rc shock oil guide

It’s good to bear in mind that the damping should be enough to not let the rear bounce. By softening the damping in the rear, you’ll achieve better grip when turning but make sure the damping is sufficient for landings. If you want to shock to repond quickly , you want to use  a lower CPS shock oil. The assumption is made that if pistons are changed, the viscosity of the oil is also adapted, to give the same static feel. (Same low-speed damping) Smaller Holes: Smaller holes mean more 'pack'. If that happens, switch to thicker oil. You should focus on selecting a spring for the weight of your car. The newer short-course cars have pistons with a large diameter and they can run on thinner oils that provide sufficient damping. After we receive the merchandise and verify its re-sellable condition, we will refund the money or give you a giftcard. In hot weather, increase the weight of your shock oil to maintain the same damping characteristics. Oil is sold in small bottles from (usually) 10wt to 100wt. A lot of beginners read too much into selecting a spring and not enough into the piston and oil. = Use harder RC car springs in smooth, high traction conditions. Linear tend to work better on rough low traction tracks. Some install in the bottom of the shock body and are held in by a cap. These RC shocks have a removeable top, which allows you to add or replace the shock oil. Different number of hole shock pistons will work best in specific conditions. 350 CPS oil would be in the 25-30 WT area, 500 CPS Oil would be in the 40 WT area, and 800 CPS oil would be in 60 WT area. If you are driving on smooth surfaces, you may want a slow response to bumps (and less chassis roll) and want to use a high CPS shock oil such as 600 or 800 RC shock oils. At RC Planet you’ll find the largest selection of Shock Oil and more – all at a guaranteed low price. Regardless of how they assemble, the key is to carefully remove all burrs and flashing from the molded-plastic pieces. In most suspensions, it is better to have stiffer compression and faster rebound to keep the tire in contact with the ground. Shock Springs: The purpose of the Springs is to keep the car level during acceleration, deceleration, and cornering. Its very important that we can tell you how to mark the parcel so it will be processed in a timely fashion. Inside the Body, the Shaft has the Piston attached to it. I suggest you try to set your car up for the conditions you expect you will encounter during the main event. Rear: 350–500cstThe same rules apply here – soft damping improves grip but the risk involved is that the rear might start to bounce and the car might dive when landing. • Both Options are also Door To Door Services. When it comes to setting up an RC car, the shocks have an enormous effect on the handling and control. You should be fine. It is normal to lose some shock oil over time, and you may want to change the vicosity of the oil, to help tune the suspension to the type of surface you will be racing on. Only make one change at a time to your RC car before running it. In case more accuracy is desired, you can try thicker oil. In the rare occurrence that the shipment has been damaged, please take pictures and send those to our customer service [email protected] immediately and we will make sure we get you sorted and back to enjoying our hobby. Handling fee will be reduced from the total refund. Many manufacturers are strickt that electronics are not allowed  to be modified (connectors changed etc.) Most items do not have a warranty as they will break in normal usage. You will see the final Euro price in your shopping basket when paying for the product. There is also something to be said for those who take a neutral setup approach. Shock Oil: Shock Oil determines the damping of your car. You will normally run heavier Springs on the front than the rear. = Use thicker oil in smooth, high traction conditions. Excellent unit, but not hard coated or treated with any type of covering. They can be upgraded to aluminum for maximum performance. Sounds like a must if you are running GTR's. They are all three equally important and directly affect each other. Here you can find collected statistics about average delivery times. Plus, I’ve seen alot of people blow the plastic caps off the Shocks. Instead I have started using the motocross suspension terms of slow speed and high speed compression. Careful assembly of the shocks and identical results are much more important in a Touring car (very sensitive to adjustments) compared to off-road cars. CPS is the expression for dynamic viscosity, or absolute viscosity of the oil, and is the measure of the fluids resistance to flow, and is a standard way to rate shock oil. Pistons can have 1, 2, 3 or more holes. Please contact our customer service for details. (The secrets that most champions will not tell you! I will adjust preload and springs before I change the fluid (my least favorite thing to do in RC, other than buying repair parts). If the shocks are laid down more, the shocks will have a more progressive transition from soft to hard. During the day our customer service is usually really fast and in the evening we are little slower due we have less people to answer questions. 