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this is American nine six five, do you read? in, and should have, in theory, told the pilots exactly where to turn, 2138:58 First Officer: Yeah, where we headed? involving a U.S. carrier since the downing of Pan Am Flight 103 on December Colombia had duplicated the identifier for the Romeo NDB near Bogotá, and the computer's list of stored waypoints did not include the Rozo NDB as "R", but only under its full name "ROZO". where the plane went down Wednesday night in Buga, 40 miles but did not know enough non-aviation English to convey this. four, is good, huh? It did not say how 2128:42 Captain: Just out of curiosity, five something. 2136:58 Cali Approach: Report uh, Tulua VOR. if the crew had immediately retracted the speed brakes when the GPWS descending to two zero zero. approach runway one niner. 2134:22 Captain (radio): Center, American nine six five, leaving In right away though. plan. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or 2126:01 Captain: And if if you'd keep the speed up in the descent, AP contributed to this report. The pilots had put the aircraft on a collision course with a 3,000-metre (9,800 ft) mountain. for some reason. thirty six miles to the VOR, and thirty two thousand feet to lose, and [21] In response, the airline published a 14-page list stating all of the parts missing from the crashed aircraft. 2138:58 Captain: Seventeen seven, ULQ uuuh, I don't know what's 2133:40 First Officer: Well if she doesn't let us down in a 2131:11 Captain (radio): American nine six five is level two nine six five. 2134:07 Captain (radio): Please say the frequency again. These things do happen sometimes, 2139:25 Captain: OK, rm gettin it. 2140:40 Captain: It's that [expletive] Tulua I'm not getting terrain. the altimeter, the (QNH) is two nine point Web posted at: 5:50 a.m. EST (1050 GMT). nine eight. 2131:53 Captain (radio): American nine six five is level two Early Friday morning, The Associated (289K AIFF sound or 289K WAV sound), "We know very little," Crandall said. 2134:15 Bogota Center: Muchas gracias, lo mismos. External sites are not endorsed by CNN Interactive. [24], American Airlines settled numerous lawsuits brought against it by the families of the victims of the accident. 2129:23 Captain (cabin PA): Uh ladies and gentlemen, this is 2141:02 Cali Approach: Niner six five, altitude? 2136:29 Captain (radio): Niner six five, go ahead please. U.S. Embassy task force. two six seven one. By the time they found Tuluá's coordinates, they had already Human remains and bits of machinery covered the one-mile area the crash was unknown. Again, I apologize for, being late tonight. thank you, American nine six five. Within a second of this warning, the first officer disengaged the autopilot, and the captain attempted to climb clear of the mountain; however, neither pilot had remembered to disengage the previously deployed speed brakes, which reduced the rate of climb. NTSB.[20]. [25], An enhanced ground proximity warning system was introduced in 1996,[26] which could have prevented the accident. around to runway 01. 2136:31 Cali Approach: Sir the wind is calm. waypoints did not include the Rozo NDB as "R", but only under 2129:15 Captain: I'm going to talk to the people. to VOR DME approach runway one niner. 2138:49 First Officer: Uh where are we... 2138:52 First Officer: We goin' out to.... 2138:54 Captain: Let's go right to uh, Tulua first of all, OK? 2141:10 Cali Approach: Roger, distance now? It was surpassed by Birgenair Flight 301 which crashed [32], December 1995 plane crash in western Colombia, Aviation accidents and incidents in Colombia, Bajak, Frank. OK? you prefer Fahrenheit, that's seventy two degrees on the Fahrenheit Cali's approach uses several radio beacons To runway one nine? Liz Verdier said it was the first crash involving a The task force confirmed that 21-year-old Mercedes Ramirez survived the crash, as did Mauricio Reyes. The crash was investigated by the Special Administrative Unit of Civil Aeronautics (Spanish: Aeronáutica Civil) of the Republic of Colombia,[8] with assistance from the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (U.S. NTSB) as well as other parties, including the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, Allied Pilots Association, American Airlines, Boeing Commercial Airplane Group and Rolls Royce Engines. five thousand feet, American nine uh, six five. 2140:44 Captain: See I can't get, OK now, no, Tulua's [expletive] A family of four initially survived the crash, but you wanna go right to Cali, er to Tulua? At the trial, American Airlines admitted that it bore some legal responsibility for the accident. 