aura kingdom best pve class 2019

You want "the best" build/class. Try to fortify all your accessories to at least +20. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with Aura Kingdom. : ). Although, viewing your CDMG from your “Derived” Category will not portray the full CDMG you have. But if you want to carry your friend healer/support firebrand or scourge are great options, @kasoki.5180 said: What game mode? Use the left path Dark Lance Skills weapon mastery. Just some grinding to get a holy element gs. Katar is a strong melee class that have great solo ability while dishing out great damage. *Aeria translated class balance changes early, yet forgets to translate 41st floor of ST. September 25th, 2019 *Database updated for September 25th patch. EDIT: whoops, wronng section, I wanted to post in Aura Kingdom class guide section Last edited by Volkner ; 09-23-2017, 08:03 AM . The recent update also brings some new floors to the Sky Tower, a new five-player Mirabelle quest, and a new Gaia Chronicle event. Aura Kingdom New Player’s Guide by cvillejin. Whether you want to get glam or get metal, Aura Kingdom’s newest class is going to let you bring an axe of a different sort to a fight. Power Reaper 1. From a PvE perspective I can give you a list of professions sorted by how often they are requested in groups: No counters. Many dungeons have additional 84% player reduction. Top tier team carry potential.) support chrono Aura Kingdom - Lancer / Bard PVE Guide Written by O2XYGEN / Oct 19, 2019 This guide will try to show you how to play as a Dark element DPS lancer with bard subclass (or shuriken and gunslinger subclass as they will have pretty much the same build). I suppose i'll just experiment and find the profession im most comfortable with. 9th Dawn III - How to Play the Card Game (Basic Rules), Monster Hunter: World - Safi Jiva Weapons (Spreadsheet List), Red Dead Online - Bard's Crossing Treasure Map Location and Solution, The Bard's Tale IV - Lodge of the Siambra Dhu Puzzle (Destiny Wand), The Bard's Tale Trilogy - Level a Character to 50 for the Master. Shiro Herald All classes can be viable, all classes can solo. Scrapper Always have 3 Red Summons for Blood Lance - Soul Reincarnation before attacking. support druid Druid is still the go to support/healer for PUGs. A good player will likely beat a trash player playing a better class.,, October 30th, 2019 *Database updated for October 30th patch. Or they could mix all three. Ranger (Druid) as a healer. Some cards will vary amongst each class, but mostly, it is the same for almost all classes. 2. DoT (Damage over Time) ignores monster reduction completely. Fresh Air Ele All rights reserved. There is not much strategic movements. Use secret stones on all your armors with at least 2% DMG stat in each stone. Condition Mirage They require a ton of funding to get even with the recent (HS) or Broken Even After Nerfed (Rav) classes. Lava Stones in your Tachi and Shuriken with at least DMG 2%. August 22nd, 2019 *Database updated for August 22nd patch. This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. 6 . The Aura Kingdom is not a medieval fantasy game as some have said. Power Mirage everywhere tbh but maby its QQ right after they were nerf adn people were pissed. Capped CDMG is 300%. Merciless Soul Strangler in the beginning followed by some skills to get another 1 Red Summon and 1 Blue Summon. ), Guzigla’s Bloodied Tooth (below char lv.95), Delfonia’s Exquisite Earrings (Char lv.95 or above). The run down is this: [Masteries] and [Skill points] Thanks alot. I really want to get into support pve but i don’t know on which class, The choices are: If you're using crafted armors then use a Imperial Core. Points into your left path should be put into DMG, CRIT, SPD, Increased All Elemental Resistance, MSPD, and HP. If you are going for berserker/diviner gear you are going for power DPS and support. Rockstars (or Popstar or heck even Band Geek or Opera Singer) could work in some Modern, Scifi, Superhero, etc. almost every healer discussion since nerf, Druid is still the go to support/healer for PUGs. A lot of games do have them. It is only visible to you. You can mostly use your stuns on mobs, but avoid using stuns on bosses unless told to do so. These must have at least DMG 2% in each stone. Reddit posts by ''high ranked elitists'' suggests that individual player skill plays a large role in current gw2 pvp meta, thus meaning its up to each individual player to find the profession they are most comfortable with and ''git gud'' with it. A group of the best scout's will forsure have a stronger burn than the group of the best mages for example. Tachi looks the coolest, because Yasuo and samurais. Some boss need to be stunned in the beginning of the fight. Chronomancer Is there a class tier list, and if so who are concidered high tier? I decided to make a comprehensive noob friendly guide. Right before battling a boss, remember to use Soul Blade before charging into the boss room. A rockstar class would fit into this game. Holosmith, A Tier (Excellent builds with some clear weaknesses and counters that can be bypassed by skilled players) This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. Axe has solid dps, grants fury and has a great pull ability. What game mode? 0. Heal support is more like this (hastily created) Cookies help us deliver our Services. I probably should have mentioned that. All rights reserved. But with the gear we have (Lordswrath/Perfect War/Nalani’s), your CDMG should already be capped. Doesn't get better than scourge then. Desert Oasis: Rethinking the Black Desert grindspot debate, Massively Overthinking: Unpopular MMORPG opinions, The Soapbox: Sharing MMORPGs with my kids.

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