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[citation needed], SpaceX first rocket landing barge (Marmac 300), and also its third (Marmac 303), were both named Just Read the Instructions (JRTI). In fact, some of the parts from the original hull/barge were used to build the Marmac 303 ASDS. The droneship is a modified barge that is outfitted with a large landing platform, station-keeping thrusters, and other equipment to allow SpaceX to land boosters at sea on high-velocity missions that cannot carry enough fuel to allow for a return-to-launch-site landing. [13] Both ships are named after two General Contact Units, spaceships commanded by autonomous artificial intelligences, that appear in The Player of Games, a Culture novel by Iain M. [15], On 8 April 2016 the first stage, which launched the Dragon CRS-8 spacecraft, successfully landed for the first time ever on OCISLY, which is also the first ever drone ship landing. [4][needs update], In 2009, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk articulated ambitions for "creating a paradigm shift in the traditional approach for reusing rocket hardware. Modifications include an expanded deck to increase the size of the landing platform, the installation of 4 thruster engines so the droneship can autonomously maintain its position at sea, and blast shielding to protect electrical and engine equipment on deck. Of Course I Still Love You is unmanned during all landings. [6][7] On 22 November 2014 Musk released a photograph of the "autonomous spaceport drone ship" along with additional details of its construction and size. Of Course I Still Love You (OCISLY) is an autonomous spaceport droneship (ASDS) that is operated out of Port Canaveral, Florida. Tasks such as removing or folding back the landing legs prior to placing the stage in a horizontal position for trucking occurred there. In December 2019 it was moved to Cape Canaveral. High probability of good droneship landing in non-stormy weather", "Ascent successful. [5] The returning rocket must not only land within the confines of the deck surface but must also deal with ocean swells and GPS errors. A robot, officially named the Falcon 9 Securing Robot, but universally known as Octagrabber lives on the droneship and is deployed shortly after a booster landing. Of Course I Still Love You worked successfully as a landing platform after the Falcon 9 rocket brought astronauts to space on the crewed mission Launch America on 30 May 2020. [15][12] The ship underwent a major refit in September 2019 to May 2020, first in Louisiana, and finished at Port Canaveral, including four new and much-larger positioning thrusters. But SpaceX scrubbed the launch less than a minute before liftoff due to bad weather. Its homeport was in the Port of Los Angeles, California from 2015 to 2019[46] but in August 2019 it was moved to the Gulf of Mexico. In 2018, SpaceX announced plans for a fourth barge, A Shortfall of Gravitas to support east coast operations[16] however the droneship has failed to materialize and instead JRtI was moved to the East Coast and began operations in June 2020. Floating landing platform operated by SpaceX, "Just Read the Instructions", "Of Course I Still Love You", and "A Shortfall of Gravitas" redirect here. Primary mission remains nominal →", "However, that was not what prevented it being good. The core booster from the Falcon Heavy rocket that launched Thursday from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida tipped over in rough seas after landing on an offshore drone ship, SpaceX officials said Monday. We are not affiliated with SpaceX. Of Course I Still Love You. You can see lots of stuff on the deck, including 6 new massive thrusters for station keeping", "Elon Musk: New SpaceX drone ship, A Shortfall of Gravitas, coming to East Coast", New SpaceX droneship will be called “A Shortfall of Gravitas”, "SpaceX Autonomous Spaceport Drone Ship Sets Sail for Tuesday's CRS-5 Rocket Landing Attempt", "SpaceX to attempt Falcon 9 booster landing on floating platform", "SpaceX Announces Spaceport Barge Positioned by Thrustmaster's Thrusters", "Pad 39A – SpaceX laying the groundwork for Falcon Heavy debut", "SpaceX Sticks a Rocket Landing at Sea in Historic First", "SpaceX rocket docks at San Pedro home port after successful mission", "Elon Musk on Twitter: "New SpaceX droneship will be called "A Shortfall of Gravitas"" / Twitter", "Falcon 9 first stage sails into Port Canaveral atop ASDS – ahead of big plans", SpaceX debuts 'Optimus Prime' Robot, successfully recovers Falcon 9 1029 for the second time, "Photos of Falcon 9 B1029.2 entering Port Canaveral, with the roomba visible beneath the rocket.

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