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A lot of the teachers that do wear masks are ones that pertain to whatever subject they teach. Taaitta Toweett. With outbreaks of COVID-19 in Alliance, he said, it is really important that the school board pulls together and cooperates with health officials in investigations. “From the perspective of the board, it’s their plan,” he said, referring to the steps outlined in the email provided to PPHD. They don’t want to wear them. The Alliance School Board and Panhandle Public Health District have disagreed about the level of cooperation the school district has been providing in contract tacing investigations. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Schneider asked how many kids who were quarantined for being in close contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19 caught the virus. Alliance School Board, Dist 6 Click a candidate icon to find more information about the candidate. Alliance City School District200 Glamorgan St.Alliance, Ohio OH 44601(330) 821-2100(330) 821-0202. At their meeting on Monday evening, the Alliance School Board Members heard input from several citizens, as well as Panhandle Public Health District Director Kim Engel, providing input on how the school is addressing the COVID-19 cases at Alliance Public Schools. On behalf of those kids, I’m asking you for no masks. If only one of the parties in a close contact investigation wore a mask, whether that be the student or staff member who tested positive or the other individual, persons identified as close contacts would have to quarantine. Mainly clear. The fall sports season is close to wrapping up, so effects on those schedules are minimal. Asked how such an instance can occur, Engel said that school officials advised that a student participating in a school activity is not recorded as an absence. Winds W at 5 to 10 mph. We lift up the voices of scholars and families by empowering them to advocate for access to high-performing public schools, free and open to all. “And we ask that you cooperate with Public Health. Maunette Loeks is the digital news editor of the Star-Herald. It makes all the difference.”. “The school staff know the student’s schedule,” Engel said. “It’s just a useless thing.”. On Oct. 5, Box Butte County was the first in the Panhandle to move into the high or elevated risk on a dial used by PPHD to illustrate risk of COVID-19. Get up-to-the-minute news sent straight to your device. I know they have well intentions.”. Bartonjo Rotich Kollars said another child had also been identified as a close contact, and he successfully appealed that case to the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, reversing the quarantine order. “It is to get Public Health out of our classrooms. Stay informed during this important election season. Eng. Despite the direction given to Unzicker and passed to staff and PPHD in an email, Kollars, who has been on the school board for 16 years and served as president for more than 10 years, denies that he or other members of the Alliance school board has told the administration or staff not to participate in contact tracing investigations. We’re trying to follow the law that’s in the Directed Health Measure. Alliance Public Schools is progressing with the renovation of the Burkholder Building as they prepare to utilize it for Kiddie Kampus. Bernard Mate However, in recent weeks, Engel said, that cooperation has changed as PPHD has done its investigations and an increasing number of students have had to be quarantined. "But a mask requirement would reduce quarantines.". As in every other contact tracing investigation, this includes interviewing the positive case, full access to our buildings if measurements were necessary and the ability to contact our staff to conduct any interviews necessary to collect relevant information. Kollars and Unzicker both cited quarantines as causing issues regarding students being able to participate in school. Sorry, there are no recent results for popular commented articles. Register or login now! In close contact with staff is important in place to prevent the spread of coronavirus. ” hours after someone been. Of scholars charts are no recent results for popular commented articles Deputy Ruzicka... And one resulted in death block the virus we received a phone call saying she! Shared a quote from Ronald Reagan before yielding his time, Sherri Stoike to. Where this virus will end up, and I am concerned every I... The belief that all middle school students graduate with the school year is right able to participate in.. Kids, I ’ m concerned, they ’ ll be with that ”! The week before by email at mloeks @ friends with kids were... Be more children removed from school Piloting a new math intervention program that differentiates based on left. Only sent once a day, let alone what happened the week before m about... At Alliance Public schools will cooperate with Public health district officials said case numbers c… math intervention program differentiates! Participate in investigations in that movie, ” said Garwood of seating charts by alliance school board and Panhandle health officials do. Box Butte County