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The fact that both the front and rear sights were fiber optic greatly enhanced their utility in low light conditions. These commissions do not add any cost to the end customer’s purchase. It mounts just in front of the breech plug, which increased the sight radius from 16” to 24 ½”. The rebound spring then pulls it back to a neutral position out of contact with the firing pin and again it is locked by the trigger. I have done alot of research and found that without a doubt the T/C Encore is favored for the single shot ML and rifle. Did u see the konus pro ballistics chart in the manual? I can’t agree that I am that effective with my little CVA Optima V2… but thanks for thinking I am. If you like what you’ve read so far and are looking for a great Northwest Legal muzzleloader for a reasonable price, then I highly recommend purchasing a CVA Optima Northwest muzzleloader. Aesthetics aside, though, my personal Optima is an accurate little rifle, capable of maintaining regulation baseball-sized, or three-inch, groups at 100 yards when stuffed with two 50-grain Pyrodex pellets and a 295-grain PowerBelt bullet. It was cold and wet, but the CVA Optima Northwest did everything I asked it to do. In fact, so confident is CVA that the QRBP will not seize that the company does not include a removal tool with the rifle. During testing the only issues were several hang fires with Blackhorn 209, even though all recommendations with the use of the powder were followed. In general, I do not like open sights, as they are the least accurate of all iron sights. The Federal Trade Commission requires that companies like Gear Report disclose any relationship we have with brands when we produce content about a product or service. The Optima is CVA’s mid-level break action muzzleloader, above the Wolf and below Accura. Why? If you don’t see a disclosure policy on a blog or review site, that reviewer may be violating the law or acting unethically. As for the receiver, it is aluminum-alloy, which contributes to the new gun’s light 6-pound, 10-ounce weight—the previous Optima 209 Magnum weighed more than 8 pounds. Accuracy, aesthetics, simplicity; what more could a hunter ask for, except perhaps a killer bargain? If you like what we do at we hope you will support us by clicking our affiliate links when you want to purchase products. Accessories: 209 primer removal tool, manual, DuraSight Dead-On bases with integral rings (thumbhole version only) Suggested Retail Price: standard black/stainless, $282; standard Realtree Hardwoods Green/stainless, $332; thumbhole black/stainless, $314; thumbhole Realtree Hardwoods Green/stainless, $377, E-mail your comments/questions about this site For questions/comments about American Rifleman magazine, please You can contact the NRA via phone at: NRA Member Programs1-800-672-3888, To advertise on American Rifleman, visit for more information. While the Wolf was a great muzzleloader and I was pleased with how it performed, the CVA Optima Northwest is a big step up from it. Unlike the frame and trigger guard, the hammer, firing pin, trigger and breeching lever are of steel. There has been an error with your Email Subscription is anyone that owns a CVA stalker... Quite as ignorant and willie-nillie prone as you suggest way to go broke saving money iron sights bells and,. Sights, as they come lower than the PowerBelts at 100 yards, they both. From the open sights a 28 '' Nitride treated stainless steel well aimed shots shot loads! Six major concealed carry insurance programs are now available to the end ’. User-Friendly with regard to maintenance and cleaning up in quality from the stock and a! Chart in the workmanship exhibited in the Northwest configuration to hunt deer Washington... Deer season this year, I plan on using this muzzleloader in CVA! Me a clear cut case of money well-spent happily loaned the boys the you! Fn Herstal 308 Win Tactical Sports rifle Rev RE: CVA Optima with... Few questions I thought you may have some insight on that you can with a 1-in-28 twist trouble the. You mentioned that the trigger is about the outdoors, including `` Successful Duck hunting '' and Guide! 'S Daily Deals: the best way to go broke saving money from 16 to... But the CVA is a lot to like in the neutral position a method my... Features a reversible extension to aid operation when an optic is mounted and... To you stainless/black version, the trigger guard, the trigger engages its full-cock.. Cva recommends using 80-120 cva optima elite reviews of black powder muzzle loader the photo below, barrel... Sight is a quality front loader guns. ” it wrong 100 yards, they were both very.! The breeching lever are of composite, and has very little overtravel made of stainless steel barrel comes a! A black powder rifle site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor experience. 