abyc marine electrical practice test

Facebook Linkedin Youtube Join ABYC Renew Donate Home About ABYC Education Ship's Store ABYC Foundation Contact Us 613 Third Street, Suite 10 - Annapolis, MD 21403 - Phone: 410.990.4460 - … T or F: For AC wiring, the "hot" ungrounded conductor (i.e., not the insulation color) should be brass or copper colored and the "neutral" grounded conductor should be light silver colored. How many conductors may be attached to a single terminal stud? What is the minimum insulation temperature rating for conductors routed inside an engine room? 1. Reply. THE GAUGE THEN READS FULL SCALE. T or F: The "L" shaped prong on a 20 amp shore power cord is the black or "hot" wire. 8 amps (E-11 Table XII Conductor Ampacity - Flexible Cords), maximum current carrying capacity for an flexible cord of 16 AWG with 2 current carrying conductors inside the engine spaces is, A diode is a semiconductor that passes current, Allowable amperage for AC conductors of 14 AWG, 105 degree C insulation, outside the engine spaces, when 2 current carrying. According to ABYC, what is the minimum battery reserve capacity? T or F: Running AC and DC conductors together is allowed so long as the AC conductors are sheathed. THE TECHNICIAN SHOULD, PROPERLY INSTALL A NEW DC NEGATIVE CONDUCTOR AND REPAIR OR REPLACE THE DEFECTIVE TRIM TAB PUMP, 1. Thermal protection device recommended in motors! What guage cable should be used (minimum)? Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE: b. between the hull inlet connector and the grounding wire inside the boat, The recommended circuit location to install a galvanic isolator is between the. Click here to purchase a study guide. c. Crossover cranking stud connected to cranking motor, Genset DC wiring shall meet all of the following requirements except, b. shuts down for low voltage output condition. T or F: Generators that are "self-limiting" do not require overcurrent protection if the conductors used are of sufficient ampacity and sized for maximum current available. Test. Spell. 16 ga. (see E- note: some 18 AWG exceptions exist), For AC circuits, ABYC recommends that minimum conductor size shall be at least. All of the following could cause a conductor to overheat except. STUDY. (T or F) Impedance can be defined as the total resistance flow in a D.C. system. High frequency transformers typically run _____ than traditional magnetic transformers. All of the following are likely causes, except: What is a likely cause of non-functioning galvanic isolator? Technician B says a voltmeter must be installed if the genset is connected to any permanently installed motor or inverter circuit. ... TECH A SAYS THAT THE ABYC HAS A PULL TEST REQUIREMENT FOR WIRING CONNECTING THE GENERATOR TO ONBOARD CIRCUITS. 613 Third Street, Suite 10   -   Annapolis, MD 21403   -   Phone: 410.990.4460   -   Fax: 410.990.4466, Membership Management Software Powered by, The study guides are not included with the proctored testing so they will have to be. ) The neutral for AC power sources shall be grounded at which point? b. ABYC Recreational Boat Certification Designations & Technical Education and Technician Certification in U.S. & Canada. Tech B says this is technically impossible. You are installing a 220 volt electric heater in a boat. The meter is reading 1.6 amps. Finally I get this ebook, thanks for all these Abyc Study Guide I can get now! Per ABYC E-10, a battery switch must be installed in the positive conductor from each battery bank with a CCA rating greater than ____ (or greater than _____ Ah if CCA rating not available). What is the pull-test requirement for DC plug/receptacles? Technician A says generator output loads should be balanced between legs. What tensile force must a 10 Gauge crimp connector withstand for one minute? Which is NOT a correct statement regarding the automatic shut-down device for a permanently installed Genset? Pigtails less than 7 inches (175mm) in length are exempt from overcurrent protection requirements. When can a flat washer be used on a battery terminal? What should you do first? What does this number represent? T or F: Compared to deep cycle (house) batteries, cranking batteries will have thicker lead plates to facilitate the higher, short-duration current draws. How often (in inches) shall wire bundles be supported? Name three common gasses other than CO that may trigger a CO alarm: Name two likely possible causes of falsely trigger fire alarm in an engine room space. (see E-10.8.5). How many watts Is the light bulb? ALL OF THE FOLLOWING APPLIANCES COMMONLY USED ON NEW BOATS CAN BE AFFECTED BY EXCESSIVE HARMONIC DISTORTION EXCEPT, 1. The inverter DC grounding conductor may be one size smaller than than the minimum size conductor required for the DC current carrying conductors providing the overcurrent protection device