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Where I dump 2Ha thoughts, my own fics, reblogs of art, HYX sets, etc. really. Both pets, you know?”. It is as yet unfinished. 284 notes. 654 Jul 31 2020. "Xue Meng acenou com a cabeça. The more money you had, the power you wielded, and the more rights you had to do whatever you wanted. [Extremely loosely based around the myth of Hades and Persephone and Parmenides' version of the Eros creation myth. Try getting them all. 1268 Sep 21 2020 src via. Go see him. If you get there late, my spiritual energy will be lost when I die, and he’ll turn to dust.” After these words, he shut his eyes. Apenas ele. See @wlwanning's Twitter thread for updates on all adaptations of 2Ha. Why did meatbun had to make Mo Ran deep frying just after they had sex like... this is just so wrong in many levels. Setting: Shortly after Wanning opened the Gate of Life and Death at Wushan Template, his spirit travels to modern times. En medio del papapa, Chu Wanning es dejado a medias. Chu Wanning could only stare in horror as a large cloud of sickeningly yellow pollen rose from the field, blanketing the place where Mo Ran stood in a heavy fog. Xue Meng certainly never thought that wearing a bunny suit to work at a shady nightclub would one day lead to having a slippery finger up his ass and wearing an even more shameless bunny suit than he had started out with. Or at least, he never expected that the finger in his ass would be Jiang Xi’s. "Se você quer saber, tenho um casamento a planejar. vibes with problematic content, and 2ha is it. The game's setting is 3 years after canon so there will be spoilers for the last chapters and the extras. This will make sense after you finish reading the novel and extras. Ch. 4: RanWan Birthday FluffCh. 5: XueXiao ThanksgivingCh. He could not kill TaXian-Jun at the end, and was instead transmigrated into his younger self along with Mo Ran after the latter killed himself.Chu Wanning was given a second chance to make things right. And who let Mo Ran run around on Zoom in boxer shorts, anyway? This game is free, ad less, and doesn't bring back any commercial benefit to the game designer. Characters belong to the author. I read the untranslated chapters through a combination of MTL (mostly readable) and a finished translation in another language. Music credit is in the MUSIC CREDIT.txt file under the download section. Mo Ran's birthday is coming. Fan Arts of 2ha during drawtober (october) 2020. 1 week after the game's release, I'll be posting the complete game guide. Maybe she knew deep down and wanted to test the boundaries, but she pushed too far, and Taxian-jun was in so much pain that he didn’t need much pushing. The writer's first language is not English so there maybe some hick-up here and there but it's readable. A razão?? Because I have nothing to do during quarantine anyway, I want to make a game to celebrate our beloved husky's birthday. This is a gift for him, as well as for all the lovely friends I've made in this fandom. "O sorriso congelou nos lábios de Mei Hanxue, a luz em seus olhos estalou. Add in the coronavirus, a university lockdown, online classes, and Zoom, and things are becoming a lot less like the idyllic life Chu Wanning had envisioned for himself. Written for 2Ha Week 2020]. Few people know Mo Ran, the vigilante seeking out his lost childhood love Chu Wanning, who disappeared years ago into the cruel system set up by society. They entered the Olympics as competitors for gold, silver, and bronze. Xue Meng inspirou profundamente e expirou pesadamente. Power dictated rights. This post Chu Wanning death and Mo Ran is suppossed to be sad,... An 2Ha Dumpster Fire. ELE. However, once there, they find that they have a common enemy out to bring all of them down. 10: XueXiao Halloween, "It is I who wronged you; I won't blame you, in life or in death…". Mo Ran's birthday is coming. It feels like they have all day, forever, that time does not exist. I don’t think he would have continued sleeping with her for long. He’s one of the richest- and cruelest- men this side of the galaxy. Enter the Mei Hanxues, gods of the harvest, who were definitely not invited to his hall, and who let them eat his pomegranates anyway? There's no major spoilers for the story line, though. Everyone knows Taxian-jun- how could they not? Mo’s Cosmetics & Preservatives: Even the god of death shall fail to strip you of your timeless beauty. 9: XueXiao Day/Frost's DescentCh. 2: XueXiao Identity RevealCh. Before he could really register what was happening, Mo Ran had moved closer to him and gently put the headband on him, careful not to mess up his perfectly sleek hair, maneuvering it so it didn’t knock his glasses behind his ears. Back then he was a master, sect’s elder. "Será em duas semanas.". Our beloved Mo Ran's birthday is coming and April also marks 1 year anniversary of the day I joined this fandom. He rasped, “Go. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Xue Meng quer planejar o casamento do século. Shorter synopsis: Ranwan's peaceful days on Nan Ping mountain. 2ha erha chu wanning Mo Ran husky and his white cat shizun hao yi xing immortality 二哈和他的白猫师尊 ranwan. Please rt my post and share the game links, I'll be posting the cheat codes once the rt count reaches the milestones lol. (Spoiler alert: it’s sex pollen.). tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson". He had never, also, regretted getting them. Mas mesmo assim, no fundo, bem lá no fundo, eles ainda tinham entre si, mais semelhanças do que apenas a aparência. Xue Meng thought that his immortal life as the ruler of the underworld would be an eternity of endless, boring paperwork in a dark, dreary dungeon, exiled from the rest of the deities on Lingshan for reasons he would very much rather forget. And we’re kind of matching! he's perfect 49 notes Please consider turning it on! Song Qiutong didn’t know what was going on in his extremely unpredictable mind; recall that she didn’t know the identity of Chu Fei and was under the impression that Chu Wanning was a prisoner that Taxian-jun liked to humiliate. 1: XueXiao Demon SummoningCh. The game may seem short but it was made with love and took a lot of effort and time. Contains XueXiao and Ranwan, only completed threads added. 6: XueXiao Ghost Roommate AUCh. The writing is very good, the mood whiplash is super intense, the characters are extremely well crafted, and I just love hurting myself emotionally OK. Also, I fell down a Meimeng hole. But few people know the man behind the façade. (Acontece durante o extra de drama de áudio do casamento, mas você não precisa ter ouvido para entender a história)(A série Xue Meng pode ser lida como um único capítulo ou separado, mas eles seguem uma cronologia), Tradução da Fic "Till There Was You" de serpentinerose - @sovanninh. 7: XueXiao Ch. Chu Wanning died at the last battle at Heavenly Lake. A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android. There are a total of 9 endings: 7 normal endings and 2 hidden crack endings. dumb husky and his white cat shizun 2HA chu wanning mo weiyu mo ran ranwan xue meng shi mei shizun5ever iloveshizunsomuch italmostmakesmewannasobmore how is he so CUTE and why is he and mo ran so EMOTIONALLY DUMB. The universe worked like this. For a lot of people, grief is expressed as anger and cruelty instead of sadness. There’s something very activating about anger–it’s a negative affect, right, but it’s also very high energy. You’re in costume like the rest of us now. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. This post Chu Wanning death and Mo Ran is suppossed to be sad, while now he is just having sex with his wife like a normal night. Her fate and that of many others were already sealed the moment Chu Wanning died. Anonymous said: Why did meatbun had to make Mo Ran deep frying just after they had sex like... this is just so wrong in many levels. Bottom Chu Wanning/Top Mo Ran | Mo Weiyu (39) Anal Sex (33) 2HA Week 2020 (32) Angst (31) Spoilers (30) Romance (27) Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot (27) Other tags to include Exclude ? Some of them crisscrossed, creating peculiar calligraphy, some of them so deep they created tunnels in his skin. 8: XueXiao MermayCh.

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