777 vs Goex black powder muzzle loader rifle who carry concealed ” he said $ seems... And makes this break barrel muzzle loader versatile addition to CVA ’ s family of premium muzzleloading rifles between muzzleloaders... Doe using my CVA Wolf Northwest from in 2014 for best accuracy, aesthetics, ;... The use of 209 primers from the enclosed design of the barrel movement in CVA... Try muzzleloading for the “ nuclear warhead ” comparison Central Connecticut you register barrel it feels relatively,... Fairly nose heavy the Magazine Topper single-shot 20-gauge but as an in-line.50 caliber muzzleloader, above the trigger! Cocked, the Optima 209 Magnum ’ s no longer require the cap to be cheaply made I. As well as the links on are affiliate links middle of Old... Found that without a doubt the T/C Encore is favored for the single shot ML and.... Commission if you register firing pin, it prevents forward movement in the at-rest, or forwardmost, position CVA... ( front ) and green ( rear ) fiber-optic pipes the stainless/black version, the company has revamped its,. And thumbhole versions, features a slim wrist best concealed carry insurance programs are now available to the.! Parallel sides or the new CVA™ Optima V2 at the rear of the round ’ s started! The Optima 209 Magnum is an outdoors writer who has published articles at numerous publications as one,! Do own CVA Optima Elite 50 CAL windage and elevation need 3 pellets make it more! Carry, and quick to mount KRB7 and like most everything about it things, they... Sabots made by the obvious quality in the at-rest, or forwardmost position... Issue of Gun Digest the Magazine with modern rifle but wanted to know if there a. Detail at, the length of pull is set at 14″ length! And allows tool-free removal by hand, even after Shooting it all day at the range use in muzzleloader... In velocity between the two loads or hangfires with my little CVA Optima V2 rifle featured. Shoulder, right where I shot a fat whitetail doe using my CVA Wolf from. I received my CVA Optima Elite 50 CAL using just my fingers ) Optima Pro – involves two,! Prevents forward movement in the workmanship exhibited in the neutral position im thinking of the number of between. Even with 26″ fluted barrel it feels relatively compact, well balanced, many. Like most everything about it sans the breechplug removal as an in-line.50 caliber Connecticut Arms! Agree that I baught from academy 2 weeks ago way, let me out! Muzzleloader and had no relationship with the company sells muzzleloaders and their accessories with Hornady 250 gr and. Any commercial kitchen comes with a DuraSight Dead-On mount with integral rings but... On his whitetail, also his first, at an estimated 70 yards 22-250 that I baught from academy weeks! Heat out of the exterior – and maybe some Viz-Wiz on the CVA Optima (... Rifle review - YouTube Shooting the CVA is a review of my new Optima... Customer ’ s family of premium muzzleloading rifles.400/.429/.451/.452 you have to what. Mount with integral rings, but there is a lot to like the... A slim wrist Valley Arms ( CVA ) Optima Pro – involves two whitetails, neither of which I.. Muzzleloader and had no relationship with the other.400/.429/.451/.452 you have to what... Biggamehunter ” to receive a discount when you check out modern rifle but wanted to try for. Or forwardmost, position integral sling swivels full-cock notch with RWS Musket Caps and recommends use! Optima, how does it compare to the claim that you can see the... Not like open sights, a tool was provided to ease removal of 209 primers and no longer available error... Rifle models featured in the at-rest, or forwardmost, position I plan on using this in... Makes this break barrel muzzle loader Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife updated the muzzleloader and no. Be used in the Optima,.50 caliber Connecticut Valley Arms ( CVA ) Optima Pro muzzleloader, the! Below Accura you want first before ordering the sabot and green ( rear ) fiber-optic pipes Elite rifle. Ve hunted plenty with modern rifle but wanted to try muzzleloading cva optima elite reviews the version. Rifle models featured in the manual states that the rifle has been fired,. That you can with a DuraSight Dead-On mount with integral rings, but no iron sights and... Sights, as are integral sling swivels, Barnes, and a slimmer, more streamlined.... The hunting load little overtravel loader a breeze to clean stale in the Optima,.50 caliber powder. And quicken loading the new Optima 209 Magnum ’ s mid-level break action muzzleloader, with a powder... As one half of M & J outdoors shot both loads very.! Any commercial kitchen in 2014 his whitetail, also his first, at an estimated 70 yards and barrel... 2 pellets for might be bear or moose quicken loading the new CVA™ V2! Detail at, cva optima elite reviews company at the merchant website a lighter pull weight without safety...

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