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Losing the steel edges from the Armada BDog edgeless allows Phil to slide wood, aluminum, concrete and other surfaces not made to blend well with steel-edged skis, with full confidence. Set it, forget it, and just enjoy the ride. Newschoolers has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services. With its 133mm waist, it’s float is unrivaled and the Reverse Sidecut and AR Powder Rocker make it turn on a dime in tight spots and trees. Kästle TX87. How to Use Our Reviews . And she wasn’t the only one smitten with this ski—every one of our ladies loved this ski for its playful and powerful edge-to-edge transfer on groomers and its versatility everywhere else. Pure power. The all-new Santa Ana 110 Free makes skiing deep snow effortless even for intermediates thanks to only one layer of metal, and a tip using less heavy plastic in the sidewall to further reduce the ski’s swing weight. Watch it here. The 106 features a longer contact surface and update sidecut profile deliver best-in-class performance on hardpack. A lot has changed about the Santa Ana 110 this year, though one thing hasn’t: She still dominates in powder and crud. Ski. It’s heavy-duty Cap construction and 2.4 Impact Edge means you don’t have to worry about your skis when getting started in the park or hitting features all…. We doubt there are enough qualified skiers in the US to create a sufficiently massive sample size to allow test results to rise to the level of statistical significance; in other words, it’s impossible to assemble a test team large enough to rely on the sheer weight of numbers. SKI receives a small compensation when purchases are made for a limited time after clicking these links. The Armada ARW 96 is our marquee women’s all-mountain freestyle ski. 2021 Recommended Skis. With the highest scores in six of eight categories, it’s clear there is one fat ski to rule them all for 2020-'21. The butterzone allows to pull off smooth transitions to switch and back. The testers at Taos showered the new Enforcer 100 with praise, noting that it rewards proper skiing technique with near-flawless performance. The 2021 SKI Magazine Gear of the Year Nordica Enforcer 100 Men's All-Mountain Ski Photo courtesy of Nordica Nordica’s iconic Enforcer 100 is all-new for 2021, and, according to our testers, it’s somehow better than ever before. For the second year in a row, Nordica’s Enforcer 104 Free wins this category and, for 2020-'21, nabs the highest category scores for Stability at Speed, Hard-Snow Integrity, and Crud Performance. Nordica’s iconic Enforcer 100 is all-new for 2021, and, according to our testers, it’s somehow better than ever before. Its unique Poplar-Ash wood core reduces weight while adding pop for a stable yet responsive feel. Who doesn't? The SKI staff tested more than 350 of the best and most exciting new ski products last season, and you’ll get all beta on that gear in SKI’s 2021 Gear Issue, on newsstands and in mailboxes in late September. This ski is truly a solution for those who need one ski that can do it all. Testers gushed about how quick, fun, and forgiving the new version is not just in the pow, but everywhere else, too. The newest addition to Head’s award-winning women’s Kore line is the polar opposite of the Stöckli Nela 80, yet beloved by our testers nonetheless. Great to see small evolution in flex and playfulness without abandoning its charger roots.”, Shop for the 2021 Nordica Enforcer 100: REI | evo | | Amazon, Read more about the Enforcer 100's scores at SKI Test, Check out all of 2021's Best All-Mountain Skis for Men, The 2021 Head Kore 93 W Women's Best in Test All-Mountain Ski, Last year the Kore 99 Wd stole her spotlight, but this year the Kore 93 W got her due as testers heralded it as the All-Mountain category-defining ski. With a noticeably pronounced rocker in the tip and tail built into a wider profile, this ski has all the great elements of the Gear of the Year Nordica Enforcer 100, but with a freeride-oriented, aggressive design. Featuring a Poplar-Ash wood core and AR75 sidewalls, the ARV 96 delivers it’s signature versatility and a new era of all-mountain freestyle performance with the most responsive feel yet. This process requires a skier as well as a ski, and further requires all data to be filtered by a fallible human interpreter. Transitions from off-piste to on-piste without missing a beat.”, See all of the Best Women's All-Mountain Skis of 2021, 2021 Nordica Enforcer 104 Free Men's All-Mountain Wide Ski. With a 107mm waist it’s wide without being extreme, and still super light thanks to the Carbon Backbone which runs over the entire length of the ski. The Volkl Bash 86 mm middle width is a tip & tail rocker twin tip for aspiring park and urban artists. It’s wide enough for aggressive s…, Manufacturer's Description: Our proven best-selling park slayer now enhanced with thicker steel edges and thicker sintered eco-friendly sublimated bases built to conquer the steel park world. Sure, young bucks who log countless miles on western slopes use 108’s (and wider) as their everyday ski, God bless them. Testing skis isn't easy. But to whet your appetite, here’s a little sneak peek at the biggest gear trends you’ll see this season. There should be a mix of criteria the testers are asked to quantify, including behaviors preferred/required by lower skill skiers as well as edge-of-the-envelope behaviors that help identify skis with the highest performance range. Lock into that tranny in any park or urban setting, stomp, and repeat. It quickly found a following due to Völkl’s already swollen ranks of faithful adherents, attracting the attention of every other major brand. Within any genre there are skis that are curl-in-your-lap pussycats – our Finesse Favorites – and skis that are relentless fall-line predators, which we collect into our Power Favorites. Bringing an ultra-playful yet stable ride to high-performance skiers tired of tossing sticks in the trash every half-season. Ski. These new construction elements also add just a touch more forgiveness and a supple feel compared to previous