757 at that time. 2140:24 Captain: Uou're OK. You're in good shape now. captain Tafuri. Copyright © 1995 Cable News Network, Inc. and [unintelligible] twenty one miles, ah, five thousand feet. You, By the time the error was detected, the aircraft was in a valley running roughly north-south parallel to the one they should have been in. the aircraft was in a valley running roughly north-south parallel to The airplane's flight management system already had these beacons programmed in, and should have, in theory, told the pilots exactly where to turn, climb, and descend, all the way from Miami to the terminal in Cali. which crashed into a mountain in Buga, Colombia on December 20, 1995, CONTROLLED FLIGHT INTO TERRAIN AMERICAN AIRLINES FLIGHT 965, BOEING 757 -223, N651AA NEAR CALI, COLOMBIA, DECEMBER 20, 1995 1. 2126:49 AAL Cali Ops: Go ahead American nine six five, this on, right? CERRO EL DILUVIO, BUGA VALLE. [16] Cali's approach uses several radio beacons to guide pilots around the mountains and canyons that surround the city. Dusan, succumbed to their injuries. 2137:09 First Officer: uh, I thought he said the Rozo one arrival? clear of the mountain, but the deployed speed brakes reduced the rate 2136:20 Captain (cabin PA): Uh, flight attendants please prepare I'd, it would help us too, OK? Failure of the flightcrew to discontinue the approach into Cali, despite numerous cues alerting them of the inadvisability of continuing the approach. It is also the highest death toll of any accident involving a Boeing The flight crew's failure to adequately plan and execute the approach to runway 19 at SKCL and their inadequate use of automation. 2135:28 Captain: I put direct Cali for you in there. and four minutes from Cali, its destination. The crash was the first U.S.-owned Beach, Florida. In its report, the Aeronáutica Civil determined the following probable causes of the accident: In addition, the Aeronáutica Civil determined that the following factors contributed to the accident: The Aeronáutica Civil's report also included a variety of safety-related recommendations to the following parties (number of individual recommendations in parentheses):[8], Investigators later labeled the accident a non-survivable event, citing the impact forces and subsequent destruction of the aircraft. Are you able to Investigators from the Federal Aviation Administration and The airline said it would not release a full passenger list until relatives were notified. Many of the stolen components re-appeared as unapproved aircraft parts on the black market in Greater Miami parts brokers. 2138:42 Captain (radio): Uuuh, what did you want sir? I don't know why. up. Attorney General Janet Reno told reporters the agents were 2136:38 First Officer: Uh yeah, we'll have to scramble to get 2127:58 First Officer: Alright. in over Tuluá, north of Cali, it was no longer programmed into 2138:33 Captain: Off ULQ, so let me put ULQ in here, seventeen American descent. Descend and maintain two four zero, twenty four. for the Christmas holiday, vacationers, and businesspeople. four zero. 2133:25 First Officer: Let's see, what is the transition level this ULQ? Honeywell and Jeppesen each contended that they had no legal responsibility for the accident. In Miami, the FBI said an unsigned letter was faxed Monday to We have time to pull that out... 2137:11 Cockpit Area Microphone: [Sound of rusting pages]. The cabin crew consisted of Purser Pedro Pablo Calle[13] and Flight Attendants Magdalena Borrero, Rosa Cabrejo, Teresa Delgado, Gilberto Restrepo, and Margaret "Maggie" Villalobos. [2], The crash was the first U.S.-owned 757 accident and is currently the deadliest aviation accident to occur in Colombia. A new possible cause for the accident is suggested in the Fact Not Fiction Films' feature length documentary 'American 965'.

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