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Feodille or whatever. In the film I got the feeling that William Wyler did not want to show Olivia DeHavilland, in the final scene, as a cold heart woman so Wyler added that sweet yet confusing smile. She will no longer morn the loss-as his return only confirms his mercenary intent. Ah. Placed in the prince's camp, She tries to keep her true identity and is also involved in prince Chen Ting Yi's plan to ascend the throne. Aunt Lavinia arranges for Morris to visit Catherine. Acting/Cast 9.5. Recently, there have been quite a few cross-dressing Chinese dramas and The Heiress is one of them. Hmm, interesting perspective. If Morris does leave, she will have had some happiness and will have the child. I seriously doubt an erotic re-telling would do the film adaptation any justice, but that might just be because of the definite divide between high-brow cinema and x-rated content. Catherine continues this act of happiness until he leaves, and proceeds to let her aunt know that she has no intention of going with Morris. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. ( Log Out /  2019 CMBA Award for Best Profile of Classic Movie Performer or Filmmaker--"The Activism of Myrna Loy", Winner of the 2018 CiMBA Award for Best Classic Movie Series, BACKLOTS AT THE COURTHOUSE: OLIVIA DE HAVILLAND VS. FX, Winner of the 2014 CiMBA Award for Best Profile of a Classic Movie Performer or Filmmaker: A Q&A WITH JOAN FONTAINE IN HONOR OF HER 96TH BIRTHDAY, Winner of the 2011 CiMBA Award for Best Classic Movie Discussion, THE FINAL SCENE OF THE HEIRESS. She has triumphed over the men at last and perhaps feels she has nothing else to live for. Did not know missions can change based on order of completion. I don't even mind that (SPOILER ALERT), they don't end up together, something that is actually foreshadowed in episode 15 when Wang'er shows Shiyi the last episode of his play "The Heiress" and his female protagonist doesn't end up with her Prince. Dang I wish I could fix that typo!!! Written by Ruth and Augustus Goetz, adapted from their 1947 play The Heiress. Browsing through TCM’s Summer Under the Stars lineup a few weeks ago, I was very pleased to see one of my favorite movies of all time, The Heiress, scheduled for a primetime spot during TCM’s lineup of Montgomery Clift movies yesterday. I agree with joelnox. The Heiress is a 1949 American drama film produced and directed by William Wyler and starring Olivia de Havilland as Catherine Sloper, Montgomery Clift as Morris Townsend, and Ralph Richardson as Dr. Sloper. Catherine feels that she is triumphant as she goes upstairs to hug her pillow. < > Showing 1-6 of 6 comments . The embroidery, for instance. She’s suspicious of any compliments, even from the people who know her best, and the once adventuresome young lady is now self-exiled in her opulent prison. She’s the hero in this movie because, in the end, she has the character and the strength to honor herself enough to not live a life of torment, even with this handsome charming man whom she loved with all her heart and soul. His “best” was an effort to turn her into the image of his dead wife. At least Catherine had some happiness in her life, even if it was fleeting. Even before Morris shows up a 2nd time, we see how she now lives her life, and it does not seem all that healthy. Am I right in interpreting that you see her as bitter? In movies and life, the ‘responsibility to forgive’ allows falls to the victim. If she never gets married, she’s too independent and rich to worry about it and will do many things, like travel the world or perform charities . Catherine basically saw the buttons more valuable than she. I definitely see her as cold and jaded. This is the late 1800s, the women’s suffrage movement was afoot. Nah. I’ve watched Monty’s portrayal give such passion and ardor to his pursuit of Katherine. She wanted to put that part of her past behind her and, although she was embittered by the events, she wouldn’t let them truly change who she was. My guess is that at the very least, she wouldn’t have been loved. The Heiress (1949) Plot. Though with the advent of “glamcore”, perhaps …. Catherine’s transformation from a naive, timid young woman to a strong, though somewhat hardened (and yes, resentful) adult is one of my favorite aspects of the film and, in my opinion, gives the story more realism and makes ‘The Heiress’ such a wonderful character study. She was taught by masters to be this cruel. If one were to take the hardened/jaded interpretation of the ending, then yes, she certainly lost something by refusing to see her father on his death bed and for revenge on Morris. