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He’s got universal name recognition already. Now he's the Director of Team Nutrition for the Celtics. section: | slug: trail-blazers-vs-celtics-score-takeaways-boston-escapes-with-a-win-fights-off-portlands-comeback-attempt | sport: basketball | route: live_blog_single |        Map But if Lowry is out and Norm Powell is suddenly starting, then the starting lineup is weakened and the bench is weakened and Nurse has to game-plan no matter what his roster might look like. Nick Sang, Boston Celtics, Athletic Trainer & Physical Therapist - RealGM Nick Sang PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS Physical Therapist / Athletic Trainer at Boston Celtics Greater Boston Area 500+ connections Taco Jay is possibly the best nickname on the team. It was the Raptors bench players who came up larger and bigger than any bench in history against the vertically challenged Nets. 2020 draft profiles: international prospects. The most important thing is that he is French. You don’t need a nickname when you can dunk like Javonte Green. 6:51 pm ET, at The first video opened some doors for Nick. Portland opted for the quick two...not sure why when there is now just 3.4 seconds left. He’s incredibly endearing. The 100 points by a bench, any bench, is the most in NBA history, regular season or playoffs. I love it! We Honor the First All-Black Starting 5. The same applied to today's game, as Nurkic got going early in the first half when Lillard and McCollum were struggling to get their shots off. The latest updates from all of Boston's sports teams. A foregone conclusion. He won an NBA title by outcoaching Mike Budenholzer in the Eastern Conference final last year and won an NBA championship partly on the depth of his roster, the injuries to Golden State, and partly on the brilliance of Kawhi Leonard. Select the third team from the drop down menu. There’s gotta be some sort of low hanging fruit related to Romeo and Juliet to be taken advantage of here. Everything KG does, he does to help his team win. By the time trainer Nick Sang and rehab manager Steve Mount reached him, Ojeleye was still in … Verdict: Der Basketballspieler. The General? 6:14 pm ET, at As many as 150 million Americans hope to vote amid a global pandemic and many worry that their mail-in vote won’t count. Hayward returned the nod of support back to Kyrgios on Tuesday, tweeting that he would be “cheering” for Kyrgios during his first-round match with Steve Johnson. By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. — when games aren’t on the line, when the last few minutes mean everything. The Germans are an efficient people, with no time for the frivolity of nicknames. Prior to working with the Celtics, he worked in an outpatient sports orthopedic physical therapy clinic in Waltham, Massachusetts.        Charts No one likes a Negative Ned with no solutions. All of the above is really just wasting time though. That may be the greatest issue at stake in today’s election. Some have referred to him as a bucket for his propensity to score the ball. He also spent the 2013-14 season as an intern with the Indiana Pacers.        Daily #s       Town #s        They’re playing with joy in a manner that seemed impossible just one year ago. ", Kemba says of Jayson and Jaylen's performances today, "They were special ... Their talent level is unreal, and they can take our team to new heights when they’re playing at this level. Leonard is gone, the depth remains and now the chess match comes in the second round for Nurse and the Raptors. Eventually, the Celtics called timeout to check on their fallen teammate. It means the basketball player. Kemba doesn’t need a nickname. But the coach is a Nurse, not a doctor in this case, and he won’t know much about Lowry’s status until Monday. It’s time to get ready. Eddie House was a delight to watch, and Edwards’ game does smack of House’s, but we should let him be his own person. Podcast megastar Sam “Jam” Packard may have struck the perfect chord between the two worlds by calling him Meat Buckets.        Resources Which makes Lowry’s status all the more significant. People are too busy staring at you in amazement to call you anything. He went 4 of 6 from long range, and Portland absolutely didn't have an answer for him. 6:49 pm ET, at You can’t tell much from a series against Brooklyn. Omer Yurtseven probably won't know until fairly late into the night if he'll be one of them. 6:01 pm ET, at Now it’s on to Round 2. 6:03 pm ET, at A haircut and two days later, and Tatum looked like his pre-hiatus self against Portland. If he had his way, Hayward would have everyone in the crowd chanting “Daddy’s always happy” for him, so it’s probably not best to seek input straight from the source in this instance. Per usual, Boston's depth proved to be too much for Portland, as four of five of the Celtics starters scored in double figures.        Testing locations My cursory internet searches for Brad Wanamaker nicknames yielded nothing to add to Basketball Reference’s list of nothing. Laney Boggs. Confirm that your trade proposal is valid according to the NBA collective bargaining agreement. ", the curls had no buckets, Jayson Tatum did a little bit of everything in Sunday's win for the @celtics- Team-high 34 Pts (9 of his 11 FG were contested)- Teammates shot 8-8 off his passes (6-6 on 3-pt FG)- Held Damian Lillard to 1-5 FG as a primary defender (0-2 in 4th qtr), . Cook’s character’s name, you ask? Let’s enjoy it. He was first introduced to the team when he was 11 years old by playing the NBA Live video game, and despite the 14-hour time difference, he would wake up early on weekends to watch games. 6:23 pm ET, at Jayson Tatum did not get his hair cut by one of the six #NBABubble barbers. Now, comes a giant gulp. It fits with his image as a general irritant to opponents. His final, 3-pointer, which came with 32 seconds left, increased the Celtics' lead to six points and served as the dagger for Boston to win the game. In their first game against the Memphis Grizzlies, where they came out with a much-needed win for playoff purposes, it was exciting to see Nurkic and Zach Collins back in the fold. Paul Pierce is stressed watching this game from the virtual fan section, I'm sure every Celtics fan can sympathize with him. Get outta JB's way Just a heads up, maker and misser jokes are quite a bit of fun, but they’re not nickname material. People show up to games dressed in taco outfits. It’s really more of something of an alter ego. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Three days to game-plan but really, I have to assume, the Raptors staff has been game-planning for weeks, knowing it was much pretty much certain they could face the Celtics in Round 2. Before we dive into nicknames, make sure you’ve watched this video of Vincent Poirier. He is one of a kind." With all the positive vibes in the air, we’ve decided to dive into one of the game’s more lighthearted topics: nicknames.

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