living in guam vs hawaii

And with round-trip tickets starting at $1,500, it is not exactly the cheapest place to get to either. Guam competes with the sheer natural beauty of Hawaii and the wealth of beaches in the Bahamas, but more than that, the island offers an authentic, delicious and culturally rich getaway you may never have known was waiting for you. Aside from the housing which is on par with Hawaii, living expenses are cheaper. Airbnb on Hawaii: What Is and Isn’t Legal? They come to mingle, play music, eat and entertain with traditional island dances. The delicious mix of spicy Chorizo sausage, grilled onions, diced potatoes and rice, topped with a sunny-side-up egg, hits the spot. Even though it can be difficult to make ends meet, we make it work. How Much Does It Cost to Build a Home in Hawaii? There are plenty of delicious gluten-free options that are easy on your wallet as well. Because of a typhoon and two earthquakes, it would be rebuilt three more times, the last time in 1939 in its current place within 50 yards of the original spot. The best time to call from Hawaii to Guam. I Would! Four rolls of toilet paper will be about $6. They swarm the theme-park style hotel pools, beach-side wedding chapels and the luxury shopping malls that feel like an air-conditioned, less-crowded version of Fifth Avenue. Read more…, Have you ever said something, thinking you pronounced the word or phrase correctly, only to hear someone use the same word or phrase entirely differently? And yes, while buying local is encouraged, the cost of Hawaii grown mangos are at about $6.99 a pound. Taking the bus or, in Oahu, TheBus, may be a more affordable method of transportation, at $2.50 per ticket, although it may not be an appealing daily commute of choice. If your pet is not coming from a country or area recognized by Guam as rabies-free, then your pet will have to complete commercial quarantine on Guam. You can thank us later. All rights reserved. But, for many people, Honolulu’s appealing qualities balance out the potentially lower wages. It looks like one thing on the surface, but it’s entirely another animal underneath. If you’re like me, you have definite travel moods. Living in Hawaii vs. Alaska. Nearly everything we consume has to be shipped here or flown. In another analysis by. For example, a gallon of whole milk on Oahu can be $8.99 – the cheapest at Costco for $4.99 a gallon. One million Japanese tourists flock here every year for the predictable weather, white beaches and crystal-clear Pacific Ocean. My wife and I have talked about moving to the mainland but every time we have this discussion, we both just can’t imagine moving. You can always opt to live outside of Honolulu’s center or even consider the other Hawaiian Islands – the Big Island’s Hilo is nearly 49 to 56 percent lower than Honolulu, plus offers a laidback and relaxing small-town vibe that may be appealing than the hustle and bustle of the city. Shop at Costco. Read more…, It’s no secret that prices for almost everything are higher on Guam. Read more… 5 Tips for a Smooth […] This is also the spot for fresh coconut juice and plates of Guam-styled barbecue. If your interest in history extends beyond colonialism, head to Fouha Bay where a very important rock on the northern tip shoots 150 feet up in the air. Every Wednesday night, after the sun kisses the Pacific Ocean goodnight, the Chamorro Village in Hagatna comes alive. And while we no longer live in paradise, I can now afford to visit whenever I want. 15 Things to Know Before You Go to Guam Guam is unique and complex. Eating out will add up quickly. The cost of food is high in Hawaii compared to other locations. There’s no tax on clothing or food and a four-bedroom home sells for $200,000. There are guide-led hiking tours from half a mile to more than six miles, and for $100 you can climb on a small yacht with two other families, most likely Japanese, and sail around the coast spotting dolphins, snorkelling and fishing. If you’re used to a certain standard of living, you may need to make a few sacrifices when moving to Hawaii. Read More…, There is never a week where no new jobs are posted. But Hawaii is the most expensive place to buy groceries in the nation, especially because products are shipped from the mainland. According to, , the average U.S. salary, as of the 2nd quarter in 2020, is $52,104. Guam competes with the sheer natural beauty of Hawaii and the wealth of beaches in the Bahamas, but more than that, the island offers an authentic, delicious and … We buy in bulk and my wife watches our two kids at home, saving on daycare. The real draws are the local food and culture. No DMV is fun to deal with — the lines are long, the