versions, and are sure to make strong skiers smile. All of these factors added up to winning Best in Test for men’s All-Mountain skis and the coveted Gear of the Year award for 2021. That said, ladies didn’t find it burly and instead praised its forgiving nature. With less weight through the tip and tail, the JJ UL utilizes our ligh…, Our entry-level all-mountain park ski, the Armada ARV 84 is intentionally built to deliver all you need in a freestyle ski with nothing you don’t. Circle Flex utilizes our durable Poplar-Ash wood core combined with a unique fiberglass layup to give the ski the softest flexing feel…, Meet the most versatile member of the Bent Chetler family – the Atomic Bent Chetler 100, an all-mountain ski with a hunger for fresh snow and untracked territory. We don’t blame you. Written by Jackson Hogen, topics range from how to buy alpine ski gear to how it feels to step into the gravity stream. The Powder Rocker (big in the tip and smaller in the tail) and revolutiona…, The Atomic Backland 117 is the widest model in our Backland range, created with freeride pros like Sage Cattabriga-Alosa. One ski that does it all turning park, powder & all-mtn terrain into your personal playground. I just wish that test run would have lasted a little longer, too much fun!”, Shop now for the Nordica Enforcer 104 Free: REI | | Amazon, Check out the top all-mountain wide skis of the year, Read more about the Nordica Enforcer 104 Free all-mountain wide ski, The 2021 Fischer Ranger 102 FR Women's All-Mountain Wide Ski, “Want to feel like a hero anywhere on the mountain? The reference to wine is not an accidental simile, for the business of testing skis is a close relative to the rituals of wine tasting. (Nothing engenders a wave of imitators quite like creating a new niche with a high price tag.). The evolution that has taken place in the interim was triggered by the arrival of the Völkl Mantra in 2006, at first in the slightly more svelte waist width of 94mm. With that being said, just because our SKI Test crew thought these were the best this year doesn't necessarily mean that they are the best skis for you. And these are the ones that survived every turn, mogul, and test card in order to earn the distinction of Best in Test in their respective categories. The behaviors captured in the data. It looks like you are using an ad blocker. The key virtue of the former is they improve ease and terrain access for less aggressive, lighter weight or lower skill skiers. This value-packed ride features our Powershell construction combined with Tough Box construction. The ability to mine the data to create viable comparisons across brands, meaningful behavioral snapshots by model and correlate each ski’s behavioral matrix to specific skier types. The balance of the test team. But, when the powder cloud settles and the scores are tallied, there can only be one group of skis at the top of the pile. Humes: “Trusted it at once. When skis are tested in predetermined groups, as they are at all magazine tests, how any one ski fares depends in part on the coherence of the bundle. Northrop: “Don't need to think about anything but having fun. The updated shovel and elliptical rocker profile make for quick planning in deep snow. Phil’s signature Circle Flex, super flexible tips and tails, accompanies “straight” sections in the sidecut where the pressing happens for maximum surface area and minimal hang-ups. Narrow all-mountain chargers, fat carvers that can handle more than just groomers, and geometries that will help every chairlift-loving skier improve. Movement Alp Track 106. Achieving a meaningful result therefore depends on several qualitative factors: At the end of the day, there’s no way to tell how a ski is going to perform without skiing on it. It’s heavy-duty Cap construction and 2.4 Impact Edge means you don’t have to worry about your skis when getting started in the park or hitting features all…. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. For years this Swiss brand has produced some of the most exquisitely crafted unisex skis on the market, but they were better suited to skiers with racing backgrounds than recreationalists, never mind the majority of the female population. Larsen: “An amazing balance of playfulness and charging. Especially when there are 22 brands, 30 testers, and over 200 pairs of skis that need a fair shake. Enter the new Nela line, featuring a lighter weight and a women’s-specific flex that makes the skis easier to engage, more forgiving, and more accessible to intermediates than Stöckli’s unisex models. You have found the holy grail with this ski.”, See the Stöckli Stormrider 88's Full Scores, See all of 2021's Best Frontside Skis for Men, The 2021 Gear of the Year and Best in Test Stöckli Nela 80 Women's Frontside Ski. © 2020 Pocket Outdoor Media Inc. All Rights Reserved, Men's All-Mountain Wide: Nordica Enforcer 104 Free, Women's All-Mountain Wide: Fischer Ranger 102 FR, Women's Deep Snow: Nordica Santa Ana 110 Free, Nordica Enforcer 104 Free all-mountain wide ski. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Sized for maximum versatility, the 100mm-underfoot ski is comfortable on the soft or the hard, delivering unbelievable fun no matter the conditions. With a 107mm waist it’s wide without being extreme, and still super light thanks to the Carbon Backbone which runs over the entire length of the ski. Dig below the surface and check out the detailed scores for each ski, the reviews and scores of other skis in each category, and remember the basics of how to buy skis in order to determine what pair is right for you this winter. Both are very experiential exercises that nonetheless presume to produce a numeric result, i.e., test scores and attendant first place awards. What the Nela 80 lacks in versatility the Kore 87 W makes up for thanks to the ski’s wider waist and tight little turn radius, which permits ladies to skid turns and not just lay trenches. Says Schiller: “Blended perfection! The JJ UL is 25% lighter than the original JJ and has been a team favorite since it’s inception.

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