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out Rogers Hornsby five times in one game. There, he picked up the nickname Long Rifle from local Sioux Indians. Wilson then moved the team to Cleveland, as the Cleveland Cubs. And, two years later, clearly enjoying his role as In order to get Wilkinson not to sign Paige again, Greenlee agreed that the NNL would recognize a competing league the following season, to be made up of Midwest teams and overseen by Wilkinson. The year of Paige's birth is somewhat disputed. Jerry Priddy bunted Stevens over to second. The Monarchs won 9-3 and Paige struck out ten. The social rumble ain't restful. 6. Paige went the distance, giving up two singles and one double for his second consecutive three hit shutout. He also pitched in exhibition games against white major league stars. By then, he was viewing the world from a rocking chair in the Kansas City bullpen, a tall, thin man with a thin mustache who had lived one of the phenomenal careers in sports: 22 years as a barnstorming He took up pitching during four years spent at the Alabama Reform School for Boys, and became exceptional. He was fined several times throughout the year and finished 10-10, saying that he would not return to Miami the following season. It was Byrd who taught Paige how to kick his front foot high and to release the ball at the last possible instant. pitcher in the era before black players were admitted to the big leagues, then five seasons with three clubs in the American League, including the World Series of 1948. Summary: Robert Paige was born on 11/01/1938 and is 81 years old. He threw an overhand server for a strike and one sidearm for another strike. Paige said, “I guess Mr. Harridge didn’t want me to show up those boys who were young enough to be my sons.”. Paige once again returned to his barnstorming days with Abe Saperstein. Many baseball people derided the signing as a box-office gimmick, since the rookie was past 40 and probably past his prime. Anyway, she was in her nineties when she told the reporter that and sometimes she tended to forget things.". It is said they did this because they wanted to distance themselves from anything having to do with John Page. Then, on August 14, 1955, Paige signed a contract with the Greensboro Patriots of the Carolina League. Paige did particularly well against Dizzy Dean’s all-star team. For the 1927 season, Paige was given a raise to $200 per month and a slick Ford Model A roadster. Bowie Kuhn replaced William Eckert as the Commissioner of Baseball in 1969. Paige, at the demand of his wife, returned to Pittsburgh where Greenlee acquiesced to Paige’s salary demands and gave him a $600-per-month contract, by far the highest in the Negro Leagues. He was specific, though, about his nickname. On August 3, 1948, with the Indians one game behind the Athletics, Boudreau started Paige against the Washington Senators in Cleveland. He failed to record a single decision in his stint with the Beavers. most especially for his admonition: ''Don't look back. But the more I pitched, the stronger my arm would get.'' Coming into the game against the White Sox, Bob Lemon, Gene Bearden and Sam Zoldak had thrown shutouts to run up a thirty-inning scoreless streak, eleven shy of the big league record. on you. Robinson started in the minors, an insult that Paige would not have tolerated. Osborn, a former minor league pitcher, taught Paige the proper way to throw a curveball, which allowed Paige to tear through the International League. Baseball Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Jorge Pasquel, a Mexican beer distributor, and his four brothers wanted to compete with the major leagues. With the St. Louis Browns beating the Indians 4-1 in the bottom of the fourth inning, Boudreau pulled his starting pitcher, Bob Lemon, and sent Paige in. Paige did most of his coaching from his living room in Kansas City. Paige – homesick for carousing, hating the food, despising the constant inspections and being thoroughly baffled by the language – stayed on the island for 11 games. The family name became ''Paige,'' he remembered, because ''my folks later stuck in the 'i' But by then, he already occupied a special rank as a showman and country philosopher who advised people to ''avoid running at all times,'' After the 1953 season, he was released once more, but once more refused to quit baseball. Having burned a number of bridges behind him in the States, only one ballclub owner was willing to give Paige a chance to play ball again — J.L. He pretended that the compound was based on a secret formula and, continuing the tease, sparred with persons who asked whether Aybar hired Paige to act as an agent for Trujillo in recruiting other Negro League players to play for Los Dragones. Pitching for the semi-pro team named the Down the Bay Boys, Paige got into a jam in the ninth inning of a 1–0 ballgame. ", "Keep the juices flowing by jangling around gently as you move. Satchel wins Championship and MVP in Puerto Rico's Integrated League, Return from Puerto Rico to Kansas City Monarchs, Some sources state that his career began in 1926, other sources state that it began in 1927. On October 5, 1941, Wilkinson booked a game in Sportsman's Park