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The PKM is featured as the "MG Karymsky", and correctly uses 100-round belts. Weapons; much like accessories; have different rarities, the higher the rarity, the higher the number of Memory Chips a weapon can contain. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Also, be sure to check out our Leveling Guide to learn everything about different aspects of leveling in the game. Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Weapons There are a lot of different play styles and strategies that you can use when playing through SAO: Fatal Bullet … Sword and Gun Dual Wield: After a certain point the in the story, you can choose to help Kirito and he will in turn teach you how to dual wield a sword and handgun. Began writing a year and a half ago so that he could fill his library with every Steam game that exists. Players create a custom character in which they 'Log In' to Gun Gale Online. If you do not posses the required stats to dual wield a weapon, a popup window will display your current stats, and the required stats to dual wield. But I'm talking about the Procyon SL that you start with. Guides » Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet - Rank 7 Weapons List. -Projekt1514 Official Teaser Trailer (2018). The MAS FR F2 appears as the "Sangfroid", correctly holding 10 rounds. Two are notably seen on Zeliska's belt. The game's second DLC will add AGGO characters Clarence and Shirley, with the former using an AR-57 as her primary just as she does in the novels. Their accuracy at mid to long range is not good but they make up for it with their mobility, allowing you to get close to your enemy in a whiff. It is also the first Sword Art Online game to all for a custom character creation. These special attacks are charged up and then used. As with the main timeline, "Death Gun" uses a suppressed Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Magnum; it's named "AMR Assassin" and correctly holds five rounds. We have all the details about all the available weapon classes to let you make your choice of weapon. An AR-57, manufactured by AR57 (yes, you read that right) appears as the "SPB Rapier". Written by Lagosaurus_Rex / Mar 3, 2018 A more or less complete catalogue of Rank 7 weapons. STR/DEX) of the original weapon well allow you to dual wield them. I can't help you there then, I had just the handgun. And just to be clear for myself, you are leveling your stats as you gain levels right? It is worth noting that the protagonist has a well-established standard appearance and weapon selection, but the player is allowed to change it as they prefer; the protagonist does not, however, have a default/established name, and as such one can't be used on this page. The weapon is the protagonist's canon sidearm(s), being seen using it during cutscenes where they use firearms. PlayStation 4: February 8, 2018 (Japan) 2. Like most other weapons, shotguns can also be dual-wielded, at the cost of double their stat requirement. It is also used by Bazalt Joe (real name unknown) as his sidearm. The Mk 14. A miniaturized, handheld version of the M197 Vulcan (seemingly in 7.62mm like the M134) appears as the "Big Bear". It serves as Pitohui's main weapon, though in-universe she's an avid weapon collector, usually using a different gun every time she goes into the field. Itsuki also gives the protagonist a Type 54 during the course of their interactions, which he mentions is the first gun he ever bought. Its performance is overall balanced, combining power, RoF and handling, but hampered by it's small magazine size. The friendly solo player named Zeliska (real name unknown), nicknamed the Uncrowned Queen due to her never entering tournaments or joining squadrons, uses one as her secondary weapon; In an odd example of what seems more like a live action armourer modifying an M249 to stand in for an IMI Negev, that weapon appears as the "LMG Ulan Buh". Shirley uses this rifle as it's the closest thing in GGO to her favourite hunting rifle, the civilian/sporting version. The weapon is fitted with a bayonet and has double it's real world counterparts' capacity, holding a maximum of 60 rounds. D&D Beyond Sword Art Online : Fatal Bullet Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The M249 appears as the "LMG Nuage", correctly using a 200-round belt; it can be distinguished from an original Minimi by its rear sight. Former policeman and all-round dense good guy Bazalt Joe dual wields a pair of M249s as his primary weapons, allowing him to out-damage every other AI companion in terms of sustained DPS. Launchers create explosions on the battlefield. Before we begin, you can find a complete list of Weapon Arts at our separate page. Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Weapons There are a lot of different play styles and strategies that you can use when playing through SAO: Fatal Bullet … You're telling me I don't have the stats to equip the beginner weapons? Specifically, the rear and trigger guard resembles that of the TAR-21 and the front resembles that of the FAMAS G2. It is the weapon of choice for Kureha (real name unknown), the protagonist's driven and energetic childhood friend. The weapon has a cross between high RoF, decent accuracy and RoF, but below-average power. A silver-plated version and gold-plated version exist as a pre-order bonus items. It is the weapon of choice for Kotone Takemiya (Username: Philia). [Instruction] How to find people and play PvP multiplayer easily for SAO:FB, Mask of The Abyss Update Discussion Thread. Use it alongside a sword to reap the best use of it. The PP-19 Bizon-2 appears with a permanently attached PBS-1 suppressor, and has the fitting name of "Spiral Shadow"; its helical magazine correctly holds 64 rounds. They do not have much of a clip size and fire rate as they fire only one Rocket at once. Spends his time ... 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This Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Weapons Guide has all the information about the different weapons that are available in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. The weapons are divided into the following categories. Dual Arms: After a certain point in the main story, you will acquire the Dual Arms skill, allowing you to carry a copy of your primary weapon in your off hand. The weapons will be your main partner in crime as you try out different styles and see how they work for you. Sword Art Online Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Unlike past installments, Fatal Bullet features original character creation and the usage of firearms in battle, though other weapons like Kirito's photon sword are also available. It is also used by Alternative Gun Gale Online main character Miyu Shinohara (Username: Fukaziroh) as her sidearm, standing in for the S&W M&P9 that she uses in the novels; Fuka and the other three AGGO main characters make what are effectively cameo appearances in Fatal Bullet. Sinon starts the game using this weapon, but will later switch to the Hécate II after a while, just as she did in the original timeline. It may contain factual errors. As with the Phantom Bullet story arc in the original timeline, Fatal Bullet takes place in the VRMMORPG of Gun Gale Online. Sniper Rifles have the longest range of all weapons and have a ridiculous amount of damage as well. This category is for weapons featured in all four Arcs of the Sword Art Online series, including swords, daggers, axes, firearms etc. It is used by Strea-MHCP002, "younger" sister to Yui-MHCP001, as her primary weapon, while she carries an Optical gatling gun called Benetnasch as her secondary. Fatal Bullet follows the events of Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization and takes place in Gun Gale Online, a game released by Zaskar following the advent of The Seed. Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet is the fifth entry in Sword Art Online's alternate timeline video game universe, often dubbed the "Gameverse". Each weapon can have it's rank increased a maximum of two times, through a process called “Enhancement”. There are a lot of different play styles and strategies that you can use when playing through SAO: Fatal Bullet made possible with the variety and types of weapons at your disposal. If you can't equip a weapon you probably don't have the right stats to use it. Although it's unrealistically given higher damage than most pistols to offset its small magazine, it still used normal "Handgun Bullets", unlike the actually-larger-caliber Glock 37, which is unique in using "Large Handgun Bullets". A fairly standard AK-pattern rifle fitted with modern polymer magazines appears, very fittingly, as the "Robust"; it holds 40 rounds instead of the correct 30. Players can find, collect, and use a wide range of weapons such as Hand Guns, Sub Machine Guns, Assault Riffles, Sniper Riffles, and Photon Swords. Due to its standard size M4-platform design, the AR-57 is classed in-game as an assault rifle (a very broad category in-game that covers nearly all shoulder-fired automatics), though due to its use of the 5.7mm round while being automatic, it is more accurately classified as a PDW. Gatling Guns are an extremely heavy weapon that fire tons of bullets to spam the opponent but at a terrible accuracy; to compensate for all of their redeeming qualities. Bureaucrat, Content and Social Media Admin (Gsimenas), Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Weapon Arts are one of the ways through which depth is added into Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. Its description does note that it's a conversion of an assault rifle platform, as well as that the shells eject out the (former) magazine well, due to the top-mounted magazines.

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