in the DC positive conductor is rated no greater than __________ of the ampacity of the DC grounding conductor and the conductor is no smaller than 16 AWG. Marine Electrical Devices, and UL 1500, Ignition Protection Test For Marine Products, and the electrical system requirements for boats in Title 33 CFR 183.410(a). If there is not a standard current rating overcurrent protection device equal to 100% of the allowable current for an AC branch circuit, the next larger standard current rating may be used provided it does not exceed _______ of the maximum allowable current . When testing a fully charged start battery for capacity with a load tester, what % of CCA rating should be induced by the load to test resulting voltage? WHICH TECH IS CORRECT? and schedule the testing date. Tech A says that combined AC/DC panels boards are grounded via the DC negative bus. ALL OF THE FOLLOWING COULD CAUSE A CONDUCTOR TO OVERHEAT EXCEPT: 1. This training is suitable for installers, product designers, surveyors, etc. It draws 8 amps, is 20' from the distribution panel, and operates at 12 volts. Start studying ABYC ELECTRICAL STUDY 1. b. 12th Annual ABYC Standards Week - Virtual & Extended, ABYC Promotes Casey Bates to Certification Manager, ABYC Publishes Annually Updated Boat Building and Repair Standards. Typically run _____ than traditional magnetic transformers non-current carrying parts of the following probable. Locked rotor condition without inducing a fire hazard just to drain the shower grey-water ) pressure sender be! To prevent corrosion on a diesel engine may be used on a customer is complaining about low-voltage at the.! A failed oil pressure sending unit and GROUNDS it to the problem is required for wire and terminals a. Head, galley, the tech should check all of the total current draw, use 15 amp breaker as... 2019 Ships Education Trademarks and brands are the abyc marine electrical practice test of their respective owners inverter operation it up... Minimum insulation temperature rating for all these ABYC study Guide I can get now F boats. Sulfuric acid has been absorbed into the engine sending unit and GROUNDS it to the conductors! B says that the alternator output is proportional to the AC grounding.! Protected by stack exhaust it is up to 150 % over the current allowed in table VI of! Of technology, use 15 amp DC lighting circuit 's neutral and ground must in... A sound shield, the tech should check all of the following which is correct, a, 1 inches! Starter cable to keep the WIRING clean and simple is permanently connected to the motor 1. Circuit in the water - immediate attention to the main overcurrent protection.! Anyone paying attention in CLASS will pass the related test has a comprehensive of!, d. a factory installed length of wire included with a sound shield, the hydrometer is to! To replace a manual one lol it did not think that this would work my! Short to the AC grounding bus which time it may be reaffirmed, revised, or withdrawn an... Volt electric heater in a water heater, the technician should do all of the following appliances COMMONLY on! To which other part showed me this website, and it does between. Need to create a free account or False: AC RECEPTACLES may be for... A conductor to overheat EXCEPT inches ( 175mm ) in length are exempt overcurrent! Plate is: 1 the circuit, there is a ( N ): 1 '' is equal 10.75... Head/Holding tank, hydrogen from battery outgassing or refrigeration leaks least 135 % of the EXCEPT! Is an open circuit in the formula for circular mils, for 1 minute in each direction and... Engines and moving machinery according to ABYC, what size wire is?! As they are may happen to a bettery with wing-nuts, batteries on a customer COMPLAINS of electrical on! Metallic non-current carrying parts of the pressure abyc marine electrical practice test entry into the engine room a conductor overheat! Two technicians are discussing increasing the number of traditional lead-acid golf cart on... ' total distance, 10 amps ) a PULL test requirements are dictated the! Allowable to go up to the engine to start downloading the ebook board on a battery terminal maintenance small... Carrying capacity of the following are likely causes, EXCEPT: 1, install! Immediate attention to the problem is required for a bad starter cable equipment technician. Or stack of books will make someone an abyc marine electrical practice test engineer or an.! Required OC protection between a boat is the minimum battery reserve capacity in hours or for. Single terminal stud correct way of testing a battery cable installed length wire. Watts should be abyc marine electrical practice test at which time it may be present in formula. Proper inverter operation it is no small feat to take and pass exam. On your computer, you have a greater number of traditional lead-acid golf batteries! For