between the Satchel Paige All-Stars and the Bob Feller All-Stars. Paige, not understanding a word the man said, nodded and smiled, thinking the man was fawning over him. Paige stayed with the Monarchs through the end of the year. Bill Veeck once again came to Paige’s rescue when, after taking control of the Phillies' triple-A farm team, the Miami Marlins of the International League, he signed Paige to a contract for $15,000 and a percentage of the gate. Initially barred from the major leagues because he was African American, Paige played in what was referred to as "the Negro Leagues." Paige buckled down and gave up only one more hit the rest of the game, getting five of the next six outs on fly balls. At his court date, on August 4, 1943, Paige’s divorce was finalized with him paying a one time payment of $1,500 plus $300 for attorney’s fees to Janet. In the spring of 1981 Paige was made vice president of the Triple-A Springfield Redbirds of the American Association, but this was in title only. Yes! he perhaps relied on ''doctored'' pitches. But Lou Boudreau, the Indians' manager, introduced his new pitcher carefully, He discovered Paige and wanted to sign him to a $50 per week contract. After just a few games, Paige abandoned the Lookouts for the $276 per month the Birmingham Black Barons of the Negro National League were willing to pay. Through six innings, Paige threw from every angle from overhead to crossfire, even underhanded. His career in the big leagues was spread over 18 years but, because he retired twice during that span, it totaled only five full seasons with these statistics: 28 victories, 31 defeats, 476 innings, During the wedding reception, Greenlee – who paid for the reception – had Paige sign a new long-term contract for the same $250 that he’d been making. Paige was removed for a pinch-hitter in the bottom of the inning, and Agrario tied it up against Dihigo, taking Paige off the hook for the loss. In 1968 Paige assumed the position of deputy sheriff in Kansas City, with the understanding that he need not bother to actually come to work in the sheriff’s office. Due to a minor injury to his left arm when he was hit by a pitch on July 23, 1941, he did not start the game, but because of his presence, 50,256 people packed Comiskey Park. To get his arm in shape, Paige spent the winter playing for the Guayama Brujos (later, Caguas-Guayama team) in Puerto Rico where he went 19-3 with a 1.93 ERA and a league high 208 strikeouts. To head off an attempt by Paige to jump to the Kansas City Monarchs, Greenlee leased Paige to J. Leslie Wilkinson, owner of the Monarchs, for use on his Colored House of David during The Denver Post’s “Little World Series” baseball tournament. The year of Paige's birth is somewhat disputed. If your stomach disputes you, lie down and pacify it with cool thoughts. h black teams, pitching across the seasons and the borders of countries. ", "If your stomach disputes you, lie down and pacify it with cool thoughts. Rumor around the Negro League was that she would have an affair with the best players, and Paige thought that he qualified. Tom Wilson of the Nashville Elite Giants in the Negro Southern League thought he could. He got an offer to front his own team, the Satchel Paige All-Stars, from Johnny Burton, a northern California promoter who needed a team to play against an all-star squad composed of big leaguers out of the Bay Area. Understanding that, Paige said in his autobiography that, “Signing Jackie like they did still hurt me deep down. Lula Paige didn’t want any part of it until Herman promised to send her a stipend extracted from Satchel’s salary. The fans started booing him, so he decided that “somebody was going to have to pay for that.” He called in his outfielders and had them squat in the infield. But after one more season with Cleveland, he was released after Mr. Veeck sold his [2] He appeared in the Major League All-Star Game in both 1952 and 1953. Then another baseball showman, Charles O. Finley, drew him back to the big leagues briefly in 1965 with the Kansas City A's. and who once reflected: ''There never was a man on earth who pitched as much as me. to age, Mr. Paige won 12 games in 1952 and was selected for the league's All-Star team. On July 9, 1948, Paige became the oldest man ever to debut in the major leagues, at the age of 42 years and two days. ''I carried so many satchels that all you could Leroy Robert "Satchel" Paige (July 7, 1906[1]–June 8 1982) was an American baseball player whose pitching in several different Negro Leagues and in Major League Baseball made him a legend in his own lifetime. Looks like you already have an account! After Los Dragones beat San Pedro de Macorís in the title series 4 games to 3 by coming from a 3 games to 0 deficit, all the players (Paige later than the rest) returned to the states. To a world that marveled at his stamina as a 59-year-old pitcher, Satchel Paige often offered these ''master's maxims'' as his guide to longevity: 1. It was decided that all who had been chosen and all who would be chosen would get their plaques in the “regular” section of the Hall of Fame. Larry Doby pinch hit for Paige the following inning.

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