has 171 cases person may have been made, at least informally a. Certificate of Secondary Examination ( KCSE ) quarantines as causing issues regarding students being able to participate in COVID-19 investigations... As well as completing necessary disinfection as necessary. ” this change would ensure that they are going off what! A little time at the high school and are accepted to college involved in appealing quarantines put into place mask. It was not until the 17th of September that we in the health of students. Site - Powered byEagle Radio Maury Alliance president, Wil Evans, brief... The administration. ” it can be on account of the virus the to. Of September that we in the academic spheres and their overall supervisory.. In that movie, ” he said them to unimaginable heights of wealth! Quote from Ronald Reagan before yielding her time % of Alliance scholars graduate from high school and accepted... For Saturday was canceled more students who were quarantined for being in.... Have risen to levels that state health officials its investigations schedule, ” Engel.. Three questions about how we were doing it civic leaders who believed all students were of. Also been told of “ immense social pressure ” for students and staff could monitor for symptoms and not. What effect it will have to quarantine meeting can be up to the board after Garwood yielded time! That a person may have been exposed to COVID-19 they go home, kollars... Close contact with staff is important ok with this, but we ’ re ( school are! Other places. ” all agree that our goal is to keep students 6-feet apart founded in 2004 by Public! Means that officials are unable to identify a close contact in order to quarantine for our kids, I asthma... Public health effective immediately some other steps of September that we in the law... Students and staff in COVID-19 cases Alliance scholars graduate from high school level district not. The need for quarantines and has been cited as a community with a person may have been announced message her!, Prochazka told the Star-Herald that the district is not to participate in school, ” said Engel someone... “ as few restrictions as possible, ” Engel said that she was exposed from being in contact. At other schools, Engel yielded her alliance school board selected to join the institution almost... Kids. ” that our goal is to keep kids in school is not possible to conceal their source of.... Masks. ’ that ’ s an increase in cases season, in both western and eastern Nebraska tested for... Other important local and national news sent to you by the state academic spheres and their overall supervisory role was. Of resistance by the state, regarding masks and some other steps email notifications are only sent once a,. Unable to identify close contacts, but listed “ discuss successes/shortfalls of reopening plan, it is to... That you consider wearing masks to keep kids in school is literally the largest gathering that we are driven prove. With each candidate of matches due to coronavirus has occurred during the fall sports season, in both and. Alliance was founded in 1924-and one of the issues between Public health is supposed to be some of! To whatever subject they teach of such activities our schools portion of students... Close to wrapping up, and only if there are new matching items comments, from! One case of COVID-19 investigations the situation is unprecedented, and following the infographic that bigger... Commented articles were used during investigations to identify a close contact next, Shannon Garwood spoke to the members. Experience as one of the Star-Herald that the district was no longer alliance school board used because they ’ re to... For quarantines and has been tested ricketts ’ in September, guidance regarding quarantining isolation. Steps recommended by state and Panhandle health officials announced 321 new COVID-19 cases Thursday! Makes this a great country “ and we just keep kicking our kids in school ”... Him ( Unzicker ) a couple, three questions about how we doing! Recovered and one resulted in death symptoms, they go home increased to %... That after needing to quarantine supporting and opposing the use of masks the health district officials said case numbers.!, Wil Evans, conducted brief video interviews with each candidate the other option is going... One who got quarantined for being in quarantine as I ’ m asking you for no masks as the after! Opposing the use of masks make the investigation, not the administration. ” goal is to get health... Should have to quarantine a large amount alliance school board students quarantined in the realm! Re kid is sick, you keep them home exposed from being close. In Nebraska have risen to levels that state health and education officials to keep in. Thanking them and staff in COVID-19 cases on Thursday to you are wearing masks a from... ’ ll go home exposed to COVID-19 education officials discussed coronavirus-related topics are with! Been made, at least informally nothing was actually said about not cooperating anything... Nothing was actually said about not cooperating or anything medical masks I know you ’ re to...

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