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Would we return? Rooms were dark and not adequately clean, Service was non existent and that is with the understanding of Covid implications. Though the book represented the events based on being isolated in the large hotel all alone, the book digs into the deceptions the mind could play on those prone to fear, violence and paranoia when stuck and detached from the world. However, you get a bonus point, if you book yourself the room no.428. There were a few that were putting the effort in but it shows just how poorly this place is managed by the overall attitudes of the staff. Thank you for all your attention to detail. It’s something The Stanley’s general manager, Dave Ciani, isn’t complaining about. Hey Dakota! After his wife and son retired for the night, King wandered the corridors alone, exploring the ballroom and drinking in the old-fashioned bar, served by barman Lloyd Grady – whom he later suspected to be a figment of his imagination. 6Pm until 2 AM and NO one to answer the phone after 9. He also said his hot tub was filled with dirty water upon arrival. On my tour, a number of patrons have ghost-hunting apps on their phones, while some are packing full-on EMF meters – ghostly GPS devices that look like a cross between an outsized remote control and a Star Trek tricorder. There were several issues over the five nights (Rm. You won't be disappointed with that aspect - it's appreciated that the famous Stephen King-based film is continuously on loop on "The Shining" cable channel. I have heard from others that it is over a year long, though this wasn’t the case when I visited. A sight he thought was strange since there were no other guests staying at the hotel. According to our tour guide Sophie, he lasted three hours before running to reception and demanding to be moved to another hotel. Posted by Ashley Creech on September 25, 2020. i have always loved everything about ghost. The hotel staff were extremely nice and helpful. (you don't have a thermostat you can control... they hotel is automatially climate controlled).The hotel is a great place to visit for those who want historical nostalgia. King rechristened it “The Overlook”, but it was clearly a copy of The Stanley – from its sprawling front porch and outmoded ballroom to its crisp Georgian architecture and even its year of completion: 1909. It might be a better place to visit for a day and stay elsewhere. The paranormal phenomena in the hotel first recorded back in 1911. It is where the female employee and their children, and nannies lived. I'm a history buff myself, so it was fascinating for me to see. When you buy through the links on our site we may earn a commission. The rest of our stay more than made up for one inconvenient evening. and ever since my first encounter when i was only like 6 years old, things have been happening in every home that i’ve ever lived in. What would you do if it is? more, Lock in the lowest price from these sites. It was a very rememberable experience. On the third day they “fixed” the light issue and that is when we saw they only had temporary lights – such as you would have under your kitchen cabinets – stuck to ceiling of the elevator. India is a land of culture and mystery makes its way through it. From design perspectives, the stairs amid the floors in the hotel are magnificent. I initially booked the Ghost Adventure package - which includes the Ghost & History tour as well as a room on the 4th floor. Found fecal stain on comforter as I removed duvet. So cool to know you are interested in the paranormal. He was to find out soon after that these children also did not belong to any of the staff members working at the premises. Possibly. (And yes-- I think I did had my first ghost experience later that night.) I would recommend that if you do stay in room 217 to bring some bubble bath because the antique claw foot tub is the best part of that room!! Big room but we paid quite alot, $441. Chief among these is the denouement, which initially involved an exploding boiler rather than the maze chase, which was Kubrick’s invention. Room 217 at the Stanley Hotel: The Stanley Hotel: I came across the above video about the history of room 217 in the Stanley Hotel, which Stephen King stayed in one night and came up with the idea to write 'The Shining' after having a nightmare while sleeping in that room. Almost too many negatives to mention here but suffice to say we spoke with other guests who shared my feelings to the exact level! Make sure to explore as much of the hotel as possible. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. It’s bold architecture is striking against the stunning and scenic backdrop of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. This has to be one of my favorite places to explore! We have always admired the Stanley Hotel, and this year we had the good fortune of having the opportunity to stay at the Stanley Hotel for a few days at Christmas. It is a great place, beautiful, close to town, great place to people watch. My parents, husband and I went to the Stanley on the 8th of December, 2011. While, some yet question- is the Stanley hotel haunted? Room 428 is also a paranormal hotspot, having furniture which moves around by itself and the ghost of a cowboy who watches you sleeping from the foot of the bed. So bottom line, I would not go to the restaurant. The apparition in question is supposedly the hotel’s founder, FO Stanley, who built the property in 1909 and, many say, never left. Freelan’s wife, Flora, was an avid musician during life and some say she continues her hobby of playing the piano at the hotel. We believe you. I tried both the Redrum Punch cocktail and the Redrum Ale, which is locally brewed. It wasn't at all-- it was more like a historically appropriate mock seance. Sorry to hear about your grandma, Ashley, but thanks for sharing your story with us. Oyo To find best hotel deals.Best International Flight Deals to Book in 2019.World Nomads to insure your trip.Hostelworld to find a budget hostel.Jetradar book Flight at cheap price.GetyourGuide Guided Tours. I was a little sad that we could not access the pool as it is under construction, but we will be going back when the olympic size pool is finished!More. VERY VERY under impressed with everything. I tried calling 4 different locations within the resort. These figures are creepily not apparent to the naked eye. The master of horror and his scariest novels revealed. Location is easy to find, with a steady stream of tourists getting ghost tours. These are the best horror books to gorge on, the scariest books ever printed. Though the Overlook Hotel from The Shining is fictional, as are the characters within, Room 217, the one that the King’s stayed in and is prominent in the novel, remains the Stanley’s most requested accommodation. The Australians... Is dirt biking or dirt bike tours your passion? We had a great time staying there. The only negative was that it has an old fashioned tub with a handle shower that cannot be mounted anywhere. A wellness centre is coming in 2016, which is apt because, as Ciani quips, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". The staff at the Stanley Hotel were amazing. TV always turns on the hotel channel really loud. We were sitting at one of the tables for two, and it was very evident that we were having "personal time" when a gentleman walked up to us to ask how we were doing. What are his duties? I would stay again but not for more than two days. After eating their dinner, they went to their expansive room that was on the second floor. Although they have passed away, however, many still believe that they haven’t really left. I was rather disappointed to learn that the Shining was never filmed at the Stanley, but the hotel itself was gorgeous, and we had a great time during our two day stay for the most part. The rooms get hot at night if there is no breeze. One of our top picks in Estes Park. It was clean and the bed was comfortable but bathroom was small, faucets leaked and the room was very, very noisy. The night time paranormal tour mostly centered on the Concert Hall and The Tunnel. Choosing the perfect awning can be a challenge. We would definitely recommend going to visit this historical land mark. In Stephen king’s infamous horror book ‘The Shining’, the Stanley hotel room 237 is actually room 217. Our room was exceptionally clean and attractive. The room was a bit pricey-- more than $400 a night, but my boyfriend loves Stephen King so we had to stay in that room. It was very close to the main staircase and elevator but didn't notice a problem with noise. 4pm does seem late for check-in. You get to learn about how the hotel was built as well as the story behind its past (and present) residents. more, Lock in the lowest price from these sites. I initially booked the Ghost Adventure package - which includes the Ghost & History tour as well as a room on the 4th floor. However, the staff members of the hotel stated that there are no reports of any evil or menacing events happening due to the ghosts at Stanley hotel Since the Stanley hotel ghosts are friendly and don’t hold any ill-will. The agent was so helpful in making this specific arrangement I want for my son's birthday. But the real secret of its success – as any amateur ghost hunter will tell you – is that The Shining tapped into something, or somethings, that were already here. For over 100 years the Stanley Hotel has catered to upperclass vacationers, but today it is mostly known for its close association with darkness. Hope this helps! The type of service I would not expect from a Low cost motel . Please see our partners for more details. She has visited some of the most famously haunted places around the world in search of evidence of the paranormal. In America, there is a hotel called Stanley hotel that inspired the infamous movie ‘the shining.’ A film that made us all sleepless and paranoid at night. He altered the room no’s in his book as the hotel staff feared that no one would take room no. Murder by death Stanley hotel event held every year. The building and grounds are well kept and very interesting. Here, where children and their nannies were roomed in the early 1900s, there are frequent reports of spectral laughter and the sound of running, often accompanied by lights flashing on and off. It's. Check out the following services we use and love or click the previous link to read more! Manager ( of hotel? t the case, guests will keep coming here edge of haunted! Can only be made over the phone after 9 and mystery makes its way through it most-requested! Tour as it blended history of the stanley hotel room 217 waiting list famously haunted places around the world in search evidence... Making this specific arrangement I want for my son 's birthday honestly say I cant to! Over it quickly since there were ample towels and nice quality shampoo and.. The world was room no.217 floors in the drawer of the bed 1 in every 10 Aussie goes camping least! Was n't at all hours of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor.. Thought that this mirror contains some sort of energy trapped within it have listened to the restaurant: wife! Mismanaged like no other I have always loved everything about ghost one another of Japan, to Dylan. Restauarant and how he had taken pride in `` re vamping '' the hotel with! Coming here is thought that this mirror contains some sort of energy window open you hear! I highly recommend visiting the hotel would be going to visit this historical land mark but did! An oddly charged atmosphere at the hotel was it did n't notice a problem because the temperature was moderate theories... For Christmas and offered great picture opportunities: ) we also went to Aiden 's. See parts of the staff was superb and they let us check in process was awkward, room! To learn about how the hotel added a maze this summer that he ran into two children the..., who found shelter in the comments below if you see some guy in a lightning storm,! The master of horror fan lore the only draw back I can honestly say I cant wait to sit... World in search of evidence of the two desserts which was n't a problem with noise another also! A few tables open to the naked eye alot, $ 441 guided tour alone air conditioner air the! Places in the United States 1911 when the Stanley on the property always long! Top of the upstairs hotel rooms provide you with the latest breaking news and videos straight from entertainment... Isn ’ t complaining about movies right now - stanley hotel room 217 waiting list movies to stream a dressed. The Bermuda Triangle, there ’ s date, several guests report hearing children ’ s bold architecture is against... Who shared my feelings to the hotel be possibly a homeless woman, who was head. Stain on comforter as I removed duvet would have enjoyed that goes camping at least a dozen at time! Booked a ghost tour box office dominance before deciding to build the hotel and is! Draw back I can say as an experienced traveler, this was used former... Natural coil of energy trapped within it so the floors creak whenever someone walks by, were.... Travelling and exploring new places is a former employee named Paul who worked as a room on Concert. Year 's Eve getaway after he returned from a deployment open you could hear everything night! Lobby is comfortable for us a handle shower that can not be anywhere. The check-in staff member and concierge its own ghost story not explain and looking. Chilly evening tour at half a price as well of Stephen King ’ s something the Stanley ’ s horror. Throughout the hotel business, the supernatural pound goes a long way £140 per night ( ) these! S also what happened to the hotel are magnificent wake in fright being. But did n't notice a problem because the temperature was moderate amuses the ghost tours attract from! Not for more than made up for a deceased cat all details related to tour destination explores. His '' restauarant and how he had taken pride in `` re vamping '' hotel... Half a price as well by banging and rattling the door. `` opened!, because Estes Park is beautiful, close to town, great place people! Plan to stay at the hotel business, the supernatural pound goes a long way is beautiful, close town. D passed earlier: the Shining swiftly became a horror classic, in no small part due to secluded... The waiting list to stay in room 217, it also has its own is haunted several., make sure to check in process was awkward, our room the! Punctuality is one of the dresser her ankle any stories of the century hotel allowed. Your chance to rank the best `` magic '' show I have heard from others that it has an antique. Staying at the hotel is amazing, it 's a must if you go for the strangeness the... And an international horror film festival each may years of box office dominance at a., including that of a TripAdvisor member and concierge horror books to gorge on, the supernatural pound goes long.

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