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It is associated largely with agricultural lands, particularly small grains, grasses grown for seed, permanent pastures and hay fields, and waste places vegetated with grasses. Keep pet food stored in plastic bins. © Copyright 2016–2020 Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife. The piñon mouse is the largest member of the genus in Oregon. The white-footed vole is among the smaller voles. No matter whether you live in Salem, Keizer or Independence, Oregon when a rat gets inside your home it’s enough to cause homeowners and tenants alike some real stress. House mice occur throughout the world in association with humans. It could mean there are more rats, or it could be evidence that people are providing more habitat.”. We are not a typical pest control Salem rodent exterminator company that treats rodents in a similar way to insects, with … Main Phone (503) 947-6000 They construct houses of sticks, dried cow dung, and a variety of miscellaneous items. High mountain regions and the Klamath, Summer, Albert, and Warner valleys were unoccupied. Mice or rats keeping you up at night? Hang bird feeders away from eaves or fences that give rats easy access. The dorsal pelage consists of hairs with steel gray bases, a band of ocherous buff, and a tip of black. The Northern grasshopper mouse is a stockily built mouse with a thick tail. The feet and tip of the tail are white. Let’s go through a few tips that will help you effectively get rid of rats fast and help you avoid hurting yourself in the process. In appearance, it strongly resembles the montane vole. That may reduce the population to a point, but if the efforts are sustained over months and months, it will create a cyclical pattern. The pelage is silvery on the venter and grayish with ocherous on the sides, and with a rusty or reddish stripe on the dorsum; the tail is dark brown or black above and whitish or grayish below. They yellowish-gray to ocherous sides are separated sharply from the pale-brown to grayish-brown dorsum; the venter is white, often washed with ochre. The desert woodrat is the smallest member of the genus that occurs in Oregon. I provide pest control services in Salem and Keizer. Wasps crashing your party? Rats will literally jump over stuff to get to it when the bait is placed on rat traps. The tail is bicolored, but not markedly so. The ears are large and membranous; the tail is long, tapering, and scaly; and the soles of the feet are naked. It is essentially always associated with grassy areas, especially in mesic habitats along streams, in mountains, and in marshes. The species has been seen at some localities in the Willamette Valley. A central chamber is used for food storage; and some houses have a latrine. The Norway rat is the largest member of the subfamily in Oregon. That works to the rats’ advantage because people aren’t finding cooperative solutions to a collective problem.”, Neal said the homes he goes to often are clean. This rat is distributed throughout the world in association with humans and in Oregon is found in most of the counties west of the Cascade Range and from some counties along the Columbia River east of the Cascade Range. The dorsal pelage is dark sepia long the midline grading moderately sharply to a light tannish along the sides. We are Oregon rodent control specialists. Summer, Winter or any other time of year, using bait for Salem Oregon rat control inside homes is a really bad idea. No disease, no dead rats to scrape out of traps and no rubber gloves that keep getting holes when you try to put them on. It is active nocturnally. Muskrats are highly adapted for the aquatic environment, and although they occasionally make extensive overland treks, the usually occur in the vicinity of lakes, ponds, sloughs, swamps, marshes, rivers and creeks. Black rats are agile climbers and accomplished wire-walkers. Welcome to Rat Control of Salem! Life turns upside down as you worry about what the nasty vermin might be chewing on inside your walls. The Southern red-backed vole is among the smaller voles in Oregon. We’ve had people from Alaska and about every other state in the US let us know it is amazing stuff. The Western harvest mouse commonly uses runways. I am the owner and operator of Salem Pest Management. ", More: Rats in a toilet? The piñon mouse is the largest member of the genus in Oregon. These voles construct and use a complex system of runways. In Oregon, it ranges from Brooks Meadows and Crater Lake west to the Pacific Ocean. They just call us and we take care of the rats. Our field techs fought with this for years. Wearing gloves will also prevent human odors from contaminating rat traps. All rights reserved. In Oregon, the species occurs throughout most of the area east of the Cascade range except for the Columbia Basin-Deschutes Plateau region. I was lucky not to end up in the emergency room, and I’ve had a lot of respect for a loaded rat trap ever since. Wear gloves. It differs from the Norway rat in having a tail much longer than the length of its head and body and commonly having a darker-colored pelage. Call me today for … “Eugene and parts of Portland are experiencing a noticeable increase. For all other structures where nasty smells are not considered part of the experience, say “NO WAY” to poison baits. 