black moon cosmetics review

Join the Howl of the Pack today by subscribing! Black Moon Cosmetics First Impressions and Review. Whenever I wear green on my lips I always have heads turning so be prepared for that. I personally love anything ombre and I love how the actual color of the lipstick peeks out at the bottom. In a world of sub-par liquid lipsticks, this is a blessing from the beauty gods. The tip is rounded, but both sides are flat. The moonlighters come in super cute container with bright blue jelly fish, neon shrooms, and galaxy background. I bought this in the shade Haunting, thinking it would be a deep, warm mauve/nude, because that's what the BMC website and ULTA both depicted in the photos. The entire arm of swatches dried in under two minutes, and washed clean with an oil cleanser — no scrubbing required. The applicator is a little longer and it’s flat and straight in comparison to the lip applicators I usually use, but it doesn’t bother me, it’s still easy to apply the lipstick to lips. Finding that they were on sale I jumped at the opportunity to snag a bunch! These lipsticks have a vanilla cake smell, it’s nothing to over powering though, and I personally love it when lipsticks smell sweet like that. This color is so unique and it’s more wearable in comparison to the others (although all these colors are head turners so be prepared for all the attention!) And yes, this is on slightly tanned (fake tanner) skin that’s still in the fair category and looks like I never got any sun. (Just as every brand states the lipstick won’t last if you’re eating something with a lot of oils so you may have to redo your lips in that case, just something to keep in mind). Practically, that means all your Black Moon colors will remain absolutely IMMACULATE — bold, bright, beautiful. This color is so beautiful especially if you have green in your eyes (like me) it will really bring out the green in your eyes. Each lipstick is $18.00 and the whole collection is $80.00 which is discounted from $92.00, so you save a little bit of money buying the collection. Black Moon Cosmetics has a liquid to matte Black Metals line, which is the ONLY metallic liquid lipstick formula I have ever truly loved. So everyone is invited to the ~dark and mysterious~ lipstick party. If I want a super dark, streak-free oxblood? There's a goth queen-approved beauty brand that makes liquid lipsticks SO AMAZING, I've given up on every other tube I own. Yeah. Even though they are matte they don’t dry out your lips so that’s a plus because who wants dried, cracked looking lips anyways? This color was kind of streaky and you have to work with it to get full opacity, but this is usually the case with purple pigment in makeup whether its lipstick or eyeshadow. All Black Moon Cosmetics products are vegan and cruelty free. Today I’m so excited to do my first ever first impressions and review of the brand Black Moon Cosmetics. And they for sure give you that glow from within look, and give you that almost glass like appearance. Shades, from left to right: Armageddon, Immortal, Sorrow, Selene, Genie, Sanguis, Wrath, Buried, and Sleepwalker. Black Moon Cosmetics was founded in California in 2015. I love blue lipsticks so I couldn’t wait to try this one, it’s so pretty. To start with the products come in a black box with gorgeous fantasy castle-scape which I think is incredible. Fourth is Sorrow described as, “a deep blackened blue with flecks of arctic blue.” This color matched up perfectly with the description. 5 months ago I saw the unique colors of the Black Moon Cosmetics Moonlighters range and I was immediately tempted. So, let’s get started! *Source: And when I want a mauve-y nude? I love the variety of mixing the two mediums together since I started this blog as to be a place where I could be creative and share things that I love. Black Moon's liquid lipsticks are so amazing, they have replaced EVERY other liquid lipstick I own. The formula is perfect, I can eat and drink all night without it vanishing on me, and it looks astonishingly good on every person who has ever worn it. And you know they put a lot of passion into creating the product. Sorry, you have Javascript Disabled! Or if you’re interested in picking this up. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. but in the sun it’s so reflective, the arctic blue sparkle reflects the light so well. To see this page as it is meant to appear, please enable your Javascript! Also, if you like this post, let me know in the comment section, it really helps me figure out what content you guys appreciate. If you like standing out and wearing unusual colors you will definitely love this collection. Also they smell like cranberry and oranges, it isn’t an overpowering smell but I really love it! Have you tried the Black Moon Cosmetics Moonlighters, if so which shade is your favorite? And inside the mirror isn’t just a standard mirror, there are crescent moons in each corner and little stars around the edges. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. If I want a metallic lipstick that's *actually* metallic and long-lasting? Packaging Review. Shop Lips Liquid To Mattes Black Metals™ Moon Topper™ Mini Moons™ Eyes Urban Myth Palette Cosmic Eyedust™ Orb Of Light™ Black Metal™ Vol. If I want the world's boldest, brightest, most stunning red, I look no further than Sanguis. ( Log Out /  It's not drying, and it layers beautifully under gloss for that latex look! Besides these two collections, they currently have a liquid to matte liquid lipstick line that they have been adding more colors to over the past two years. I’ve been following this brand since it launched, and today I finally had the chance to try their products. So if you're ready to up your liquid lipstick game to unfathomably great new heights — and ditch every other brand you've tried — you have to check out Black Moon. Wrath ($18, Black Moon Cosmetics) is perfect however you wear it — blotted onto lips with a finger, as I've done here, or applied straight out of the tube with the applicator. Look, I have tried some red liquid lipsticks in my life, but Sanguis ($18, Black Moon Cosmetics) is EASILY the best. That's covered. So if you love the color Androgyny but feel conflicted about Star as a personality, Wrath could be just what you need. If you’re interested in their products definitely check out Black Moon Cosmetics you won’t be disappointed! This may be an extrmely true story. And I fell in love with this color. So, throw it in your bag and be out all day and you’ll be good. They have an amazing and innovative formula and they’re so pigmented. •TEST PRODUCT• is the gunmetal of your dreams—a blackened true gunmetal. Black Moon Cosmetics gave little personal touches on every inch of the product, which I seriously love. But you can get a general idea of the colors in the picture. I’m going to give my opinion on each of the 5 lipstick shades. Third is Immortal, “a blackened purple with flecks of purple and arctic blue.” On me this color also has pink sparkles, and I love the combination of purple, pink, and arctic blue reflect. Why do they have to look so good in the tube, but so patchy on our lips?? ... Now more than ever it’s important to take a moment for ourselves. Skip to content. Not drying, not heavy, not cakey — every Black Metal shade is a pleasure to wear.

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