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[150], In October 2020, Smithfield introduced a line of processed breakfast foods consisting of nuggets made from meat, eggs, and cheese. What we didn’t hear were the details, warnings or implications of this record-breaking transfer of US assets to the Peoples Republic of China. [55] According to Jeff Tietz in Rolling Stone, the waste—a mixture of excrement, urine, blood, afterbirths, stillborn pigs, drugs and other chemicals—overflows when it rains, and the liners can be punctured by rocks. [151], Smithfield is a supplier of heparin, which is extracted from pigs' intestines and used as a blood thinner, to the pharmaceutical industry. Smithfield also acquired MF Cattle Feeding the same year and formed a joint-venture with ContiBeef. [20] His son, Joseph W. Luter III, was at Wake Forest University at the time and joined Smithfield that year. Smithfield Foods, Inc., is a pork producer and food-processing company based in Smithfield, Virginia, in the United States, and a wholly owned subsidiary of WH Group of China. [77], In 2020, Smithfield announced the closure of its plant in San Jose, California and the layoff of 139 workers from the site. [7] Globally the company employed 50,200 in 2016 and reported an annual revenue of $14 billion. [82], Residents alleged that the company regularly violates local environmental regulations. 43 Ford Fusion in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. In particular, the report said, workers make thousands of repetitive motions with knives during each shift, leading to lacerations and repetitive strain injuries. [100] By 2011, 578 Smithfield facilities (95 percent of the company's global operations) were ISO 14001-certified. [92] In March 2019, 10 plaintiffs were awarded $420,000 for nuisance by a jury in North Carolina. Working in sales, he borrowed enough to buy a further eight-and-a-half percent of the shares, and in 1966 he became chairman and CEO. z o.o Euro Comfort Ltd. S.K.A. In July 1969 he sold Smithfield to Liberty Equities for $20 million; they asked him to stay on, but in January 1970 they fired him. [130] On April 12 the company announced the indefinite closure of the plant, which processes 4 to 5 percent of the pork products in the United States. A state law capping punitive damages lowered that amount to $94 million. China’s pork industry has been devastated in recent years by scandals involving tainted meat. Carvajal, Doreen; Castle, Stephen (May 5, 2009). The foundation gave $5 million to Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Virginia, to establish the Luter School of Business,[141] and in 2006 gave $5 million to the University of Virginia Cancer Center in Charlottesville, Virginia. Smithfield sells these products under the Pure Farmland brand. The other companies were American Foods Group. Which means we give our bacon a rich flavor that can only be attained by this unique natural smoking process. [14] The company was able to grow as a result of its highly industrialized pig production, confining thousands of pigs in large barns known as concentrated animal feeding operations, and controlling the animals' development from conception to packing. When pregnancy is confirmed, they are moved to pens within a group-housing system[6] for about 10 weeks, then to a farrowing crate, then back to a gestation crate to be impregnated again. complete list of smithfield foods subsidiaries and brands. The sale must first be approved by the Committee on Foreign Investments, a highly secret federal commission chaired by the Secretary of the Treasury. In 1999 it bought two of the largest pig producers in the United States: Carroll's Foods for around $500 million and Murphy Family Farms of North Carolina; the latter was at that point the largest producer. One worker told HRW that the disassembly line moves so fast that there is no time to sharpen the knives, which means harder cuts have to be made, with the resultant injuries to workers. Organ joined Smithfield in 2010 and assumed his role as chief operating officer in 2019. But with billions of dollars trading hands and Goldman Sachs lurking in the shadows, it might just happen. [3] In 2012 it opened a restaurant, Taste of Smithfield, in Smithfield, Virginia, located in the same Main Street building as its retail store, The Genuine Smithfield Ham Shoppe. This effort has been at least partially driven by the epidemic of swine fever in China that has resulted in massive reductions in that country's pig population and pork production. Below is a complete list of Smithfield Foods brands and subsidiaries that would be transferred to Chinese ownership. [107], Smithfield also has a deal with Duke Energy to harvest renewable natural gas from its farms in North Carolina. Seward, Robert A. Smithfield. [30], Kenneth Sullivan has been the president and chief executive officer of Smithfield Foods since December 2015 and executive director of WH Group since January 2016. [101][102] In 2009 the company said it had reduced its emissions since 2007, including its greenhouse-gas emissions by four percent; it attributed this to the divestiture of the beef group. Image courtesy of In 2010 the John Morrell plant in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, reduced its use of plastic by 40,600 pounds a year, and Farmland Foods reduced the corrugated packaging entering waste streams by over five million pounds a year. Privacy Policy California Privacy Terms of Use. No one takes more time, effort and care to provide such second-to-none satisfaction to our customers. [83][84] According to the Washington Post, local farmers had complained for years about headaches from the smell of the pig farms and said that wild dogs had been eating discarded pig carcasses.

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