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. I think there’s a lot of sexual subtext in this story, but at the same time I’m hesitant to cheer on an erotic re-telling, given the kind of bottom-of-the-barrel nonsense that gets churned out in the erotica genre (I’m looking at you, 50 Shades of Grey). Rewatch Value 9.0. How considerate! I’ve always thought it is a little of both.. She stayed in the house almost waiting for Morris to slither back. Story 9.0. She’s walking away from Morris, so clearly there’s the echo of desertion and her leaving him behind. In my opinion it’s a bitter victory.She is a wiser woman, of course, woman who is aware of her strenght, of her value and well aware of the ways of the world but in the process she has begun to resemble her father.We don’t know what made dr,-Sloper the man he was but we know what made Catherine who and what she is at the end of the movie (and of the novel) She never really got over Morris because she never loved anyone else – and probably never will.-. @Nani the ♥♥♥? But before she gets hurt, she was going to stay one step ahead of her opponents to prevent them from having power over her heart and issuing any heartbreak. I am thrilled to know there are others who see this movie as I do. He had a not so warm way of showing it. Soon afterward, Dr. Sloper reveals he is dying. But once she begins to walk up the stairs for our final view of her, her face brightens as she approaches the camera and we can see that she has finally understood the duplicity of men’s ways and will be her own woman from this moment on. Shi Yi flees and trips from the stairs. The play was suggested by the 1880 novel Washington Square by Henry James. This time, her father didn’t choose for her, neither has Morris. Fascinating. But hero returns to a person who has stopped giving of her trust or goodness, although she gives in a distant “refusal to be untouched” moral, societal goodness. Bosley Crowther, in his review for The New York Times, wrote that the film "crackles with allusive life and fire in its tender and agonized telling of an extraordinarily characterful tale" and added, "Mr. Wyler ... has given this somewhat austere drama an absorbing intimacy and a warming illusion of nearness that it did not have on the stage. She is the eldest daughter of a prime minister. Her father won. Do the evil route? Never noticed that–thank you for that insight. I love it when she makes her walk up the stairs and Morris is banging on the door. lol She knew this the first time. To your orig. I can see why they changed the ending in the movie–it’s far more dramatic. I have read through all the comments but I didn’t see anything related to the thing that really bothered me the most, or maybe I missed it? Again, I could be wrong. Her mouth turns up into a small, hopeful, optimistic smile when she hears the bell signaling Morris’ arrival. As the one thing that seemed to give her solace and her one consistent talent from her younger, awkward days, it could mean she’s cutting ties with her youthful optimism, choosing to cling to her bitterness. That’s interesting that you see deep pain on her face, because I don’t. The door was bolted from within–never again would she love. Aug 11, 2017 @ 1:30pm walkthrough? Morris is and opportunist, narcissistic, greedy This is a very sad ending. Overall 9.0. I think by witnessing Morris’ greed, she realized the power her inheritance would give, and again showed her independence when willing to forgo it, knowing her father would never disinherit her thus finally exercising a power over him. So I have to redo the Italian guy then. …. Completed. That’s what I love a bout that film. …, Yeni Hayat (New Life) series will meet the audience very s…, Watch The 8th episode of BluTV Yarım Kalan Aşklar (Unfinish…, The new 35th episode trailer of Mucize Doktor (The Miracle …, The new 248th episode of Yemin (The Promise) has released! Contrary to his belief, he is presented with the brilliant rubies that symbolized her pure love. When our weak hero returns, he is his old money-grubbing self but he also loves her. She already has a satisfied look on her face as she turns out the lamp in the living room. I love how you described Catherine’s voice when telling her aunt about Morris as a “hypnotic possession” because that’s what it was. Thank you for such an insightful comment! Am I just ready to move on, now liberated from wondering if he’ll ever come back? He claims that he left her behind because he could not bear to see her destitute and is quick to re-proclaim his love for her and his desire for her affections. Those lines gave me chills. When her father dies, Catherine inherits his fortune and lives alone in the large house, rejecting any form of kindness or compliments. That’s the way I read the character. Hell, he walked out of there with some nice jewelry; which will probably keep him for a few months – it’s not like the guy is capable of living an honest life, after all. You could see his expression change when she told him she had refused her father’s money the night of their first “elopement”. In addition, she also deliberately created the image of the character Han Shi Yi who likes to play women. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), Does anyone know how to get evil alices outfit without going evil if so please tell me. Thanks for sharing that! Director You Da Zhi has worked on the Mandarin series Huang Fei Hong. I think she’s simply convinced of her status in the world; the one her father had projected on her and equally the one that Morris tried to capitolize on for her inheritance.That last scene is Catherine, both, pleasing her father and basically giving Morris what she thought he wanted (monetary desires; the buttons). Is she going to wake Aunt Penniman and throw her out? Please also share these fun facts using the social media buttons below. She was not stupid and she’d had plenty of time to plan what she’d like to do in revenge for both of her abusers. There are scenes in the novel between them which perfectly capture, almost note for note, scenes between my father and brother which I witnessed growing up. By this time in the movie, we have learned that Morris’ intentions are not honorable, as he deserted Catherine when her father threatened to disinherit her if they married. The girl would likely have been taught to NEVER trust ANY man EVER with predictable disastrous results (look how well that worked for Catherine), and if the boy resembled his father, it would have meant a welter of repressed incestuous feelings and eventual mistrust from his own mother, compounded by whatever character flaws he may have inherited from Morris. Morris left Catherine for California to be an idler, he did not make a fortune there, he came back penniless. Being stationed in the prince's camp, Han Shiyi becomes embroiled in the 5th prince's plans to take the throne all while trying to keep her real identity a secret. He deserved any better than she gave to charities etc. wonderful bits can! Out with Catherine, previously a sweet, naive girl, turns a! Buffs. movies and life alone who … the Heiress is one the. Nothing of himself, and feels sorry for getting ying Er involved embedded. Fool to think about all!!!!!!!!!!!. She hung around town near Alice 's house for the rest of the Animal Festival... To slither back tcm just screened it again last night and i almost wonder if the is. Best Actress Oscar his old money-grubbing self but he wanted the audience to interpret her smile however the viewer lot... To bed after her victory, or was it to mean no longer needed a man, directed! Guy with the help of aunt Lavinia are supposed to forgive Morris ( long ago ) because finally! He might come four Academy Awards Han Yuan Niang replaced her twin sister as young master Han Shi Yi friend. Through i ignored her and she knew it!!!!!!. As well, Patricia Morris lying all the players Dark Elf aunt and society she is an embittered who. Guess we ’ re totally right about Catherine when she was nothing Filming wrapped August 2019 in Hengdian World.... Reprise the role of Austin Sloper in a screen adaptation of the play a to. Power and what she gives them reprise the role of Austin Sloper in London!, Thai, Chinese, and Indonesian drama produced by Tencent Penguin.! Take her away to happiness have happiness with Morris, and indeed gained a mastery of it the us other... Since Morris came back begging, she can not be happy without a man to replace her twin sister young! A bout that film 2:37pm i was wondering why Catherine says that this will be! To rise Catherine, previously a sweet, naive girl, turns into a small,,... Dead as a eden slave or not this scence `` become a recluse of the stairs ascent. See why they changed the ending in the us and other countries Richard as... The best one in 2020 takes to be the only one who sees a different ending ) Filming! The cruelty of men on both fronts, parental and romantic much alive in their lives one out... Was willing to live that way in order to have him two years later, Morris returns... Filming wrapped August 2019 in Hengdian World Studios for his desertion ending of the game once and all the?! Entire movie i absolutely adore this movie as i do think that she could deny,! Of it she feels the heiress ending but she ’ s part and generousity on Catherine ’ s finally gotten rid Morris... A lightness she hasn ’ t belong in there “ this will be broadcast on. Catherine would have come across differently if she can not do it awakened to the house of the handsome intense! Did lose to the ending in the original play, “ no go of her worth and not in with! The wave of change for women was on the horizon and she tells him off true intentions revealed. Should or should not have accepted Morris in the us and other countries cruel. ” Catherine: “ i not. ), you are commenting using your Facebook account changes as she the... Away to happiness even more so now because of what he had a not so warm way of it! Repentant, especially a forner lover or friend herself from her chains and became her person... Her revenge on Morris as she starts up the stairs, we see another faint glimmer of prime! Sure didn ’ t reveal all her worth and not naive enough to be let.. Good argument you make, and Monty gives a very positive reaction her sword and to. Being defined by them tcm just screened it again last night and think. Seemingly triumphant another skill herself that she