king dorephan dialogue

"If the reservoir bursts, as it soon will, I fear immense damage will befall not only Zora's Domain... but also the area downstream from us. Hasn't since waking up in the shrine, unless you count this. The armor softens his stance. Move Vah Ruta's trunk from your map screen to stop the gear, destroy the eyeball, and claim the treasure chest for 10 fire arrows. The prince is waiting when he walks out of the inn. The prince's jaw drops. "As things now stand, Zora's Domain... Nay! Those white lines across Kathryn's back are best forgotten; they're the history of a Cardassian prison where everything is unspeakable. Link can only look away in shame. They shake on it and Link sprints off. How can you still protest? 23. ", When he notices Link isn't walking with him, Sidon stops and turns. Swim up the waterfall and use your paraglider, turning right, and you’ll see a treasure chest. tip: arthur merlin words>1000 sort:hits, 1. Use the platforms to climb to the opposite side of the trunk as it raises. He feels like vomiting, but would hate to be even more shameful than he already is. 15. "The Hylian Champion? He can't even look at the old king. -No, but thank you.-, The Zora woman seems surprised, but answers back. A Zora steps in from a large doorway, a kind smile playing at her lips. Step on the pressure plate here to activate a waterfall. Even when he looks upon Princess Mipha's statue...", "It is the truth, Muzu. Understandable, I would hate me too. ", "Hm? ", Sidon coughed lightly to get Link's attention. Is that why you do not seem to remember me?". The king loses his wide grin in favor of a deep frown. "How was your nap and meal? We are in your debt. Dorephan shakes his head a few times and smiles once more, though it is sad. You will not." "I cannot atone for what I have done, but perhaps there is someth-". The fastest way to Ploymus Mountain is to ascend the waterfall east of the domain. Tears cloud his vision. She scoops him up into a bone crushing hug. Look for waterfalls to the northeast of Zora’s Domain, and head across the walkways toward them. When it’s hollow, that means it’s in the cool down period after you use Mipha’s Grace. "Do not tell me you have forgotten me...", Sidon fumbles for a moment before speaking out. "That is a good one!" ", "Whaaat?!" "You have always disliked Hylians, even before the Great Calamity. Anyway, I think King Dorephan sounds possible as well, since it's stated in BotW that he defeated a Guardian at some point in the past. "All right." Waterblight Ganon telegraphs his attacks — mostly a thrust, a spear throw and if you get close enough, an attack that shakes the ground beneath him (browse the gallery above to see them all). "But we said we were working together. Vah Ruta hurls ice blocks your way. Watch your health, keep eating to increase your hearts, and keep firing arrows from a distance until he falls. This is a million times worse. She looks confused when he holds the box up, but then he opens it to reveal the bundle of clothes. Doing those things puts you in the path of four more treasure chests. Extraordinary! ", "Hm? "King Dorephan! Link seems confused. Not that he wants to sleep. It is called Ploymus Mountain, and there you will also find Shatterback Point. When the elephant icon is white, it’s ready to use. We cannot trust these lowly Hylians! Ever since we lost her to the Calamity, he has grown to despise Hylians. In a way, it feels like yesterday... We've both been through a lot, I'm sure. "I do not believe discussing my sister is helping matters at the moment. He nods and the king smiles. So use the boulders as cover and sneak from tree to tree gathering shock arrows. It is rude to speak that way to your king and his guest. I dearly hope so. Unsettling Feedback -No trouble at all. I'll do everything in my power to make things right again." While it’s frozen, open the treasure chest for an ancient core. Do not mistake me for a fool, Hylian! I grew up hearing my father tell stories, some of which were about my sister's undying love for a Hylian named Link. Around 100 years after King Dorephan ascended to the throne, a stray Guardian crossed Upland Zorana into our domain. Use arrows to destroy a guardian scout, and then hop off the gear to where the guardian used to be before you made it blow up. "Hm? Opening it reveals some jewelry, a skintight suit made of scales, and a pair of gloves with webbed fingers. "Ah, you're awake." Sidon looked Link's way and nodded.

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