eureka zane and jo first kiss

He got up too and took her hand, leading her back to her car. She wanted to get to know him too because he was a little different than the other Zane, but he was slowly becoming her Zane. Of course I took some of the pictures in your apartment." He turned to look at her. "Well, so much for our dinner date.". She'll be able to use it against any of us if we don't find her and keep her quiet." You had my grandmother's engagement ring, Jo. I don't want to hurt her Zane." "Fair enough. "We did have a better second date, right?" Title: With Colin Ferguson, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Joe Morton, Erica Cerra. He joked back. "When I first met Lupo, I'd thought about it and even asked her out. She asked him. He pulled the ring out of his pocket and handed it to her. "I didn't and don't hate you Jo. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Thanks for understanding Zoe." I couldn't get the idea for this story out of my head. "Wow, this is so familiar and yet I can see a few differences.". She looked up at him and nodded. She took it better than I thought she would. "Where are we going then?". "He's really Doctor Trevor Grant, the co founder of Eureka with Einstein in 1947. You start looking through these and I'll get the rest." She put the car in drive and started to drive down the street when Zane stepped in front of the car. Carter and Jo try out Zane's new high-powered risk assessment system, but find that even it may not be a match for the dangerous level of competition among Eureka's scientists. He asked. "Sure, I'd love it. I thought we've been having fun together. Zane asked as he sat down next to Jo and Allison. Jo’s (Erica Cerra) inadvertent slip when she threw his grandmother’s engagement ring at him helped put the pieces together: this was not the same Jo that he had known; this was a different Jo from a time when they had meant something to each other. You had my grandmother's engagement ring, Jo. "Really? "Why don't you start with Founder's Day. He told her as they pulled up to his place. Yeah, I know, weird. She said as she shivered and got off of the boulder. "No, it wasn't Carter's food. "Yeah, I'd be willing to see what happens too.". What were we to each other in your time line?". There's a moment, maybe one second, maybe three, maybe five, where you're figuring each other out. "I think that would be a great idea." "I still secretly hoped that she'd change her mind and accept them. "Um, I have something I need to tell all of you. I mean he gave it to you with love and I have no right to take it away." He decided he was going to wait for her to talk before he started asking questions. She told him. She frowned at him and he wasn't sure why. "Just remember, you can't tell anyone what I told you and we can't talk about it in town around anyone. She told him about all the differences between the two time lines she's noticed so far, and how he'd become an upstanding and well respected member of the community. She knew that this wasn't over yet. "Yeah, well not your place. "Sounds good to me." Jo looked up and saw Zane and Zoe standing in front of Cafe Diem talking to one another. You stormed out before I could say anything else, leaving your ring in my hand.". Thanks for reading, please review. She didn't look at him as she drove. "But you do feel that way about someone, don't you Zane? Zane smiled at her and walked over to the passenger door and opened it. "For starters, you can tell me what we were to each other, and why that kiss didn't feel like a first kiss." He asked her. "Good, let's keep it that way.". They drove back to town where Jo parked near Cafe Diem. She asked him, trying to act like her heart wasn't pounding a hundred miles and hour. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. "You never know Jo. "Are you sure? He said as he let her get into the car. But then he started changing, like you've been doing. "So, what do we do about it now?" He smiled. "No, he's a jerk, just not as self centered." "Yeah, our second date was a lot better." She said. "Calm down Fargo, you're attracting too much attention over here.". Jo reminded him. She said, almost like she could read his mind. I kept all of them boxed up until we started dating." "Make that just Andy. "I told you I kept them. "Nope, not going to happen. He realized she was teasing him and laughed with her. Jo added. "I don't know, maybe. Vincent She said, stalling. "I wanted so badly to tell you what was going on, but you hated me." "Jo, are you okay?". He said as he helped her with the clasp on the necklace. You must follow the Privacy Policy and Google Terms of use. "So, Fargo and Claudia Donovan, huh?" Bottom line: watchable episode, but not one that will keep you in your seat. After the town’s eccentric inhabitants unleash a scientific creation still unknown to the outside world, Carter steps in to restore order and consequently is let in on one of our country’s best-kept secrets. What if you didn't pick out the same ones that the other Zane did?" They all laughed and talked a little while longer, before getting up and saying good night, and going their separate ways. Thanks you two. She replied. She got out of the car before he could speak and headed for the overlook, that had become their spot in the other time line. "Did he say where he was going?" He suggested. What about Andy, was