose, I'd speak the truth even if you never heard this, Cause when I look at you I see the sun shining so bright, I wanna be with you the morning through and every night, She sends me pictures in the bathtub smokin, I wanna jump right in- the thought is so provoking, I think she loves the trees more than she loves the ocean, She'd put aside all the other little boys for me, But when it comes to the ganja I just can't compete, I was looking for a way to spread my wings, I was looking for a way to escape material things, Well ya gotta move fast, make the moment last, Always keep it humble even when the feelin passes, When you hear the thunder rumble and your foot is on the gas, Take a second to be grateful, look up in the sky and ask, For a lesson yeah this life is such a blessing, If you're guessing, look around and know you are blessed too, We've come together to see light in any weather, I was looking for a way to conquer dreams, I was looking for a way to sew up those open seams, I was looking for a way to release my pain, I was looking for someone to scream my name, Steamin down the highway I'm a calm meditator, Droppin jaws to the floor like a shark elevator, While ya swimmin in another's sea I'm currently me, Ya payin for yesterday- I say weren't we free, I got nothin but love for a sweet reverie, That's why I gather my party up in a neat repartee, I been at the finish line waitin for y'all to catch up, I said I already won but still I'm not done, Nibblin on aural nipples to titillate all the masses, Watchin women in painted jeans shake masterpiece asses, She needin to study and so she stays up and passes, If you see that I'm a spectacle then raise up ya glasses, Profligate professor- no waste for my successor, Success- tip of my tongue- a taste for every pleasure, No bath in my buillons but I baste in buried treasure, I lace my lap of leisure with haste in every measure, Pickin up pieces pardon the prime alliteration, Apparently people notice and perk with participation, But life is a puzzle- put it together with pride, And you'll probably find purpose if you put your ego aside, I move around a lot- I stop to spit a little, The middle is an enigma- I shop to get a riddle, Not privy to wiggle- baby I sing maybe to get all, Excited from aural pleasure like hearing a baby giggle, I hate to see my people like a flower with the root gone, Drenched like they took a shower with their suit on, Benched- sit or you sleep- life ain't a futon, Hike a million miles a week to get ya move on, Party like it won't ever peak to get ya groove on, Wig out with ya locks or be sleek and rock a buffon, Doesn't really matter- just be- and get ya truth on, She gives me lovin in the evening time too, She tells me everything is gonna be just fine, She whispers nothing will come between us, She says she'll love me till the end of time, Pick up the pen like I'm pickin up the world, When I put it to the paper you can see the colors swirlin, Lyric of liquid nickel- keep this world turnin, I see the Earth as part of me, so to be this free and easy, The Movement plants a tree- sows the seed just where the seed need be, The Universe is callin sayin that it needs me, You get hungry- I just let this music feed me, So I take my pen and stab it thru the heart of Babylon

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