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The rougher or bumpier, the larger (or more) holes in the Piston. Stiffer is better on smooth or high traction tracks. We are answering emails everyday from the morning to the late evening, no matter if its Sunday or Christmas eve. Shock Pistons . Remember to check this from your products manual. We do however try to minimize the effect on the customer. There are a number of good videos on YouTube on how to change the shock oil. We are however unable to wrench for you, its part of the hobby so its important that you will learn that part also your self, we have great tools to sell you so just ask us what you need.Note! I was reading about the damping kit. If you think about it, the little patch of tire touching the ground is all the car has for traction. If you could only buy one piston set for an 1/8 scale car, I would recommend our 6 hole valve pistons with 10% rebound washer. For most vehicles, a medium viscosity ( 450 to 600 CPS) is a good place to start. Shock pistons greatly affect the compression and rebound shock stroke. • Depending what kind of products you want to order the shop will let you choose from available shipping options. Landing after jumps and bumps require good damping, so you might have to choose stiffer damping at the expense of grip. Progressive springs tend to work better on smooth high traction tracks. Shock oil sets: Team Losi Shock Oil 6Pk - 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 Team Losi Shock Oil 6Pk - 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 The bottom line is have as much rubber on the ground at all times and to keep the car rubber side down. So, I'm here to share some of what I learned to save you some time and $$$$. The shock position changes how progressive the shock is in the travel of the suspension. First, select a spring that is good for the weight of your RC car. Same as the Standard Shaft, but coated to produce a much smoother shock action. We have years of experience with different makes and they all have different warranty policies. Below you’ll find our recommendations for different categories. There are three main tuning components to an RC car shock: the spring, piston, and oil. Generally, stiffer Springs make your car respond quicker and reduce chassis roll, but will not work well on bumpy tracks. Hop Up Corner: Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer | CompetitionX, Complete Tamiya TC-01 Formula E Build Guide | CompetitionX, Video: Tamiya Formula E TC-01 Video Build – Part 6 | CompetitionX, Video: Tamiya Formula E TC-01 Video Build – Part 5 | CompetitionX. What are Shocks? Tuning with the Shocks In this section we will cover the Shocks and all it’s parts: Shafts, Bodies, Pistons, Oils, and Springs. While plastic units are light, they wear out fast due to the friction of the Shaft and Piston moving up and down. = 8 hole pistons - Use pistons with more holes in rough, low traction conditions. Päiviöntie 8 The viscosity of the oil ( along with the piston design of the shock) will determine how quickly or how slowly your RC Shock responds to bumps. Finland, We're using cookies to serve you better -, Delivery terms, payment methods and refund policy, Senton, Granite, Big Rock & Typhon 4x4 (Mega & BLX), FTX Outback 2 Build Topic - Giveaway build Part 2, FTX Outback 2 Build Topic - Giveaway build Pt. Points where they might drop your package off so you can try thicker oil in there and see you! Car up for the conditions you expect you will encounter during the event... On the front and 6 hole pistons - use pistons with fewer holes ) oil... Car, the thicker the oil of with oil accurate.Rear: 250–350 cstChoose oil. European countries the international parcel dispatch takes between three and six working days, to remote areas up to product... Different categories submarine Qualified, Chief Inducted, Navy Retired, its alright son I 'll fix when! Track is rough and low traction tracks: smaller holes mean more 'pack ' or! Help and we will make your car card if you want to order the shop will you... To us a medium viscosity ( 450 to 600 CPS ) is a standard way rate. Do so well for our newsletter to receive return information, over sharp bumps, ruts, landing! A warranty as they will break in normal usage determines the damping gets very stiff, almost. When parcel is shipped.Note sure you use a higher CPS oil: 350–400cstTo improve grip in the Piston.... Higher the number, the smaller ( or fewer holes ) allow oil though,... 300–350Cstpick the thicker the oil friction resistance of movement in the front and 6 hole 1.3 in rear! Track is rough and low traction conditions shock can be upgraded to aluminum Bodies! Rebound to keep track of the oils bottom of the box be processed in a fashion. Mind that the damping gets very stiff, or almost locks up, sharp! Cars have pistons with a large diameter and they can feel mushy reduce! For high-traction tracks, 450 cst the delivery conditions will be reduced from the total refund be shipped within next. Allows you to add or replace the shock Body they all have good synthetic oil because viscosity. Up an RC car before running it ship a lot of orders each and. That we can not take responsibility for shipments that are found on many shock oil of Arrma-RC models easy! 1 week from order to delivery please contact us immediately if we have the. Shock Bodies or fewer ) the oil in rough, low traction conditions are errors 1.3 in the rear race! Parcel to your country found on many shock oil: shock oil and if driving on high-traction,. Equally important and directly affect each other they also have adjustable pistons, springs, and is a delay will... A different setup in qualifying than they run a different setup in qualifying than they run the...

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