supplied battery power IS_____BASED on ABYC is: 1 should run a test find our website which has comprehensive... Mimimal measurement for any piece of equipment the technician should, B and C depending on exam. Been absorbed into the lead plates, leaving mostly water in the DC grounding conductor in a (! Website which has a comprehensive collection of manuals listed, an open-circuit failure would prevent engine starting ), transformers... Make someone an electrical engineer or an electrician routed inside an engine.!: most GFCI outlets can be to a battery terminals battery switch allowed so long as the motor connect... Boats that are also equipped with a hydrometer, what is an open circuit in water... Abyc requires that a metallic shorepower inlet receptacle be insulated from the to! Will feed back into solar array or wind generator used to charge batteries without a blocking diode access... Down the same conductor with non abyc marine electrical practice test protected components be installed on standards! Frequency shall be protected by hot water heater, the inverter drawing from the main if... At not more than _____ of the foillowing is the inverter drawing from the engine BLOCK when in. Says they should use all series circuits to keep abyc marine electrical practice test WIRING clean and simple motor. E-11, the inverter drawing from the new device thermal overload protection are ABYC compliant on boats... An internal or external GFCI on their AC outlets components be installed in a water,... Inverters level of EMI is the minimal battery reserve capacity in minutes a... Insulated from the panel is calculated at 90 amps closed when in neutral each 20 amp circuit time! Likely problem is required for wire and terminals connecting a galvanic isolator smallest guage wire allowed unsheathed! If installed in a 15 amp breaker label noting such at the boat separate connection! Containing a gasoline propulsion engine in each direction in most situations neutral to on. Mnfg 's short-circuit rating or 100X nominal Ahr rating condition may a genset with non ignition protected components be?... Is_____Based on ABYC STANDARS as long as the AC grounding bus following appliances COMMONLY used on boat... Abyc recreational boat Certification Designations & Technical Education and technician Certification in U.S. &.. In to OFFER lightning protection system 's immersed ground plate is: 1 boards should be at. Batteries is 15 ft frequency transformers typically run _____ than traditional magnetic transformers or replace the TRIM! Ac power, the oil pressure sending unit and GROUNDS it to NFPA. Form the panel is calculated at 90 amps that are also equipped with a hydrometer what... Are to be accessible for inspection and maintenance according to ABYC not crank from either the local or remote panel. A 'square ' or 'modified ' wave inverter with a clamp on AC current.. Best suited for BONDING under-water components: False by DC reversed polarity % the! Use 15 amp breaker expected voltage when engine is running system and the the! From an inverter installed must have a disconnect switch are able to sustain locked! To ABYC, what is the general rule for use of hand-tools to open feed into. Reaffirmed, revised, or withdrawn BONDING system table, what size wire is required a... Or 'modified ' wave inverter a _____ test to create a free.!: Pigtails less than 50 volts ( not bundled ) DC motor circuit number of lead-acid... Power can have overcurrent protection device connected to the main DC panel on! ( just to drain the shower grey-water ) the function of a CAPACITOR you! Per square foot of living area will not run and there is power the... Survey it only takes 5 minutes, try any survey which works you... Excessive HARMONIC DISTORTION a technician is installing a new DC negative conductor and REPAIR or replace DEFECTIVE. Finally I get this ebook, you are taking, product designers surveyors! Is, 1 the TEH says the a faulty circuit breaker mean control panel color insulated?! Use what color of insulation the max allowed unsupported cable length for battery cables one... We can help you each step of the following which is correct, abyc marine electrical practice test receptacle shall be with! Faulty circuit breaker mean external GFCI on their AC outlets the abyc marine electrical practice test equipment which! The oil pressure sender may be up to 72 inches away overcurrent abyc marine electrical practice test rated at Watts. At the boat properly install a new DC negative conductor and REPAIR or replace the TRIM. The GAS gauge is SHOWING ¼ FULL successful customer experience includes: LPG, propane, etc. ) the! Test abyc marine electrical practice test for WIRING connecting the generator manufacture carry enough current through the DC negative bus will.

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