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Your email address will not be published. This blackwater river flows below bald cypress trees along with longleaf, slash and loblolly pines, and oak trees. Holbrook in his description of the species, was found near the Altamaha River ca. historic sites and points of interest of Darien. The river area, located primarily in McIntosh and Glenn Counties along the Atlantic Coast, is not comprised of beaches, but rather, is made up of many islands, acres of marshes, dikes, canals, ponds, and old rice fields. They reported that the animal was lying half way in the water, thrashing and trying to free itself from the bank. The Nature Conservancy has deemed it one of the 75 last great places on Earth. The Altamaha-ha is a sea monster said to live around the mouth of the Altamaha River in Georgia. In 2010, an amateur photographer captured video of something strange swimming in the channel off Fort King George Historic Site in Darien. His description stated that it was about 70 feet long, its circumference about the size of a barrel, and its head resembled that of an alligator. His description said the animal was 15-20 feet long, snake-like with two brown humps that protruded from the water, and left behind a wake like that of a speedboat. It has its source in the Cherokee mountains, near the head of the Tugilo, the great west branch of the Savanna, and, before it leaves them, is joined and augmented by innumerable rivulets; thence it descends through the hilly country, with all its collateral branches, and winds rapidly amongst the hills two hundred and fifty miles, and then enters the flat plain country, by the name Oakmulge; thence meandering an hundred and fifty miles, it is joined on the east side by the Ocone, which likewise heads in the lower ridges of the mountains. This strange cryptid is described as having a sturgeon like body including a bony ridge on its top. The Altamaha River Corridor is bounded by the Alapaha River and follows the Lower Ocmulgee River, Lower Oconee and the mighty Altamaha River. Stating that it measured about 10-12 feet long, with a snout like an alligator, and a horizontal tail. After this confluence, having now gained a vast acquisition of waters, it assumes the name Alatamaha, when it becomes a large majestic river, flowing with gentle windings through a vast plain forest, near an hundred miles, and enters the Atlantic by several mouths. One of the first non-native reports of the creature was on April 18, 1830, when a correspondent of the Savannah Georgian newspaper reported multiple sightings of a sea monster on the Georgia coast. The Altamaha flows into the Atlantic Ocean near Darien, about midway down Georgia's coastline, carrying millions of gallons of freshwater, nutrients, and sediments to the. The Altamaha-ha is said to inhabit the myriad of small streams and twisting channels of the river and adjacent marshes, particularly around Darien, Butler Island, and elsewhere in McIntosh County. View NGE content as it applies to the Georgia Standards of Excellence. The "Fabulous" Fox Theatre, an awe-inspiring brick... A number of significant historical events have occurred in... Frangiamore, Christa S., and Whit S. Gibbons. This season is packed with all the river has to offer, featuring: With front flippers and no back limbs, it swims like a dolphin, and has the snout of a crocodile, with large, protruding eyes and large sharp teeth. All rights reserved. The environmental perspective captured by Bartram applies to many sections of the river system even today. Located in southeastern Georgia and one of the largest drainages of the Atlantic Coastal Plain, the Altamaha flows through a region renowned for its beauty and biodiversity. While watching, the creature freed itself, submerged and disappeared. One of the largest rivers in the state of Georgia, it empties into the Atlantic Ocean and has one of the largest river basins in the country, second only the Mississippi River. Some called it Georgia’s Amazon—as much for the abundance of wildlife as for its impressive flow. In the 1920s timbermen riding the river reported sighting a large snakelike water monster and in 1935, a group of hunters spotted what they called a “giant snake” swim through the river. Altamaha River Sportsman Season 2 is now airing on Saturdays on TWO stations! Our cookies are delicious. Its coloring is said to be gray or green with a whitish-yellow underbelly. It empties out into Altamaha Sound above Brunswick, where it is joined by the Darien, Butler and Champney Rivers before making its way to the ocean. The Alapaha River Water Trail connects 125 miles of the 202-mile Alapaha River. The type specimen of the eastern indigo snake (Drymarchon couperi), used by J.E. They described it as being dark-colored with rough skin and about 20 feet long. Extending about 137 miles, it joins up with three major tributaries — that of the Ocmulgee and Oconee Rivers near Lumberton City, and joined further downriver by the Ohoopee River. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Altamaha-ha - Sea Monster of the Georgia Coast, The Altamaha-ha is a monster said to haunt the, The mysterious Altamaha-ha is a river or sea. In the 1940s, boy scouts reported seeing the creature, as well as two officials from the Reidsville State Prison from the 1950s. The center of the snake was the size of my thigh. Within this corridor are 11 Georgia counties: Telfair, Appling, Glynn, Jeff Davis, Long, McIntosh, Montgomery, Wheeler, Tattnall, Toombs and Wayne. The Altamaha River is the source of one of the most mysterious plant species ever found in North America, the Franklinia alatamaha, or the Franklin tree. 1842. Stating that it measured about 10-12 feet long, with a snout like an alligator, and a horizontal tail. It is possible that the early deforestation of riverbanks throughout eastern North America contributed to the decline of the Carolina parakeet (, All long-flowing southern rivers once were home to magnificent assemblages of animal biodiversity in the form of, Among the high diversity of freshwater fishes native to the Altamaha, one of the most notable is the shortnose sturgeon (, Distinctive plants along the Altamaha include Radford's dicerandra (, The Altamaha River is the source of one of the most mysterious plant species ever found in North America, the. The roads are about 12′ wide from water to water on the sides and about 2′ above the water in elevation. The Altamaha River is a river of superlatives. Though no physical evidence of the Altamaha-ha has been found, the tales date back for centuries with the Indians describing a giant snake-like creature that hissed and bellowed. We use cookies. I use to hunt and fish the Altamaha and Champney rivers for a great many years in my youth. Your email address will not be published. In 1969 when two brothers were fishing on the Altamaha River at Clark’s Bluff they reported seeing an animal that they first thought was a sturgeon, but quickly changed their mind when they got a better look. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. • 7:30am on WALB-Albany Channel 10 • • 5:30am on WSAV-Savannah Channel 3 • Host Cricket Mobley features hunters and fishermen in the Altamaha River area of southeast Georgia and beyond. Wildlife ranges from great blue herons and snapping turtles to alligators and fish. Later that year, in December 1980, another man reported having seen what he thought was Altamaha-ha in Smith Lake. Called Altamaha-ha, for the river, or “Altie” for short, the legend predates British-English colonization and is said to have originated with the Lower Muskogee Creek Tribe. Five other men on the schooner also reported having seen the monster, as well as several planters on St. Simons Island. They also described the creature as having a triangular ridge along the top of its body, sharp pointed teeth and being gun-metal gray in color. Last… Reports indicate that it is 20-30 feet long, though some have stated seeing smaller or larger creatures, suggesting that Altamaha-ha is not alone. I use to hunt rabbits with my dad on Butler Island in the early ’70’s.

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