how to hang axe head

The baking soda idea is a really good idea, don't need it with the gas tanks but that's because of the gas lol Nice instructional tho!!! If that's true this axe could be pretty old! - If the handle is too large to fit in the eye of the axe head carefully sand it down until it fits. You are an excellent teacher. Balance, angle, flexibility, length, weight, and diameter combine for the perfect hang. Use a large wooden mallet to strike the bottom of the handle squarely and fi rmly. Wetterlings Backwoods Ax measures 16″ long. these tools have to bee personalized. Longer handles (36″) for felling and chopping large timber, shorter for lighter work. Good job pointing the grain direction, and wood part out. If the handle is really dirty or has been out in the weather, then hand sand the handle until smooth. What was the protective layer you applied to the axe head to deter further oxidation? And then took the piece of square stock over to the band saw and began cutting out the shape of the ax handle. I leave about 1/8″ to 1/4″ above the head. Check out all the other value-adding Prepper Sites while you’re there. You will have to hang the head on the eye until it is seated, then tap it back off of the eye, examine the rub marks on the eye of the handle, then remove a little more material until you get nice even rub patterns from the axe head. This might work for some warped handles, but it’s a time extensive process with varying results. Too abrasive really. If you are repeating this project, be very careful not to accidentally cut away too much material. Once I was satisfied with the pattern of the rub marks, I took the handle over to the bandsaw and cut a slot into the eye for the wedge. It needs to sit on the shoulder of the new handle. It doesn’t bother ne, but I worry if this is dangerous to use, because it is a heavy head. Tradition matters! - Remove the axe head from the vinegar and dry it off. After I little more finish sanding on the fawns foot, I applied boiled linseed oil to the handle as a finish. Be careful not to take too much off though. There are plenty of oils out there. - The edges of the poll (the "back" of the axe head, see image 3) were pretty dinged up so I filed them down until they were smooth and flush with the sides of the axe head. There're probably better things to use, but it's what I had on hand. If gathering wood from the ground, avoid cutting into bark that contains sand, rocks and grit. To avoid warped handles, never stack heavy objects on top of the axes or store an axe leaning against a wall. Lost Boys Grow Meat in the Ground, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. Applied to latex gloves and spread on the haft. After sanding down the rough shape, I moved over to hand sanding the handle down to 220 grit. It's awesome to see other people restoring shit instead of buying cheaper made new tools ;) you'll feel like you did something and it'll last twice as long if not long enough to pass down to your youngins instead of buying new every time you turn around. – You can also connect with us on Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, and our Facebook page. To combat rust I coated the axe head with Rustoleum polyurethane meant to protect metal. – Ben Franklin. Saw it off near the bottom of the ax-head. Including a 120 y/o mint broad axe .Very satisfying and manly. Using an axe poll as a hammer can distort the eye and cause the head to loosen or crack. First, remove the old handle. But with hand-forged axe heads the eye, or hole, formed by hand and eye, is always more or less different. Everything else looks correct. - Slide the end of the handle into the eye of the axe head as much as you can. Turn the ax-head upside down and drive the old wood out through the top of the eye. I've got some hammers and a small sledge hammer that need work. - Plastic container (with a lid) that is big enough to hold your axe head, - Sandpaper in various grits; I used 120, 220 and 400, - Something that will protect the axe head from rust. Place the file on the far end of the blade at around a 30-degree angle. I highly recommend” a axe to grind” on you tube. they might become damaged by different usage. on Introduction. In which case you’ll want to remove the handle before soaking, or risk damaging the handle. The adze and froe picutred were found at antique stores. For more information on how to care and maintain your Hults Bruk axe, check out our instructionals on how to select a new Hults Bruk axe handle, and how to hang an axe handle. Question: Do you want to be known as the woodsman with a well-hung cutting tool? So does performance. The ax-head will leave marks on the wood showing you how much wood to remove for proper seating. Using an axe as a hammer or splitting wedge can mushroom the poll (back of the axe head). As for the durability, well, they don't make 'em like they used to! Saw it off near the bottom of the ax-head. I’ve found better priced tools at estate and yard sales. Like how to properly re-handling an ax. A dull or chipped axe is both ineffective and dangerous. Once it is dry clamp it in the vise. Let me know what you find. Drive a metal wedge small enough to expand the wood without splitting the handle. For the second handle, I chose a belt sander to sand down the roughed out shape to the near finished shape.

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