immigration advice service reviews

Crystal and Angela were very helpful and informative. Sales Executive (5) Case Worker (4) Administrative Assistant (2) Intern (2) Business Development Executive (1) Immigration Advice Service Reviews by Location. This shows her caring customer service which I very appreciate. She has given great advice and makes me feel better about the visa process.We haven't applied for our marriage visa yet because we still have time, but Houri made me feel more calm about what is needed in the future. My son application were delayed and i asked to write complain, he asked another £250 to write complain.They are very tricky to charge you extra money. He did not give time what was agreed at the time of deal. © 2020 Trustpilot A/S. And simon seams gentleman and good but very slow to respond And answer the calls. Immigration Advice Service Reviews 263 • Excellent . We were getting an update from IAS after 4 years. I had a great experience working a solution for my student visa application with Dina Modi. I would recommend IAS and Dina's services to somebody who has legal issues with immigration rights.Many thanks. but after an initial conversation Uche our minds were set at ease. Does Immigration Advice Service require pre-employment background checks? Angela is always lovely to speak to and is very helpful and understanding. ", The IAS were friendly and helpful from the moment I contacted them. IAS Review for British Citizenship Registration. Manchester City Centre, Greater Manchester, Enjoyable and demanding working enviroment. I highly recommend her! Purely because of communications with us: difficulty getting updates and assistance requested at times and was wanting, with messages/emails not responded to (we're not demanding / pushy at all I believe).The result was positive for us. I am a new customer to IAS. Laura McAvoy of the Enquiries Team and our lawyer Simon Magava were both fantastic. How many sick days do you get per year? When I need further help, IAS will be my first port of call.My impression is that IAS are respected by the Government authorities involved as there was no questioning or problems with documentation submitted.The process is not cheap, but a lot of work was required at times and I believe the work was of a high quality, and the cost was fair.Why not 5 stars? Advice from Jason Griffiths, Immigration Lawyer, Friendly, comfortable appointment for Spouse Visa, Thanks IAS / Saimah for your work with my successful LTR application. I wasn't convinced it would be granted as I heard that spouse visas are very hard to get. Very well explained, very helpful and very knowledgeable and helped me out efficiently. As a result, my trust and confidence has greatly increased with today's experience and I feel so reassured with this advice service. She tried to understand me even though my english isn't good enough. She tried to understand me even though my english isn't good enough. My experience with IAS was great from start to finish. Are you for real? Saimah, the immigration lawyer I worked with, was particularly excellent. Kind Regards, Sam, Dear Javed, Thank you for your feedback. Was really happy with the advice I was given. They were also supposed to send me a written advice after the session was over and to answer all my follow up questions in the next 7 days after the session. © 2020 Trustpilot A/S. I sent an email to the company showing my case, they were not able to look at the email the day they called me, they didn't know what was happening in my case, they spoke to me on the phone 5 min and asked for £ 900 to help me.This company is playing with people's lives.I want my money back. I was very happy with my experience with Kate. Incredibly helpful and insightful. They were also supposed to send me a written advice after the session was over and to answer all my follow up questions in the next 7 days after the session. I must say AVOID THIS COMPANY. For the first time after struggling to find a company or a solicitor who truly understood our situation and understood how to help us - I was reassured that they could help and I had the pleasure of working with Clare Dunne. Very happy with my experience and would definitely recommend. I would recommend both Lola and IAS to those needing a similar service. How do you even lose a vital document sent to you thru email and how convenient that only the passport biopage was the only one lost of all the documents sent?I honestly don't think what you are doing now is really fair and professional. My experience with IAS (Immigration Advice Service) in general and my immigration lawyer, Mrs. Iza Augusto, in particular definitely warrants a five-star rating! The written account of our discussion with Irfan was extremely useful, and we think we now have a clearer idea of the visa/immigration path that lies ahead.

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