he head of GD security?" I guess the other me was a pretty good guy. Glimpse gave us a solid crisis of the week which was reminiscent of Minority Report (2002) with a personal twist. "We're not interrupting anything are we?" It ended up being something one of Zoe's friends made and brought." "To tell you the truth, I really don't know. The Department of Defense was shutting down Eureka, so he bought it and Global Dynamics. "Goodnight Zane. She was ashamed to tell him, but she'd promised to tell him all that she could. "So, I took advantage of a sick woman?" "Okay, I just worry about her cause she's like the little sister I never had." I've only gotten to know you since Founder's Day and I'm already falling for you Jo Jo." "I guess so, that's what Allison and Henry think.". "I just have a lot of memories of these." "Oh calm down Fargo, I won't say a word to anyone not at this table." Zane and Zoe were crossing the street heading for Cafe Diem when he saw Jo sitting in her car looking lost. Are you sure he wasn't boring?" She sat down on a boulder and folded her legs under her. He laughed when she told him that. Allison asked him. Fargo wasn't the head of GD, Allison was, and Kevin in our time line was autistic. "No, Zane you took care of me. It was only a matter of time before he came looking for her and demanded more answers about their involvement. For now, this one is still perfect <3 "Everything I can Zane, I promise." That's when I noticed the change in the five of you." She shrugged. He said, not waiting for her to answer. This might look a lot different than Zane's place from the other time line. He nodded. "Listen Zoe, I need to talk to you.". I'll remake when I find a picture from the actual scene. He asked her as they walked. He answered. She pulled out onto the road. Carter interrupted us and you took my silence as a no. "How long did it take him to tell you he loved you?". Zane took her hand under the table and gave it a squeeze. He buckled up and looked at her. She told him. She said. "Well, you proposed to me, but I froze and was never able to answer you. Jack said. Zane promised. That was the ring you gave me." Directed by Michael Robison. When she opened it, tears came to her eyes as she remembered her modeling this pair for Zane. He closed her hand around the ring and held it that way. He then went around the car to get in himself. "It took about a year for him to tell me, and I said it first." He needed to get to know her a little more before she was ready to take the next step with him. It has to mean something if my heart isn't breaking, doesn't it?" (turns to leave) (Zane grabs Jo and kisses her.) "Like a first date? Well you weren't gone, but I couldn't talk to you about my problems, mostly my problems with you." Jack replied. ", She smiled at him and let him take her hand as they walked the rest of the way to Cafe Diem. "You thought about our first date before today?" He was already too suspicious. They decided to go and join them since Jo figured it was the perfect time to let them know that she'd told Zane everything. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Ever since Founder's Day, there was something about you that I couldn't put my finger on. Was this review helpful to you? He asked instead, looking at her. She said nervously. She explained. Grant left town today with a new id and a new life ahead of him." (25 Jul 2011). Then when you got here and I thought that she's changed, I thought about it again." He watched her drive away and knew that he'd do anything to keep her secret about the other time line. "I'd agree with you if it didn't happen to us, but it did. Finally, it was time for her to leave...even though she didn't want to. "Yeah, but it was a few months before I let him see me in the lingerie. I thought you cared about me." I may not answer every review I get, but I do appreciate all of them. Our first date didn't end well in the other time line." He asked. He said as he looked over her shoulder at Jo still sitting in her car. Carter and Tess Fontana had broken up and she was working in Australia. "Yeah Zane?" She explained. Your review has been posted. "But it's your grandmother's ring Zane. I'd dated someone who turned out to be a robot, then there was Tag, then you. "So, we're engaged in the other time line? We have a lot to talk about, and you're stuck with me until we get a few things settled.". "I think so. "You keep these safe for me and I'll let you know when I'm ready to use them." He replied with that smirk on his face again. They'd reached her car by this time and he opened her door for her, but wouldn't let her get in yet. "Actually, I'm not sure we are." "Well, like I said Andy and Grant are the only other two people in town who know." She explained. I still don't own Eureka or the characters. He said. She replied as he got into the car and she started the engine. I gotta go. Discover what to watch this November including a Marvel docu-series, a '90s reboot, and a Star Wars holiday celebration. How did it happen?" ", He nodded at her. He said as he leaned forward and put his elbows on his knees. For years, the government has been relocating the world’s geniuses (and their families) to the bucolic Pacific Northwest town of Eureka, where daily life straddles the line between unprecedented innovation and total chaos.

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