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Oops! That’s why you should choose a topic that your audience can relate to. Courage in this case reflects his commitment to the truth and to defending the innocent—“this boy’s not going till the truth is told.”. text response is a process of stating a concept, then proving it – nothing You’re the one who’s going to deal most intimately with this event/issue - you’ll have to research multiple sources, come up with a contention and arguments, write the essay, present the essay - so make it easier for yourself because you’re going to be spending a lot of time completing all these steps. You must impress Make sure you have a variety of quotes, real-life examples and sources (poems/people) etc. Though he admires Mrs. Dubose for her “real courage”, the white camellia he gives to Jem represents the goodness he sees within her despite her discriminatory attitudes. However, courage is also linked more broadly to empathy, which is explored as a panacea for discrimination. Apply the K.I.S.S rule It's a word that is more and more frequently thrown around as you get more advanced in high school. Share this post with your friends and best of luck for your VCE English exam! So when Peter Griffin from Family Guy pokes fun at the Learn more about Integrated Text Discussion in How To Write A Killer Comparative. (Or think about a compare and contrast style: start with some similar examples and then show a difference/a contrast.). Jem may have been really idealistic about law and justice and the court system, but this is the first time in his life that he has had to grapple with the reality that all these institutions might be flawed, and that his dad is a hero not because he always wins, but because he’s willing to get into the fight even when he knows he might lose. etc…), and finally, any of the relevant literary titles it could be classed This will help you keep your ideas flexible for both texts when the time comes to write.Â. Below is an outline you can follow when structuring your essay, and in the next section we go into more detail on how to write an analytical essay. Click below to get your own copy today! Perhaps include a relevant comment from a member of the audience. The court of law is supposed to be this colour-blind, impartial site of dispute resolution, where anybody “ought to get a square deal”, but the reality we see in the novel falls dramatically short; Tom is indeed ultimately found guilty despite the evidence to the contrary. However, while the Area of Study is new, your essay should still have a clear and largely familiar structure, with an introduction, body and conclusion. depressing mess, why might the author have structured the text this way? You may conclude with a reference to a local “people” story, or a reference to your favourite poem that provides another interesting angle on the prompt. And this is where a lot of your pre-work will be done before we actually go into the essays themselves. Keep an eye on your most common mistakes when proof-reading to be more a more effective editor. professors. Therefore, it’s really important to figure out a way that works best for you in being able to frequently revise metalanguage. Here’s a hypothetical to illustrate: if you asked me to name an issue, the best I could probably come up with off the top of my head is climate change. This one is I would really love to see you guys there and just be able to still have the connection with you guys. A lot of the time when I ask students what they’re trying to say in a specific section of their essay, they can’t really explain it, they’re just trying to put relevant evidence down. concepts even beyond just the text itself. If the same story was published today, it probably wouldn’t have the same impact, but think about what kinds of messages endure anyway, beneath the surface story. Analysis: Through referencing to everyday, modern activities such as : ‘Global shopping…looking up Google Maps and Street View…not to mention Facebook’, readers may be compelled to join the population in using technology since they are aware that many people do find these digital advances convenient and applicable to their daily lives. Â. Whilst a superlative adjective And this happens to other white characters too—notably Walter Cunningham, a boy from a poor family who Aunt Alexandra straight up derides as “trash”. So I would recommend at least practicing once sitting down somewhere and just smashing out the three hours worth of work, just so that you know exactly what it's going to feel like when you go into the exam. For example, I recall one year when one of my students decided to take a stance on pain medications and that they should be restricted to only over-the-counter in pharmacies. Note: Persuasive techniques can be interpreted in many ways. Persuasive technique: Appeal to a sense of youth, Example: â€˜It’s older people who are less familiar with it who are suspicious about it, or even. The following is the LSG criteria that will ensure you find an interesting topic! Although empathy is shown to be courageous, particularly in the context of its setting, part of the novel’s message is also that courage can be fluid. “Tutoring with Richard was an enjoyable and engaging learning environment, more so than with other tutors I had previously worked with. Number one, foreshadowing. This is particularly important given how much the strike affects men and women alike - consider the significance of ‘Bread and Roses’. Include some stories about people in the (local) community and refer to your novel or film. Text Responses essays. Yes, I'd love a free mini-guide! This student has actually given us an analysis of why animal motifs are used. However, if you asked me to name an event, I’d pretty easily recall the Australian bushfires—something much more concrete which a) has generated specific and passionate opinions in the media; and b) can easily be linked to a wider issue such as climate change. By using these exercises, you will be able to follow our support material on each exercise (See “turn to exercise”). The novel is sometimes referred to as a bildungsroman for this reason: at its core, it’s a coming-of-age story. Let’s begin 😊. The late Steve Jobs understood the issue of simplicity: “Simple can be harder than complex: you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.”. the time, eg: “Age of Enlightenment values”, or the “Feminist movement”. Moreover, it's highly likely you'll forget the points you want to write about if you just store it in your brain. Contention: We should embrace the digital technology as it has, and will continue to revolutionise our lives in regards to intelligence, convenience, communication and more. If you’re struggling with the AC, it’s not because you’re inherently bad at writing them. I understand what it’s like to be a VCE student. When Terry leaves Friendly’s bar, the thick fog symbolises his clouded moral judgement as he decides whether he should remain ‘D and D’, or become a ‘rat’. Boo Radley is the key character who connects the two parts of the story. Typical prompts that you will encounter are: “Conflict brings out the best or worst in people. is the Bifrost which separates the land of Gods from the land of mortals. (Speech to Spencer Grammar School, The Lot, Death of a Salesman), Also a Speech by the Author of “Getting a Grip” (Jeremy Springer, who addresses a group of wannabes: Death of a Salesman), Remembering and forgetting: life-style counsellor and health guide (Death of a Salesman), See “A Series of Open Letters” (Based on the The Lot/ Whose Reality), Illusions and dealing with loss: psychologist, Jimmy Swanson (Death of a Salesman), Spencer News Reflection: what determines our realities? how are these ideas portrayed in the two texts? To learn more about LSG's incredible Five Types Technique and how it can revolutionise how you approach VCE Text Response essays, have a read of this blog post. Be sure to perfect your Language Analysis Skills if you want a good mark the Year 12 English Exam. you can actively engage in a set of philosophical ideas that were present at then I suggest dialling back the complexity of your paragraph topic. (Walter Cunningham and Mrs. Dubose are covered above, but try to form some of these connections yourself). Have a go at writing your own essay now if you’d like, or read a free preview of our I am Malala and Pride study guide below! And the reason why I say that is because inevitably there will come times where one essay will kind of overlap into another hour. Besides, an inherently interesting topic means that you’ll showcase your opinions in an authentic way, which is incredibly important when it comes to presentation time. I’ll Lee argues that legal institutions are fraught with human bias—is this true? And I’ll be honest, if you’re looking for ‘just another tutor’, someone who can ever-so-slightly increase your results, an impotent and inexperienced former student who’s been hired by an agency that doesn’t really care about your learning nor getting you significant, tangible results, then we’re not right for each other.

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