ijkl vs wasd

Mainly because I've heard people expressing that WASD is very odd for them and many of my RL playtesters (AKA "Younger Cousins And Friends Who Came Over To My House") would keep reaching for the arrow keys until I told them WASD was an option. I like to control my little dude on the game with WASD. Press J to jump to the feed. WASD, but I can use either no problem. One key for each finger (Shift,Z,X,C,Space) isn't a stupid way to see things, and it can even be expanded to the keys that are right on to of them. So overall I'm going with WASD. This is a hard choice because Wasd keys are better for games like side scrolling shooters that require you to reload(R key), and switch between weapons (numbers or Q & E). In terms of control schemes for platformers, you should play some of them again and see how they do. 130 posts. Actually... that's not the main thing I made this thread for. I bind all of my movements and actions to Keyboard only (like default KB control of Dynasty Warriors titles, WASD for Moving, FHTG for Left/Right/Up/Down camera, IJ for Light/Heavy attack, E for Dodging, Shift for Block), and fine with it, completed the game and now on 2nd playthrough at hardest diff. Posted June 22, '10 5:25pm America/New_York. Arrows because it's separate to the rest of the keys. back in my OG Counterstrike times i was all arrow keys and was very good with it. WASD, and people who use QWEASD boggle me, especially in WoW. GameMaker Studio is designed to make developing games fun and easy. I would like to bring up another important thing: key bindings and short cuts: Having your left hand over WASD enables you to easily use “typical” keys like space, CTRL, shift, tab and esc. ~~Why WASD Is Outdated and the Benefits of Using TFGH!~~ This is guide to becoming a better wow player! Arrow keys cause it's more comfy for me. Wasd vs Ijkl - Introduceți 2 cuvinte cheie și dați click pe butonul 'Fight !'. the S is not directly under the w and that really messes with me. Anything other than WASD is some freaky cannibal shit. Is there something in the way the arrow keys work that set them apart from the rest of the keyboard keys? Câștigătorul este acela care are cea mai bună vizibilitate pe Google. analytics and serving ads. ima clicker, i prefer the WSAD keys but thats what ive used since i start computer games so the arrows are just kinda awkward. JavaScript is disabled. WASD Keys are basically for people who use their right hand to use the mouse. try and press more than two arrow keys at a time and it stops. This subreddit is not designed for promoting your content and is instead focused on helping people make games, not promote them. If the game has WASD, I don't mind. Arrow keys, I'm lefty. Get to act all cool and different on gaming forums. But that's maybe going further than 'just' platformer controls... AND doesn't necessarily fit your game design, or your players target :/. which is why I'm curious and since I didn't get to ask earlier I'm gonna ask now- is there any sort of advisory or info about the arrow keys regarding this kind of thing happening? I think WASD is better for games involving more keys (E, Q, numbers, mouse...) while Arrow keys are best used alone. I'm right handed so using the mouse and such I like to use my right hand, so using the arrow keys especially on a laptop become really awkward. I don't have enough keys near my fingers AS IT IS for all the billions of spells and hotkeys I want available at a moment's notice. Falcon4415. this is my first post, and as a PC gamer I use the xbox controller for everything that isn't FPS/RPG/MOBAs, when I stop to think about it, I think that I never ever used the arrows, always used WASD. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Obviously for FPS's and stuff WASD is basically mandatory but what about, say, platform games or Puzzlers where you don't need to move the mouse? Used to prefer arrows in my younger days, but now WASD only. I prefer wasd precisely because there's a bunch of keys around them. I could always change the control configuration if possible. Like, go over the limit, and it stops acknowledging future key presses unless you let go of the previous keys, BUT, THIS DID NOT HAPPEN WITH WASD KEYS AT ALL DURING TESTING. I'm presently using WASD for movement and IJKL for various actions (J for jumping and K for killing things). I think WASD is better for games involving more keys (E, Q, numbers, mouse...) while Arrow keys are best used alone. I notice how in the interactive thing in your link it shows exactly what I observed- this shit doesn't happen about as much with WASD as much as it does with the arrow keys. defenetly arrow keys because i play on azerty keyboards not qwerty =p switching keyboard controls on old pc's is always a pain... arrow keys because i use a laptop usually and my hands aren't really small enough to use wasd. Save Cancel. Unless we are talking about space-saving/notebook keyboards, then fuck it, WASD will be the best of two worsts in most cases. But you can still press at least three WASD keys while those are pressed? They also often use Z,X,C keys for the left hand. I think I prefer arrow keys - I like to feel the reverse T shape. Merc'd. I kinda feel dumb now because I FORGOT about using Z,X and C and those might make better sense as alts than CTRL,ALT and SHIFT. It depends on how many keys I need for my other hand to play the game effectively. Arrows for games that don't use the mouse. WASD because i'm use to it more than the arrow keys. For lefties, you feel having greater keyboard precision with your left hand is better, and for games like this, I’d agree. What does that mean? For non-FPS games, you say? It's a mechanical problems that lies with keyboards : keyboard ghosting. WASD I just end up hitting other keys around them and not getting very far. For example Raze or The Last Stand's. offline. Report. Had my jump on my right mouse button, weapons on the mouse wheel, shoot on left mouse. I like WASD keys as I control my mouse with my right hand. The Arrow keys are for people who use their left hand to use the mouse. Farmer. I even use shift and control in combination with the keys near my hand, and seven buttons on my mouse. The debate on controller vs KB/M for PC gamers, and the other debate on WASD vs 8426 for lefties, are both really just a matter of personal preference. Arrows, ever since Quake III, the first PC game I really owned and got into.

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