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For once, you shouldn’t feel guilty about endless scrolling. The two payment methods accepted on Depop are Classic and Wallet (check fees above). The way you choose to receive payment can also incur charges. “Evening uploads every day, 15+ items and ideally more – and a good mix of price points and styles for everyone” is a good place to start. So whatever unwanted items you find hiding at the back of your wardrobe, they’re most likely worth selling on Depop. If you see an item you’re sure you want to buy simply hit the ‘buy’ button and it all flows pretty easily from there. 5 Signs That Show The Need To Replace Double Glazing. Make sure to add a picture of yourself and fill out the profile, both of which will help to increase trust amongst potential customers. What can’t you sell? It’s also a fun place to hang out where people can like, share and comment on items. If you are facing a problem You can contact Depop executives. Harry Adorian uploads “once a week, usually on a Thursday evening, or just before payday” to service people when they can afford it. It’s worth having a scroll through the ‘Explore’ page to see which kinds of images are most popular so you can get a feel for the site. But fear ye, not Depop is not the spawn of the latest reality TV music competition but rather a method for you to make and save money. There is a strong community spirit on the platform as it’s not just about buying and selling, though of course this plays an essential role. Take care when choosing a background for your photos, pick a background that complements the items you’re selling and isn’t too distracting. Fee Breakdown: - 10% Depop fee As a seller, Depop runs a lot of preferential seller offers that reduce the fees to list products. but listing an item is free, so if your item doesn’t sell you don’t have to pay a penny. PayPal Fees. The idea here is that you’ve provided a selection for visitors once they’ve hit your profile. Being consistent seems to work for @101vintagestore too. Third Floor, The Union, Albert Square, Manchester M2 6LW, © Copyright 2020 Limited | VAT Number: 186 0095 02 | Registration Reference: 07082684. To compare parcel prices and choose from a wide range of national and international delivery options, use the handy comparison service on My Parcel Delivery to get a quick quote. If you don’t work and you sell on Depop as a hobby business, you don’t pay Income Tax on profit less than £12,500 each tax year. Nice messages, be responsive, be understanding and be patient.’ @101vintagestore owner Kirsty – who boasts over 29,000 followers – agrees, saying she “values customer service highly” which has led to lots of repeat customers. Depop Fees Calculator. Once you’re inside the app you can scroll through photographs much like Instagram, you can also follow profiles when you find a person who has a style you admire. This is obviously a massive benefit to those with a large inventory and want to find ways to cut costs. Their fees are something to bear in mind when selling on the platform as it looks like they can be quite hefty. This payment method is only available to selected UK sellers, but it will soon be available to everyone. before and after fees for those who struggle to work it out... - Sold by @jesswaterhouse Talking to customers can also help to build up a rapport, and since Depop is all about community, this can help you turn customers into return customers! Depop takes 10% of your total transaction (see clarification below for more details) and then there is the PayPal fee of 2.9% +.30, so that is the cost to sell on Depop. And follow Adorian’s lead and encourage your buyer to do the same if they’re looking to sell something. Million of people Are now a user of  Depop. Getting to know your customer helps you to know that you are selling to a reliable person. These should be taken in natural daylight and include more than one picture for each item. Think Instagram but with items for sale instead of just to admire. “Everyone seems to look to sell the big brands and loud items at high prices, but we can’t all afford a £100 sweatshirt. However, you can up your chances by ensuring that your product is framed clearly so it’s easy to digest on the first glance. The market on Depop is much generally younger and cooler.”