requirements can be confusing and get ready to hand over a chunk of change. It’s beautiful here, surrounded by vast ocean, pristine weather and rich culture, but paradise comes at a cost – a cost so high, in fact, that it can be a deterrent for many folks. Considering a move to Hawaii? We have made 4 trips back and forth to the Philippines during that time and we would have been there twice more […] Read More. More than 200 years of Spanish colonialism, a Western-Pacific heritage and the current American control are stirred together for a number of unique local dishes, like the Chorizo Breakfast Bowl. Should You Reconsider Moving to the Philippines? We look for sales in stores like Costco and Target, and buy secondhand toys off Facebook Marketplace or E-bay. I make it work by living in a condo instead of a home. Read more…, Some of us go to great lengths to get the products we know and love. Chamorros believe it to be the cradle of civilization, the last resting place for goddess Fu'una who created the world along with her brother Puntan. But you will forget the long, expensive flight once you set foot on the island, which is one third of the size of London and has year-round temperatures between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. We have been living on Guam now for 3 years and 7 months. Some places, like California and New York, have higher expenses in the area of transportation. Life After Guam: Being a Chamorro in Mainland U.S.A. For dessert, the Philippine-inspired, brown-sugar fried Banana Lumpia is a perfect bite into a hard wrap cover to unleash the mushy and very sweet inside. Hawaii had the lowest employee costs for single coverage in the nation in 2017 at $675, which was less than half of the national average of $1,415. Another big factor: utility bills such as electricity is sky high, thanks to the warm climate. But, for many people, Honolulu’s appealing qualities balance out the potentially lower wages. But stop you should, because this is where Guam's scenic overlooks, old Spanish bridges and waterfalls are concentrated. It’s just like that old saying – it’s just the cost of living in paradise. Save time, money, and embarrassment on your trip (or move) to Guam with these tips! Low obesity and smoking rates can be contributed to low levels of air pollution, less mental stress and a good number of available primary care physicians. According to Payscale, the average salary in the island's capital, Honolulu, is $65,000, but the state has one of the highest income tax rates in the country, with its top tier at 11 percent. In order to live comfortably in Hawaii, studies show that you’ll need a whopping salary of over $122,000. The Cons: Aside from what’s mentioned above, living anywhere in Hawai‘i is expensive. Monday, November 02, 2020. You have 1 Wall AC Unit that you use sparingly. You can thank us later. That is why we made a list of five tips for a smooth move to Guam. REAL provides tools and services to home buyers, sellers, and real estate agents on Oahu. The island's sights can be explored by car, scooter, bike or foot. Read more…, It’s no secret that Guam’s civilian hospital, Guam Memorial, is lacking qualified medical personnel, skilled specialists, and even hospital beds. The median sales price for a condo on Oahu is $461,500. Solar Panels - Hawaiian Electric Company offers several programs to customers to save big on electricity. There’s a huge price range though, so many people will buy a plate lunch (white rice, mac salad, and meat entrée like loco moco or teriyaki beef) and save it for lunch and dinner, or split with a friend. Takeaways. Read more…, Homeschooling on Guam has become a viable option for the education of our island’s youth in recent years. You’re not alone. It looks like one thing on the surface, but it’s entirely another animal underneath. Looking at a luxurious, new one-bedroom condo? Read more…, If you’re looking to rent an apartment or lease a house on Guam, we have some tips that will certainly help you out. Parking ranges typically from $100 to $200. Before you head out to wait in those lines make sure you take a look at this checklist. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average U.S. salary, as of the 2nd quarter in 2020, is $52,104. Hawaii. Hawaii has one of the lowest percentages of property taxes in the country. The cost of living for expatriates in Guam as at October 2020 is high in comparison to other places in the world, with an overall Cost of Living Index (COLI), for all 13 basket groups, of 81.06 (New York =100). Shop at Costco, Foodland, and/or Safeway. Like with many things in life, there is certainly a trade-off.

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