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He graduated from Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in MBA. As of November 2020, His net worth is believed to be around $2 Million. His 2007 book The Black Swan has been described by The Sunday Times as one of the twelve most influential books since World War II. It’s the work of a pro; but while The Trick is only 208 pages long, I wished that he’d been more ruthless and cut some of the meandering to produce a thinner, faster book. That’s the starting-point, of course. A Brown, Strong Language on Black Swans. Taleb received an honorary doctorate from the American University of Beirut in 2016 and gave a commencement address to the graduating class in which, describing his life, he stated: I hesitate to give advice because every major single piece of advice I was given turned out to be wrong and I am glad I didn't follow them. "[84] Berkeley statistician David Freedman said that efforts by statisticians to refute Taleb's stance have been unconvincing. K Vehkalahti, Review: The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable, by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, T Volery, Review: The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable. It was originally published in November 2016 including only the first four books. Robert Lund, a mathematics professor at Clemson University, writes that in Black Swan, Taleb is "reckless at times and subject to grandiose overstatements; the professional statistician will find the book ubiquitously naive. [2], Taleb is the author of the Incerto, a five volume philosophical essay on uncertainty published between 2001 and 2018 (of which the most known books are The Black Swan and Antifragile). The highest mark of manly authenticity is whether someone, as Taleb does, lifts weights. I was told to never procrastinate and I waited 20 years for The Black Swan and it sold 3 million copies. B Pauker and Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Epiphanies: Nassim Nicholas Taleb. He has also held the following positions:[35][36][37] managing director and proprietary trader at Credit Suisse UBS, worldwide chief proprietary arbitrage derivatives trader for currencies, commodities and non-dollar fixed income at First Boston, chief currency derivatives trader for Banque Indosuez, managing director and worldwide head of financial option arbitrage at CIBC Wood Gundy, derivatives arbitrage trader at Bankers Trust (now Deutsche Bank), proprietary trader at BNP Paribas, independent option market maker on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and founder of Empirica Capital. He has won the Bruno Leoni Award and Wolfram Innovator Award in 2018. He continues to rehash old fights here, including that against the psychologist Steven Pinker, whom he abuses liberally. 299-325). The book’s best sections are about risk, which is Taleb’s central subject and area of expertise. [59][60] He opposes top-down knowledge as an academic illusion. I was told to avoid putting fictional characters in my books and I did put in Nero Tulip and Fat Tony because I got bored otherwise. People who make decisions ought to be exposed to the consequences if they are wrong. [69] Taleb subsequently appeared with Ron Paul[70] and Ralph Nader[71] on their respective shows in support of Skin in the Game, which was dedicated to both men.[72][73]. [61] Together with Espen Gaarder Haug, Taleb asserts that option pricing is determined in a "heuristic way" by operators, not by a model, and that models are "lecturing birds on how to fly". Taleb reportedly became financially independent after the crash of 1987[21] and was successful during the Nasdaq dive in 2000[33] as well as the financial crisis that began in 2007,[9] a development which he attributed to the mismatch between reality and statistical distributions used in finance. He married his wife Cindy Sheldon on January 20, 1988, at St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, Atlanta. His first non-technical book, Fooled by Randomness, about the underestimation of the role of randomness in life, published in 2001, was selected by Fortune as one of the smartest 75 books known. In the middle of the 1990 s Taleb changed the direction that his career had been taking. Take the Booker. In International Conference on Complex Systems (pp. The paper published on January 26, 2020 took the position that the SARS-CoV-2 was not being taken seriously enough by policy makers and medical professionals. Leon Max, with his wife Yana Boyko — William Leith’s only contented millionnaire. He was included on Forbes magazine list of “Most Influential Management Gurus” in 2009. Something you would never have the balls to do. His book The Black Swan was described as one of the 12 most influential books since World War 2. 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