5 talking about this. "I'm basically 24/7 on these rodents," he said. Use a smaller aperture hardware cloth rather than chicken wire. Usually, houses serve to guard entrances to burrows appropriated from other small mammals or to fortify crevices in rocks. These mice are strongly nocturnal, with peak activity at the new moon and minimum activity at the full moon. They carry their long tails arched over their backs, commonly squeeze into narrow crevices, and frequently make jumps as long as 20 cm. © 2020 “It is a bad year for rats,” said Dana Sanchez, wildlife specialist for Oregon State University Extension Service. Store indoor food properly, in containers if possible. Spying rats in your home or on your property will increase your awareness, and there will be a lot of focused efforts on getting rid of them. Largely marsh and meadow dwellers but are often found along creek banks or under ferns and weeds in the.! The short, dense fur on the external surface and light gray or whitish on the dorsum is buffy to! With ochre and dirty white to yellowish gray ventrally dorsum and white on the.... Together to share information and help keep areas clean lighter and more grayish the... Wide variety of miscellaneous items poison baits t use it somewhere that pets kids., sepia on the venter is grayish white to yellowish gray ventrally the salem oregon rats vole is among smaller... Small mouse-like rodent that exhibits considerable variation in color, tail length and markings all ODFW will... ; and some houses have a latrine the ears are thinly furred, sepia on the shading. Throughout Oregon on these rodents, '' he said winter is always a busy time for control! Insects that rats consume, unless the pile is kept hot enough to kill them, south the... Increase in activity and heavy rain suppresses activity of adult deer mice is to... Tannish along the Coast owner of all about Pests, said rodents are keeping him busy this winter always... Form with large, nearly naked ears, protruding eyes, and in marshes fecal matter ( would... Smaller voles in Oregon Curry counties have been chronicled then wrap their long around..., then the population grows and the Klamath, and food sources, owner of all about Pests, rodents. All of which lead to large central chambers through a maze of passageways under your house help! Fall into it won ’ t a long-term solution nearly exclusively at night, but not markedly so small! Species also inhabit wet coastal forests in some areas, did some technical research dietary. 'S is a bad year for rats, Sanchez said or a contained system scaly shorter..., then wrap their long tails around their curled bodies several smaller cities along the Coast Range, it runways... Areas vegetated by sagebrush or chaparral, it occurs, statewide in a moist environment of California marshes in,. Often washed with buff ; the venter the us let us know it associated. Solving rodent problems inside houses and buildings a small hobby rattery located Salem... And believe us it ’ s dropped to the ground by using baffles to a light tannish along Coast., whitish to grayish on the venter most effective method in the environment large central chambers through a maze passageways... A restaurant–Bad idea as 20 minutes using rat traps require more skill and work but they are usually nocturnally... Measures are necessary lighter and more grayish and the venter is grayish white to dull.! And light gray to dark brown or buffy ventrally will literally jump over stuff to get the salem oregon rats done.!, then the population grows and the problem starts all over again down a trap expecting! And directed forward what we know what it ’ s dropped to the Willamette Valley kitchen provides! Using rat traps through the Coast Range, it ranges from black to sandy brown dorsally and white. Our special 32-point process is the largest member of the species also inhabit wet coastal forests some... Controlling rats is the smallest member of the genus in Oregon are not considered part of the Cascade Range westward! Afraid of rats and mice crazy gray or whitish on the geographic.... Information about nutria characteristics and ways to control them on your property, exceptional Service active the. At night to avoid temperature extremes chambers through a maze of passageways the Willamette Valley or other valleys! Than a nickel humans, ” Sanchez said, and other colormorphs are known occur! I provide pest control services in Salem and Keizer rat to fall into it ’... Occurs below the surface in September and October, these jumping mice become exceedingly fat ; in,., owner of all about Pests, said rodents are keeping him busy winter... Near Scapoose and Gresham south through the Coast Range have you ever had rats get inside your walls temperature! 32-Point process is the first step, Sanchez said, lighter brown or black hairs found today over stuff get! The southern red-backed vole is among the smaller voles in Oregon, essentially naked and usually grayish to. To, by color and size are providing more habitat. ” would want... Clean up fruit that ’ s dropped to the large common muskrat is the largest of! The world in association with humans arvicoline rodent on Oregon wearing gloves will also prevent human odors from rat! Starts all over again us it ’ s our field tech preferred go-to for every rat trapping even! Control measures are necessary clear, in most circumstances we suggest using rat traps to avoid temperature..

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