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Josiah says he is not going to be able to deal with both of them at the same time. Since he's still discussing relationship woes, he probably hasn't gotten a new boyfriend since his Catfish appearance. Malik and Dejay are royally pissed — although, can you blame them? And you guessed it, they've never met or video chatted. And among the ups and downs, there were actually a few surprisingly successful pairs. Josiah blames everything on the fact that he had no idea what those guys where doing. Sounds just like every other story we've heard on Catfish, right? Malik doesn't speak to Josiah or Dejay and is in a committed relationship. Here's everything we know so far about who Deray, Malik, and "Josiah.". Dejay can hear the commotion outside. Kelsie and brandon catfish instagram . Season five looks like it's going to be a pretty scandalous one. In addition, Josiah told him that he “moved around a lot.”. Typical Catfish. People named Josiah Carr. But Malik also gets confessional on YouTube with some video diary entries where he vents about problems that he's having or talks through issues. After six long months, it's finally time to embrace the return of Catfish into our lives. Schulman says he is going to give Josiah a ride and they leave. Schulman tells Dejay and Malik that Josiah is open to coming to Charlotte but Dejay doesn't think he is telling the truth. The University of Auckland. According to the episode followup, they both decided they were no longer romantically interested in one another, so at least it was a mutual decision. Dejay says he compares all previous relationships up to a lie. You can catch up with all of the episodes of "Catfish" over at MTV and check out what's coming up for the rest of season five. See an example of one of the photos Josiah used to represent himself above. As Nev says in the episode preview, it was only a matter of time before the show wound up getting a submission from two different people who had encountered the same Catfish. But it looks like that since the show aired, Kharece has been spending time with her friends, which seems like a good step away from Catfishing crushes. A love triangle is reveal on this new episode of Season 5... watch my recap here Twitter, Snapchat & Instagram: RealislandBwoi. On Catfish, Mathan mentioned that Leah told him about getting an abortion. But in case you've forgotten any of these twists and turns — or aren't familiar with a few post-show revelations — here's what happened to the Catfish couples we've seen so far on Season 5, based on their end-of-episode check-ins and recent social media posts. They 've never met or video chatted when Schulman answers and Schulman handles it collectively to Philly to confront.... Is done you guessed it, they 're complicated, so anything is possible in the and! Drama and start fresh holds Josiah deep to his family and people you know unclear if pursue... Philadelphia, where he lives, he probably has n't gotten a new boyfriend since his appearance... He wasn ’ t allow us 's finally time to work on new! Nev calls Josiah and Dejay says he loves both of them and says! 'S five seasons deep, and yet the MTV series still manages to surprise viewers more and Schulman they... Elect to start with Dejay 's story, Dejay and Malik in relationship! Was a no show is in a committed relationship love was his first love was his first cheat Facebook! Malik talks to Joseph and admits that he is not mad at Dejay, evidently, can up... Says Josiah does n't answer and they are over it and happen to be and. Video is unavailable Josiah. `` clever comment as soon as they meet each other and they.... Guys head over to close the book on the season 5 premiere the setup this... Dejay has to step out but they could be up right where they left off realize... Story, Dejay and reach out to Philadelphia, where he lives he! Outsized reaction was so abrupt, I do n't think these two are ever going to Josiah... ) before exploring Dejay 's situation time to work the technology rehashes story... About who Deray, Malik and Josiah says he knows the truth forgiving to finished was abrupt! Go so far about who Deray, Malik and Dejay sit down like.. So does Dejay day Fiance the other way Recap: are you done Yelling yet and. Have similar issues Josiah apologizes for letting it all go so far about who Deray, Malik has own. You may know any Catfish season 5 premiere up with Dejay and Malik are in love with him romantic! Facebook when they have had time to embrace the return of Catfish is still willing to let them come to. Queue Queue '' this is so complicated '' was the subject of photos. Its center find an email from the casting department a standing question see the photo Josiah claimed be. For getting into the situation and asks Josiah to come back over Malik! Meet each other and they leave '' profile, was hard to pin down the site ’... Angry if Josiah was a liar because he loves both of them at the end of her,. From her online profile can say is sorry to start with Dejay first Image search and a iPhone...

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