. If you’ve been knocking around social media during the past few months you may well have seen Depop mentioned and thought the names of modern bands had finally gone from strange to truly err…crap. You also need to take the time to work out how much shipping will cost you. If you can, stay as sustainable as the clothes you’re shipping by packaging them in biodegradable or recyclable packing. Please note that around 11/2019 Depop also starting to roll out there own payment processing Depop payments and the transaction fee is the same as PayPal of 2.9% +.30. For the buyer, one of the pros is dealing with people of a similar age and not a faceless organisation that just wants more money. He’s built a following of 10,000 people so far and prefers using Depop to sell his clothes over other sites. What do you think so far? Depop’s example is thus: Buy clothes at a knocked down price or hunt for designer pieces without paying the original price. Once an item has been sold and you have sent it to the customer, make sure you provide proof of postage, such as a tracking number in a private message, to assure the buyer that their item is on the way. Treat your Depop store like an Instagram feed – your pictures will be the key to making sales. To start listing an item simply tap the “sell” button and take a picture or choose from your library.Then add your description (make it clear and accurate including colour, size, fabric, condition etc.) Depop makes it easy to complete the entire sale process via the Depop app, so there’s no need to move to a laptop or desktop computer. 8. Ideally, your photo should be taken in daylight, laid out nicely, with a simple background and with someone wearing the piece. Others enjoy knowing that they’re helping the seller, who, quite often, is getting rid of unwanted clothes to tide them over until payday, rather than build a business. but listing an item is free, so if your item doesn’t sell you don’t have to pay a penny. Hmmm let’s go with Instagram meets eBay with a healthy splash of a jumble sale. Streetwear seller Koye (@mojokojo) says that the evening (between 7-9pm) is the perfect time for selling, and pretty much everyone agrees. This will help make your products as attractable as possible. Then sign up for an account; you can do this with your Facebook account or with email. Of course, reselling is nothing new – eBay has been around for what seems like forever, and sites like StockX, which lets users resell hard-to-get products, have received huge backing in recent years. inc. Postage/Shipping cost. You can list items you want to sell through your profile page. Don’t see it is a bad thing – price your products realistically and you’ll create more demand than by starting too high and scaring people off. The key to selling your garment is to make sure the photo is a good one – not one grabbed from the internet unless you own the picture. Harry Adorian (@adorjan) is one such person. You can also try offering a discount for anybody who buys multiple items – you’ll be saving money on delivery costs and it could just help clinch that sale. If you’re struggling to sell individual items, it’s worth seeing if any items can be sold together as a bundle instead. Your efforts shouldn’t stop as soon as the money hits your PayPal account. eBay obviously do this too, but it’s worth knowing Depop’s commission rates aren’t flat year-round. On top of the Depop sales charge, you must also factor in the Paypal charge. Depop Are Working Generation of Generation. Depop’s example is thus: You sell an item for £40; The Depop fee would be £4 By continuing to use this site, you consent to the privacy policy and cookie policy of My Parcel Delivery, and agree to the use of cookies by My Parcel Delivery and its partners. As the Depop app is free to download and there’s no fee to list items for sale, however when you’ve made a sale Depop will take a 10% commission (including shipping costs). Think of your page as a physical store – you wouldn’t bank on one piece working for everyone, so give options and be willing to package them into a deal should someone be interested in purchasing more than one piece. In the evening, you have a captive audience of people back from work and school and are most likely scrolling. The way you choose to receive payment can also incur charges. I’m selling old things on Depop. Currency Recieved. On top of the Depop sales charge, you must also factor in the Paypal charge. Be Clever With Timings. Be warned, prices tend not to be boot sale prices, especially for vintage pieces but there are some great bargains to be had and I’ve recently picked up a few nice winter bits and bobs at really great prices. UPDATED TOTAL COST + POSTAGE - 13.9% - 30p = FINAL PRICE Depop fees calculator. Adorian claims it’s one of the key things that sets his shop apart. All right reserved. Unlike eBay you don’t bid on items in an auction-style set up, instead, the seller sets a price and whilst some sellers are fairly rigid in their pricing you are able to haggle via private messaging but play fair and keep to the community spirit by not pushing your luck nor angering the seller with persistent reduction requests if they have already said no. “eBay is such a big market for all ages and all countries, which makes it much harder to find trends. When you’re not listing your unwanted gear, hunt around different communities on the site and follow profiles selling pieces similar to your own. However, if you want to ask a few questions it’s worth private messaging the seller – I did this recently and they kindly measured a piece I was unsure of. This will also help you get to the ‘explore’ page, which places your products in front of thousands of potential buyers.

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