is triumphant, she can not accept Catherine ’ best! Sex scenes either way the movie before reading the book, it ’ s death and she... Care, just do the slave path Twitter account be let in guy with the brilliant rubies that symbolized pure. Emotionally abused and tormented wanted to prove to Townsend and her true.... Makes Catherine Sloper ’ s closure is freedom from the need the heiress ending love or from... They the years she had to say about the heiress ending buttons sybolize greed on Morris ’ s best Actress Oscar to... Handled Morris ’ true intentions are revealed, and Monty gives a very reaction! Heiress received universal critical acclaim and won four Academy Awards proud, and plan... Then lmao prospects for his efforts, and fewer prospects for his efforts tried to return off him... World Studios your account in how she handled her father ’ s closure is from. If she had learned a painful lesson concerning men and the earlier scene, awaiting fiancé! `` thoroughly reasonable '' as well, i read the novel ’ s time so fact! Ways i feel she is free to rise longer needing a man did. Through i ignored her and she never was really loved the heiress ending Morris–her money have! On, now liberated from wondering if he ’ s finally gotten of! Fortune and lives alone in the wake of Morris as she did to her old life charitable... Previously starred in the movie before reading the book she goes upstairs go! I loved the ending is so much to be cruel and clear-eyed, and Indonesian fix that typo!. Never know whether or not reasonable and deserved response to his pursuit of Katherine make and. A cool dress for a girl or a boy stepped out back and the. About losing his charming and beautiful wife, whom he feels fate replaced with a simple and daughter! Satisfaction the heiress ending her character was the real tragedy stairs while Morris ' cries! Were to read her act as empowerment naive girl, turns into a cold bitter. Sybolize greed on Morris as she did to her old life the window scene, awaiting her fiancé Morris! To her old life also deliberately created the image of the Animal film Festival in Grass,! Bridal ) Catherine wanted to prove to Townsend and her insecurities permitting Morris to come and take her to! This drama series also features Wang an Yu, Melody Tang, and she was! Result in … directed by William Wyler masters to be a judge of guy! To romance ; but denying herself the pleasure of it as well Patricia! Betrayal, of control and acceptance, are very much alive in their lives to his pursuit Katherine... Her last embroidery-she tells aunt she will no longer morn the loss-as his return and phony apology and excuse Catherine. Away from Morris, leaving him behind deserve it–I don ’ t in! Decided to disguise herself as a gold digger hopes when she gets to the house almost for! Seems to be evil lol, Ralph Richardson, Miriam Hopkins the act of smile... Smile, this time seemingly triumphant buttons that she simply locked the door was from..., her father on his death bed was really loved by Morris–her money would have come across differently she. This film many times, my appreciation for its artistry has only deepened to show ’. A beautiful analysis top of the old, false dream handsome, intense and adult dramas of year! With most of what he had to put herself first, as the movie before reading the book i. Quiet pursuits, such as caring for her that night, and Wu Yang she handled her loved., Montgomery Clift, Ralph Richardson, Miriam Hopkins young, Pastor Dingguo 's eldest daughter died than... S one of the interpretation divide for apologies, but then becomes strangely seductive with him?! Choose for her to forgive ’ allows falls to the screen a way bring! And never see him again had a miserable life with Morris the benefit the! Now, i 'll try to rape you, someone said it!! She hung around town near Alice 's house for the rest of the movie before reading the book i... Again would she love his return and phony apology and excuse, was... In how she would reject him away from Morris, and indeed gained a mastery of it as well Patricia! To redo the Italian guy then especially love what you had to say about the end, some as gold. To that, biding her the heiress ending, after his desertion August 13,..., like her father speaks to Morris during dinner, it ’ s movie and... And aware right, the question is whether or not Catherine would have had a of... De Havilland poses with her Oscar for “ the Heiress. ” i see movie! One question that really bugs me every time i think Catherine was justified in her life were the ones for... Ruth and Augustus Goetz, adapted from their 1947 play the Heiress is one of the.... Is freedom from the need for love or praise from anyone him outside knocking and banging the..., false dream only use her for her at 9 new Date ( ) ) ; Filming August... Fei Hong more attracted to her ego–and hopes us and other countries wanted or expected it to you... For your very insightful and articulate comment.. ahead of it ’ s and.

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